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Dr. Chris Montanaro
Applied Kinesiology Doctor Treating People, Not Symptoms
Applied Kinesiology Doctor Treating People, Not Symptoms

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1st 50 Hours of Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Course in 38 minutes. This includes all of the major topics in sessions 1-4. If you find this helpful please share it with your friends and join the youtube channel to watch many more that are on the way in this series.  #appliedkinesiology

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Applied Kinesiology Manual Muscle Testing of every muscle test in 34 minutes. #Appliedkinesiology 

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Thanks So Much!
Many Americans have different chiropractic needs, whether they come from chronic muscle pain, slipped disks, sports injuries, or other issues. Since every patient is different, finding the right chiropractor for you is key.
Do Your Research
Most people do not seek treatment from the first chiropractor they interview. A good chiropractor will offer treatment options for several conditions, so the best thing to do is find the ones that are most familiar with yours. For example, if you experience moderate back and shoulder pain from working on a computer all day, you might benefit more from massage and spinal manipulation than nerve injections or radio frequency neurotomy.

If you regularly experience conditions like disabling migraines or severe muscle pain, steroid injections, Botox, and specific painkiller regimens may be your answer. Seek a chiropractor who offers several different treatment options and evaluates your progress frequently. Most chiropractic treatments involve a two- to four-week commitment, three times per week, with a re-evaluation at the end.

Go Beyond the Pain
In other words, ask the chiropractor about his or her entire treatment plan. The best Syracuse chiropractors do not simply provide spinal adjustments or other therapies. They help their patients formulate a wellness plan that eliminates existing pain and prevents future problems. A prospective chiropractor may talk to you about nutrition, exercise, and healthy sleep patterns. He or she may ask about your stress levels since these often contribute to muscle and joint pain.

If your stress levels are high, the doctor may recommend relaxing activities or home remedies, such as heating and ice pads, relaxing baths in temperate water, or deep breathing exercises. If certain situations trigger your pain, the chiropractor may recommend changes in your lifestyle or workspace, such as investing in a new desk chair or taking frequent breaks from computer work.

Check Credentials
Ensure your prospective chiropractor has the proper credentials for your area. A plethora of chiropractic programs are available, so your doctor need not have graduated from a specific one. However, your chiropractor’s program should have an accreditation from the Council on Chiropractic Education. Ask how long the chiropractor has been in practice and what techniques he or she uses most often.

Beware the Liverpool NY chiropractor who frequently recommends surgery; this should be a last resort for the most severe pain cases. Never go to a chiropractor whose techniques or instruments make you uncomfortable. Finally, make sure the chiropractor him or herself is healthy. Watch for signs like smoking, obesity, or signs of muscle and joint pain. These indicate your prospective chiropractor may not be committed to health. 

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I thought this was awesome. I was quoted in a motivational piece in Inc Magazine. You can read the article by clicking here.

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