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Starting a new job is hard, but what about when the boss starts to take advantage of you? Here's my answer.

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Should you quit your job when frustrated & want to move to different role? Ask #catalystchrismontoya

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Manager's Tip to Working with Growing Staff

If you're a manager or provide services to them in your organization, here are some tips I've found helpful that work for me.

1. Do one-on-one meetings every other week, not weekly at the very most.  Why?  Too much time in meetings brings up the same issues over and over, and produces reliance on you to tell your staff everything.  

2. Make your one-on-one meetings only 30 minutes? This makes the staff prioritize their needs and gives them the floor for 10 minutes to discuss their issues, not 50 minutes or longer.  Save the second 10 minutes for updates you need and the last 10 minutes for performance feedback (documented, of course) or development goal conversations.

3. Create a system to allow you to approve what's important and yet still let your staff be creative.  I have a bi-weekly work product review with my staff. Your needs may vary on how often to meet.

Bonus Tip: When discussing work product, never accept work that's not thought through, flushed out or almost complete.  Let the staff develop what needed first, then coach them from there.

What's your favorite management tips for your staff?

#leadership   #management   #employeeengagement  

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Should You Pay a Resumé Writer to Update Your Resumé?

Here's my top three tips about Resumé's and doing it yourself:

1. Professional writers background vary in experience and industry understanding. If you can't find someone in your industry niche, you're probably the best person to re-craft your own resume, with the help of some resources.  My favorite books is Executive Resume's by Katherine Hansen.

2. Build a professional portfolio as your most important value add. A strong portfolio of work does more to demonstrate your capabilities than a resume.  I recommend creating an electronic mini-portfolio you can attach to your applications or resumé submission. Most recruiting can be done through a organizational website allowing you attachments.

3. Don't undervalue the use of technology. Google Hangouts is a good way to do a meeting to introduce employers to who you are and what you've accomplished (if you get them to join you). Setting up a GoToMeeting and inviting key players in Social Media and Linked In can help you market yourself to people who hire, or people who know people who hire.

Final bonus: Meet company recruiters, and do informational interviews with them about understanding what they look for in terms of job fit, or how their hiring system screens for potential candidates.  Be polite, short in duration, and thank them for their insights.  Then use the information in your own job search.

What's your best tips about revising your own resume?

#resume   #technology   #portfolio   #writing   #credentials   

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Portland CORE Facilitation Training with Chris Montoya & Linda Berens

I will be co-facilitating the Berens CORE Approach Facilitation Training for trainers who want to master Personality Type Facilitation.

We will delivering patterns, dynamics and applications for Essential Motivators (temperament), Interaction Styles (behavior), and Cognitive Functions (thinking). 

Day 4 and Day 5 is a deconstructive look at how to facilitate training in the organization.  Included are tools, slide presentations, workbooks, etc. 

Wanna going us?  Follow the link below.

#MBTI   #type   #trainthetrainer   #temperament   #interactionstyles   #lindaberens   #chrismontoya  

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Accelerated Learning in the Classroom and Online

One of my favorite methodologies for building training and having it stick is by using Dave Meier's Accelerated Learning Handbook and methodology kits.  

His two day course helped me understand a deeper level of embedded learning for the 21st century faster than other programs based on traditional ISD methods (ADDIE, SAM).

If you call him up, tell him Chris Montoya recommended him. He's a great guy and cares deeply about learning.

#ISD   #ADDIE   #davemeier   #AcceleratedLearning  

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Hosting a Senior Leadership Strategic Facilitation and Budget Intervention

One of the joys of leading training in an organization is designing interventions to help groups get on the same page, distill ideas, and vet them with other leaders across the organization.

#development #strategicfacilitation #training 

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The Blessings and Curses of Losing Yourself for Them

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