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Chris Moody
Podcaster, Author in Training, All around Geek
Podcaster, Author in Training, All around Geek


Hi all, I'm really new to developing games. I was curious if anyone had a good way of getting avatars for the NPC's of their games?

I'd prefer free if at all possible, I tried the DK UMA free kits and found their documentation rather lacking.

So I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out!


Hey all, I'm writing my first Cozy Murder, and I find myself really wanting to know what the house is like before I get to far into the story.

How do you solve this mystery? Or do you just pants the house?

Yay! Facebook is having issues!
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Looking to read the first episode of a brand new serial? I've released Vampire History: Hunters, which is the first part of the first serial.

Hi all I have a question, I recently released the first episode of a serial story under Kindle Select.

Does anyone see it as a violation of their terms if I released the ebook of the completed story wide?

Last Sunday I started my first try at a Fantasy series. I already know where the first book will leave off, and information about the first 3 books.

Was it just me or did everyone get an episode from 13 days ago today?

I don't update here often but for months been in pain. Been to urologist twice had two ultrasounds. Tonight decided to go-to ER. Had CT scan and now waiting with antibiotics IV for results.
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You know you want to ask her Questions! The One the Only! Christiana Ellis!
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