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I'd never seen the full, uncropped Tiananmen square photo before now... the part that made history is a such a small aspect in the bottom left corner of a larger image that reveals much more of the story...!

Image source:

/via +Tau-Mu Yi via +Adam Cook via +Lisa Borel 
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Wow. ... Thank you for posting.I have never seen the full context photo either. I never imagined it was even 1/5th this size. Wow... would love to see a high-fidelity image of this.
Would love to know where this guy is now.... Nat geo story!
There are a couple of photographs of this scene, coming from different photographers ;)
He didn't die.
I've seen photos of him afterward.
You can't seriously think the totalitarian Chinese commies let him live.
Tank Men can't die. They live forever in the heart of the world's people in love with freedom.
Tank Man is a Legend. If a similar thing happened today, I reckon he would make a million, what with Globalisation and the sensationalist World we live in.
+Anna Bavido But you don't know. You can't state something as a fact if you have no evidence.
I suppose someone should make a movie based on this Tank Man story, BTW he is not dead  which tells that only human can make a miracle rather than machine
+Brian Sun Please don't encourage Hollywood anymore than is needed! It'll turn into a Rom-com with robots attacking the Earth :-)
It's hard to know...there's a question as to why soldiers didn't come out of the tanks and arrest him directly if it was safe to do so. If it wasn't safe, then it's not inconceivable he could have escaped into the crowd after the photo was taken.

I'm not sure if the immediate context of this photo is certainly looks like Tank Man is all alone but who knows what's going on outside the frame behind him.
unfortunate that present Chinese generation don't or won't (in future) know about the incident.

I like it. Tank man is the Hero
That guy must have had balls of tungsten.
+Chris Messina, actually the famous Tienanmen Square standoff photo is not cropped from that wider photo if you carefully observe and compare.  The bauble lamps are not in lower right corner but on the left side of the wider shot as they are in the close up photo.  The Tank Man aka the Unknown Rebel purportedly goes by the name Wang Weilin.
the mistake of gov is that they failed to take practical action in the very beginning. 
That is one very cool shot, the one bloke who takes a chance, what a legend.
And now my respect has increased many times! I used to think that it was a small detachment of 3 tanks that he stopped. This picture shows the real magnitude of his courage.
Probably THE most powerful image of defiance I have ever seen.
how can i see the whole image in ur g+? 
who can send me the whole image to see what was happened?
I remember I was in Hong Kong, during my UK student holiday. And I watched the entire development on TV with my family. It was a sad, sad news.

Thereafter, I have decided to migrate to Singapore instead.
Kill me first, I can't bear you killing others.
My life isn't of higher value than the others.
Amazing. This is technically a different photo taken from a different angle. Compare this image with the "close-up" and you'll notice the tanks are aligned differently due to the telephoto effect. 
When the great column of battle tanks found a stumbling block, it was only a human. When great tons of metal found its match, it was only blood and flesh. My heart will not be crushed.
Interesting. I hadn't seen more than the snipplet before either. That guy has slightly bigger balls than I do, by the way. ;)
I stand for humanity, for eternity. I will not fall. I will not fail.
"You will take my life away, but you will not take away my name" Chin
The Chinese government, to paraphrase John Lewis; "Never knowingly under-react".
Where are you going wage war? We are unarmed.
Where are you going? We are in the public square.
What are you doing here? We are your people. We are in the open. We are in a public park. We are unarmed.
Nobody is allowed f..k with Chinese, not even its own people.
Kay L
what's the real history story?
Love the fact 'tank man' is carrying his groceries.
You can see he didn't plan this.
They r real heros.......
Salute them......
Wow. I never knew there were that many tanks there. Insane.
Just a historical image that shows what one man can do. It is a proof that all of us can make a difference. It gives hope to environmental issues too where we don't believe that our small effort as a single person does not matter. Well, It matter! One man can make a difference. 
He looks like an ant in this photo but he's got the guts of a to that guy!
Oddly enough I was listening to Roger Waters' "Watching TV" in the car this morning. Great song dealing with this horrendous event.
No force on earth can crush the will of the people.
so many tanks...
Yes, so many tanks to slaughter its own citizens!
Wow. It never occurred to me it had been cropped
hey, I have seen this in my book. this's a war world 2
"No force on earth can crush the will of the people." >> This talk is something as if wicked people (in this case CCP) are not people.  They are wicked people who might need to be exterminated, but they are still people.  Because different people can have so many different thoughts, inevitably people resort to force to decide whose will would prevail.

Oppression occurs when power is not balanced.  And to me, the unbalance of military power is always the most decisive (though not unique) one.  Western countries should be more hostile to regimes really threatening world peace, instead of focusing on those pesky pests like Assad.  If the (paper I dare say) giant falls, the pesky pests are nothing.

I mean, if the U.S. is not militarily superior, can they keep others at bay?
it's my dream to join them one day
Sad part is...even 20 years after there is little change as far as freedom is concerned in China! ;(
No force on earch can crush the will of the people.  Yes, the "wicked people" are also people but in this case they are the Government and are supposed to protect them not crush them.  In such a scenario they become detached from 'people', they become anti-people and it boils down to between the Government and the people, and so the saying 'no force on earch can crush the will of the people'.
Thank you. Awesome , changes my perception of the horror...
Adam G
The power of One!
one man versus tank... tank wins but shows the human condition pretty well.
(+Eugene Francis) My main point is that things like that may boost morale but actually not achieving much.  Peaceful means do not always work, especially if the oppressor is absolutely militarily superior.  Either the people should do something to add their bargaining power / fighting power, or countries that are more responsible to the people should militarily intervene, no matter how implicit it can be (arm race might count)
Ray Ni
he disappeared......
I like that china Controls its Population ! Maybe ? if, the rest of the world, would,and could,Control theirs. Then,We'll have more Food, at a cheaper Price !!!
+Larry Hunt There is not a shortage of food anyway, just greedy governments wanting top whack for everything, hence the poorer nations starving.
+Patrick Siu I get your point but you do not fight evil with evil, then you lose your strength which comes from your being in the right.  Moral strength is a very powerful tool against violence and evil regimes. I'm sure you must have seen the TV grabs of Col. Muammar Gaddafi's last moments in Libya.  There the people took up arms and look what they ended up doing/becoming! They took law into their own hands and almost bludgeoned the man to death.  That is what happens when you resort to arms and violence to fight evil.  When you take up arms and resort to violence, no matter how well intentioned and noble your cause may be, slowly but steadily, violence has a way of changing your personality. There are any number of examples in history.  I have just put forth one such example here that of the Libyan uprising.  Violence and absolute power - they have much less shelf life than the power of a people's will fighting in a non-violent manner for a cause that is worthy and morally sound. Ultimately truth and justice will prevail - no matter what. Violence can only beget more violence and not peace and justice. This is my strong belief.  But you have every right to have your own opinion/ideas on the subject. 
Kill a few people = Criminal. Kill a few thousand = _________
Thanks for posting it. I never saw this before as well.
If this guy isn't dead, he probably knows the implications of his actions and if he ever has children. On this deathbed, he'd probably tell his children what he had done. Pretty amazing, seeing as the Chinese watched those same tanks crush cars and other things just a day before.
we all people are stuck to the wars but we don't know how important peace is?
the road was so wide, both were on the wrong side of the street...
very dangerous of the world............................
Let the world to see the full picture of China, not just kowtow to them....
You should see the video he set a
Very bold example.
Thank for bring the out-world's attentions to China mainland.
This solemn and stirring land needs a strong push to swipe out the evil communism dictatorship against human right.
[+Eugene Francis]  I disagree on equating "taking up arms" with "resorting to violence".

Peaceful means works most efficiently when the military *systematically* subject to the people's will.  On occasions other than that, the people should at least have the necessary force to make the authorities think unleashing their firearms is unfeasible.  The CCP is simply too militarily mighty compared with other regimes.
Imagine the frustration in that kid which gave him the courage to do what he did and then multiply it by all those Chinese who share his frustration... Wow.
[+Tom Broad]  True, while what's the most appalling in China is that almost everyone, no matter having authority or not, want to flee instead of change their own country.  Why [+Michael Bruin]'s formula simply doesn't work is because no one seems willing to change their frustration into something else.  They should really get a good spanking (just like 60~160 years ago), but unfortunately these very people are occupying a land comparable to the U.S. itself (heck) and are (for now) the most in numbers (3 times the total population of the U.S.).
One day when our planet has finally succumbed to the destruction we have wrought, we will leave this picture and only this picture as a reminder of what we are at our best, a species that dares stand up against massive and overwhelming odds, against great evil.
THE POOR MAN BLEEDS BECAUSE  THE MIDDLE CLASS IS              $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$THE RICH MANS BITCH$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
COME ON! What's with the hold up... Let's go, waiiit a second is... Is that tank man way out in front? 
I am reading a good (fictional) book called Invasion Alaska, about the Chinese attempting to steal the state in 2032.  Something to keep in mind. 
It is thought that the state imprisoned him. 
no he did not get run over dude just stood his ground in front off a 20 ton tank!! fair play to him he was dragged off after a while because he wont moving for no one !!!lol
The guy was excuted a few weeks after this photo. His family was billed for the cost of the bullet.
When I first hear about this event, and went to wiki to check out what it is, I was shocked for I have never heard of this, I don't know what is going on with my country, although it looks much better now.
li dan
how many of us could be stand at his position, say' im ready to die' not for the country, for I beloved, but for waking up those people hidden in the tank army who lost or about to loose their humanity as the guardians of the country! I love this man!
Tank man stood up and was counted. Where is wallstreet man?
Neither have I. From the famous photo (and it's copies) you'd think that a mere three or four tanks were on the road.
Thank for your photo. Can't imagine how he overcome the fear of death. This is not the game!
Balls! Guts is good. But his guts and his balls were one on that day. Much respect.
awesome...thanks...i've never seen it before....
Remarkable... I have never seen the full image myself.
Did you know that "Tank Man" was named one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century?
Great photo. However, people forget that this guy, as brave as he was, didn't stop anything. Nothing changed because of his actions. All that happened was that the tanks were delayed a few minutes.
If someone had a web site full of "uncropped images from history", I'd gladly donate an evening of my time to read it.
+Joe Tomkiewicz A few minutes could make the difference between life and death for dozens of protestors on June 5, 1989.  Also, don't underestimate the power of images.
It does go to show that some of the bravest people on the planet never bear arms at all.
Great photo.
I also have to admit, that I never saw this picture in this size.

I have high respect of the man who gathered all his courage and stood in the way of the tanks.
Impressive act of courage! Anyone know what happened to him?
they always say a picture is worth a thousand words
Ben Tso
He couldn't stop them all, the other should have just driven around, or of course run him over.  (might have actually happened, I have never read about what happened after the picture)
You would think with ten lanes, they would go around
誰都不想看到 為著國家安全 才會用著
中國地位在那 想想!現在美國在亞洲有狂想食著中國 有誰能告訴我會跟美國佬做法是對嗎?一般見識。
I have stayed in the hotel from where this photo was taken from. Not quite the same angle but not much different either. I had no idea that this now infamous photo was taken from the Grand Hotel in Beijing. In fact the very same street lights seen here are in my photos taken last year.
Even in a country or world with more than a billion people one person can start to make a huge difference. But unfortunately we have yet to see much change in China.
China is the cause of ww...
Wow, I counted 13-14 tanks. I wonder how many did they deploy?
I counted 20 in the column, and many more in the top left of pic
They say absolute power corrupts. Perfect example!
The Chinese government argue, that the rights of the group, outweigh the rights of the individual. This lone man put the rights of the group ahead of his own. He should be hailed a Chinese national hero.
can you imagine if they turned into a movie, with Sly Stallone, not a tank would be left on it's tracks
Now if Americans would stand up against their own government.
This man did not escape. There is a reason we do not know his name (he did not get out to tell of it)
that not true you can see WikiLeaks
throw a rock at one tank, twenty more roll on down the line.
let the war start allready. stop being scared you DUM ASS.../////''';;;;//
Just walked through Tian An Men square for the first time 3 days ago. This was truly a powerful moment in history
It's time that we need some like that here in india as well ...
"I'd never seen the full, uncropped Tiananmen square photo before now" .. neither has most of China #GreatFireWall
tanks everywhere they're going to murder us
Any regime that roles tanks on it's citizens (whom it is supposed to serve?) needs to be eradicated, as it has failed in it's primary purpose. Although I have no idea how tanks are supposed to serve a society in general (think about it, who REALLY wants and needs these tanks around?), when people start answering to the tanks... something is FRIGHTENINGLY wrong. Worldwide, the common citizen needs to reverse this, and make system of government answer and serve the citizen once again, and NOT the other way around.
Ditto on 1st time seeing the full photo. I'm in absolute awe of his courage... 
+Mal Whyte sadly, no one know who he was, no one know his name, because he had been…… dio……
Governments are supposed to be an organized tool to serve the people and make their lives better in a civic manner... logistics, utilities etc... We no longer have that system worldwide, we now have a system that we answer to and fear. Thus defeating the primary role of government. Never were we supposed to serve the system (or the people really behind it manipulating it for their means), the system's only purpose was meant to be, to serve us.
where the tank man was?
how come they haven't  shot him there? it was a dictatorship!
I hope the rumour that he went somewhere to live the rest of life is true. 
wow I didn't know this much tanks were in line in front of him
I saw the video of this one when this happened; he certainly really is (or was?) a brave person, every time the tank went to the other side to avoid him and run him over he also followed the tank to stop it. That's surprisingly GREAT for a single man indeed against the steel armour!
Thats alot of tanks! thanks for sharing
Photo alone ,those not do justice,one has to hear roaring sound off that many tanks on cement road,then you get the feeling off how little you are compare to that power.
I am not in any way diminishing the power of this photo or the person in front of the first tank but has anyone else wondered how the commander in the 1st tank had to explain away being stopped by 1 guy? 
how sad is that this image shows the way to govern people is by the threat of crushing them with tanks and guns with bullets
Most people don't realize that the protestors were actually protesting for more government. They didn't like the moves China was taking to stay to free up their markets (they still have a long way to go).
I've always felt this is a photo of two heroes. The one standing his ground and the tank commander defying orders to either run him over or just go 'round.
How many of us are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of the greater good...for the sake of having that inalienable right known as freedom? I think most of us are too concerned with the dollar menu at McDonalds and how much we are going to buy at Walmart to really be concerned about it or be actively involved in helping to determine the rights of our fellow man. Freedom comes with a price but what that price is should be determined by us and not oppressive government. You don't have to literally be a soldier to fight back.
Images like this give me hope for re-evolution of our abusive structures. It is not unachievable to create a government acting for the good of honest people. Good honest people will have to fight for it. Absolute power has corrupted. Rotten structures are fragile. 
Just think if the other tanks went around.
Vic I really wonder about us at times and that's including myself 
I honestly find this full photo much more powerful than the one we've grown accustomed to. The sight of one man holding back an iron tide with nothing but nerve and conviction is far more moving than a couple of tanks.
Kudos for finding.
Thank you.
+Chris Messina what a coincidence, I just shared this with a few of my close friends, that too yesterday. One of the bravest. Do you know what happened to him after this? I guess no one knows! Thanks for sharing. 
That was a serious time there and still many unsolved issues .
911 there is a nyan cat in my front yard get all the tanks you have
I have to say, I believe China is right in its motive to stop any dissent from collapsing the regime, but of course, the method in which it does this leaves much to be desired.
It just gets bad PR because the communist regimes before it and during its time were the US's enemies. And the US was founded on the principle of liberty and individual rights, so of course many (not all, but many) in the US would accuse China of corruptness. Now, I'm not saying it isn't corrupt- I'm just saying to back off, everyone.
But of course, there is reason in what you all say. China still has work to do. But that doesn't mean it has to scrap the idea of communism. Because communism got such a bad rap, it's easily downgraded these days. So BACK OFF. Let China do its work.
There were two heroes here. One had demonstrated that he was willing to died for freedom... or what he believe in. The other (the tank driver) was not willing to kill...funny no one have asked what happened to the driver of the tank.
Imagine doing this to an American column of tanks in Afghanistan. Before you know it a drone will blast you into pieces. At least put this picture into perspective.
+Jamal Yusuf Dude just shut the Fuckkk up! my dad is out fighting Afghanistan i would love to see you Fuckkin try to survive, my dad is fighting for your Damnn rights now to put this picture in perspective its Honor and grace something you dont know
Jamal, Imagine doing this IN the States, fully geared battle ready POLICE would surely stomp, taze and tear gas you. To protect us from terrorist of course. Actually maybe even a drone strike... now that drones are freely flying over US cities..
Chilling photo. Even the color intensity matches the gravity of the moment.
Brother Ramon- Have you even seen what I just wrote?
the trains rolling through california a few months back had more tanks then this....and were being deployed to places on american soil...........and I can only imagine how many drones are in our airspace, but way too few care or even believe it is actually happening. 

for those who wonder why the guys in the tank did not arrest him its cause tankers are a death before dismount. you ever try to take a tank from a tank crew? i have not a pritty suit
still rember that
usally,the bicycle dominates,but is no match for a tank..
Read the story on how they managed to smuggle those photos and video footage out of China.
He did that not because he was brave but because he had full trust in the government. He deeply believed it that the Party will not kill people it claimed to represent.
sometimes the populace is too  innocent to mediate with government. And the Party sometimes is much foxier than what people think of  
What else were they going to do? In the heat of the moment, it would probably be embarrassing- somehow- to arrest the guy.
Why did the tanks break ranks to pull up to this guy?
i hope they blow something up!!!! don't want people hurt!
+Chris Messina , thanks to the recollections of +Lisa Borel , whom you cite in the source-chain leading to this photo, she was able to state the photographer's name:  Stuart Franklin of Magnum Photos. With that info, I was able to find an incredibly informative and moving interview of Stuart Franklin recalling his thoughts and memories around that whole series of days -- with a whole portfolio of photos illustrating everything he saw and photographed.
Stuart Franklin's Tiananmen Square
The man was identified as Wang Weilin by western press and its unclear what happened to him (if that is correct). Its the bravest thing I've ever seen. If you google tank man and check the YouTube link you'll see he actually climbs onto the tank.
I've just been fascinated by the fuller details about "Tank Man" and the iconic photo. In 2009, another photograher emerged with a never before published different angle, this from street level: ... which shows just how much pre-meditation "Tank Man" had to confront these tanks moving in... The VIDEOS show the tank moving right, and the guy moving that way and stepping in front again, tank moves left, he runs to step in front again.. He evens climbs up onto the tank to yell at the soldiers inside; eventually one comes out. He AGAIN stops the tank.  现今为止最完整的坦克人Tank Man的录像 | BBC has additional footage at end:  | There were 4 different photographers with slightly different angles on the "iconic photo" : ... (Thanks +Lisa Borel for leading me to the key information, including this docu film which is very gripping in its telling of Tank Man's story in context: ) It also played on PBS Frontline: .
As a Chinese, I am the most eager to learn where and how he is now. I'm always touched everytime I see this photo. He's my hero. Oh, ours!
This perspective certainly highlights the full magnitude of this tragic young man's courage. Astounding that he would take on the entire Chinese motorized Army. We who live here and enjoy our freedom as a right, tend to take it for granted. He was willing to stand up just for the thought, the ideal of it, as he never really experienced it. Astounding courage. I believe he was subsequently arrested and died (somehow) in prison.
This perspective certainly highlights the full magnitude of this tragic young man's courage. Astounding that he would take on the entire Chinese motorized Army. We who live here and enjoy our freedom as a right, tend to take it for granted. He was willing to stand up just for the thought, the ideal of it, as he never really experienced it. Astounding courage. I believe he was subsequently arrested and died (somehow) in prison.
The tank try to leave from square, but why the man made the tank stop to leave?
His outstanding courage ultimately cost him his life.. but he will live forever in history as one who stood against the many.
He did this simply to "physically and emotionally (morally/ethically) 'stand up to the wrongfully, oppressive system' that physically silences anyone that opposes what it stands for"! 😢
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