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I'm still working my way through my photos from Cuba when I find the time. I'm hitting a bug in Lightroom 4.1 RC2 that means I need to restart Lightroom every half hour or so which is a bit of a pain :-(

In the meantime, here's an old photo from Namibia that I like. Nope, I have no idea what those pots were doing there! They were just outside the camp I was staying at and presumably just there for aesthetic reasons.

#NatureMonday , curated by +Rolf Hicker and +Jen Baptist
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I'm dying to go to Cuba! Can't wait for your pics :)
+Gilmar Smith you'll love Cuba! The people, towns, cars and wildlife are all great for photography. I was a bit surprised and disappointed by the landscape though, it was generally fairly flat and nondescript. Viñales was the main exception - really beautiful!
Such an artistic image! Love it!
Thanks a tonne +Sumit Sen and +Sangeeth VS

+Richard Myott thank you so much, I'm touched! The locations certainly help; as National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson once said, "If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff“ :)
+shane holsclaw I'm glad you think so too. It would have been good to have you there for backup in fact - at the time it was a pretty awkward situation to try and explain.
Ada M
I spammed you enough today! see you later! Beautiful work btw!
Hehe spam away! Thank you for all the +1s and fun comments +Ada M :)
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