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+Natalie Villalobos has a very reasonable request... what do you think?
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Quick Community Poll:

In your comment tell us: 1 thing you'd like to see improved (something that is confusing for you) and 1 thing you LOVE!

(from left to right: +Jonathan McPhie on the Google+ Privacy Team, yours truly - CM for Google+, +Brian Rose CM for Google+ Photos, and +Toby Stein new CM for Google+!)

+1 signs all around! Show us yours!
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Improve: Picasa/photos and YouTube/videos overlap (Why am I tagging things in Picasa and then again in Google+ Photos? Why aren't my YouTube videos in Google+ Videos?)

Love: Privacy (not public) is the default! Thank you!
\m/ Horns!

Improve: Do not make duplicate posts of the same article or status shared. In Facebook it would just say that these multiple people shared the same article with the individual comments.

Love: The ability to edit comments and Google Hangouts.
WANT: The ability to use non-Google services for photos, videos, and status updates.

LOVE: The notification UI
A sparks stream, with all of my sparks aggregated. <3!
Love: tailoring the conversation through circles and Would Like: to see a way to collapse the conversation
Please add twitter style hashtag functionality
WANT: Plus Pages (Fan Page equivalent or better) Love: Hangouts! Multiple user (more than 2) video chat rules!!
1. Mobile Google+ makes duplicate photos when I take an photo. One is a regular camera file name and the other is something that looks like a blogger id

2. I love the discussions. I'd like to be able to find them a bit easier, but for now they are boss.
Want: If someone in the same Circle shares something that someone else already has, don't make a duplicate post.

Love: Hangouts
I appreciate the Google+ team's attention to doing privacy right and in allowing some semblance of data portability.

I ask for this feature request: It would be nice if Google+ had Stream Channels. These would allow users to self assign their content to a given channel, and for others to subscribe to specific channels.

In essence, Stream Channels would allow for a better match between what a given person in your Google+ network is interested in hearing you talk about and the content you actually share. It would allow users to filter out what they consider the noise in your stream.
1. Mute over-sharers or improve the default stream algo

+1 : Hangouts !
I'd love to see this available for my apps domain (which I know is coming) and be able to join the two profiles (I don't want to have to do all this setup again).

I love the photo grid. Really cool work there.
Want: Fan sites (games, brands, ...)
Love: Circles!!!
Frustrating - Google Photos & Video Overlap : having to redo tagging and comments

Love - Streams and Sparks, easily filtering through all the noise
1) Combine Sparks with Reader, or better: allow us to import .opml files.
2) Allow us to select more than one circles. Please!
3) We need a filter/search function when dragging people to circles, endless scrolling is lame!
4) Better YouTube/Blogger/Picasa integration.

1) Hangouts. But also want an easier way to connect one-on-one.
2) Circles!
3) Google+ :)

Thanks for being great listeners!
Want: Can we have circles toggleable in the stream? So you can mute the "following" circle, but have all your other circles in your stream?

Love: Hangouts / Circles / Google's Community.
I'd like to be able to hover over a "circle" that I have set in the share box to make sure I'm sharing with the right friends. Currently you can see 4 names or so, but I'd prefer an interactive list. That way I could prune the list as I was posting just in case something about it had changed or someone needed to be added.
Love: - Privacy and "in-line" suggestions (i.e., go here if you don't want to share this, instead of having to find it)
- Circles
- Including people outside of Google+ via email

- "publishable" / subscribe-able circles (i.e., groups) with approval (I guess this could also be "channels" (but with a private/by invite only mode))
- better ways to organize by subject, etc.
- +1 functionality in gmail :)
REQUEST: I already have loads of contacts managed in Google Groups. Let me import them as a circle, pls??

LOVE: K e n n e d y whitespace works here, UI is awesome.
I need circles of circles, more I18n (Crowdsorced translation?), a way to filter people by language spoken, location and if you have meet in real life or not.

Different profiles for each circle!

The hangouts need titles or subjets.

The drag&drop interface in the cirlcles page is tiresome, boring, annoying and slow!

Integration with Google Groups.

The Hubs are a great idea:

Love: the idea of filtering by social circles. Edit comments!
Would using the middle finger on right hand be in poor taste? ;)
Love the CIrcles.
Improve: I want to search my stream
Let me share my Reader items on plus
Gang rivalry between people flashing plus signs and "Like" signs (addendum to "it's gettin real in the whole foods parking lot" song?)
Hey, could you all set up a Google Moderator page for us beta testers to submit feedback? Having that centralized would feel like a safe place for suggestions (and a great place for community discussions if built alongside the Request Tool). I love that you all are actively listening, but with so many individual efforts to get feedback, my fear is that any one is getting lost in the shuffle. That said, THX for this product! :)
Let us tag a Circle as "not to be shown in the 'everything' stream"
Can we get a link to the original post? I know that the two people who've reshared this also work for Google but wouldn't it be better to have all of the comments made on the original post?

To answer the question:

Love - The UI

Want - The ability to exclude certain circles from a post that I make ( to clarify, I want to be able to post publicly, and to extended circles, but exclude certain circle; if that makes any sense )
This might be a dumb question, is there the ability to post something on someones profile, like on a Facebook wall?
Confusing: How do you decide which Google+ invites actually work?
Like: The ease of assigning people to a circle and the ability to follow people I don't personally know (very Twitter-like)
Improvement: The notification on the homepage of when new people add you to circles should have more of an explanation/instructions with the name of the person and the “add to circles” box displayed without having to hover over the thumbnail profile picture. I like the minimalistic design, but the average person like my mom will not understand how to quickly follow back a new follower. Thanks.

Love: I love the follower model combined with the friend model all in one. Brilliant!
I want some indication as to when my stream was last updated or refreshed. I find myself refreshing many times thinking "this can't be everything, is it?".
Would love to see an option to make comments private. Do love the clean and easy to follow page.
I'd love to be able to hangout from the android app (using a dell streak w/ front-facing cam)

I love notifications in the Google bar
1 thing you'd like to see improved: When I add someone to my circles from my stream using the right-hand suggestions area, if I'm not careful with my mouse I automatically add them to the first group in my list.

Also, I receive notifications that people have added me to their circles, but when I look at my Profile, it says only 1 circle?

I love Sparks. Just saved me about 45 minutes in the morning. I also like the "clean" feel. Veddy nice.
I love the simplicity, no feature exists that we could not live without.
I find confusing the way spam is going to be handled, if anyone can add you to a circle and target messages to that circle like i am doing now does that not mean that all our Incoming streams will turn to a continuous spam mess once the system exits beta ?

Additionally if someone not in my circles sends me a even more targeted message limited just to me does that show up in my Incoming stream as well or does it get even more prominent showcasing (it should but then again the spammers would also surely leverage it if so) ?

We can not be realistically expected to curate that stream by continuously blocking accounts neither does Google muting accounts for everyone if a significant portion of people blocked that account seem likely.
+Natalie Villalobos Why are you the only one using the opposite hands.. I don't want wanna be throwing the wrong signs and get jacked up.. Someone might hold me down and paint me blue and brand "Like" on my ass.. which one is correct? Or is it one way for guys, and another for girls? hehe.

Other than that..

Like: Individual circle "streams"

Want: Configurable "main" stream.. like I'd love to include/exclude certain circles from my main stream (especially on mobile, but on web too). Like I don't necessarily want to see my "following" and "tech" circles all the time.. maybe I can choose just "friends" and "family" circles to view in my main stream, but I can look at my tech circle(s) at will, in lieu of EVERY circle..
Man, +Natalie Villalobos that's the second time in 7 day's time that you've gotten yourself into trouble for hand signals. I sooo know what I'm getting you for Christmahanakwanza :)
See Improved - The ability to mute a post without using the dropdown... or better yet, a toggle for auto mute after scrolling (like the "read" indicator on Google Reader in expanded mode).

Love - Public profiles - although clicking on a user name should open the profile to "About" and in a new Tab.

Thanks for asking and keep up the good work!!!
Love: circles and simplicity

1. Remove the more posts and auto fetch new posts
2. In the mobile web app add option to select the circle we want to see the posts from in the stream. Don't like to go to home, then circles, select the circle and then the posts.

Awesome job!
I'd like to see foreign posts translated into my chosen language. This becomes more relevant when looking at the incoming stream.
Paul W
Improve: I would like to be able to reorder circles on the stream page.

Love: privacy by default
Love: That when I start a new post it defaults to the sharing settings I used last time, BUT Add: A one-click way to clear those settings and start over. Takes too much time to click the little "x" on 4 or 5 circles left there from my last post.
dislike: UI of circles (ie- top/bottom viewing makes it difficult to see it all at a glance)

love: the underlying power and idea of G+
Change the behavior so that +mentioning somebody in a comment doesn't grant them access to a post if they didn't already have access. Only the original poster should be able to expand the readership circle, allowing anybody to do so by +mentioning is going to bite somebody in the ass when they don't expect it.

Love the way I can see the comment stream in the notifications window without losing my place
Duble dipping here but: Let me import my twitter status and friends
WANT: Be clear with invites: Are they unlimited but for a set time or are they limited and if so by how much and for how long?

LOVING: Most of the UX.
Good: UI, Hangout, Huddle, Android app
Suggestion: Collapse comments
A couple ideas...
1 - sort comments starting with the most recent. That way I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to read what's just been posted.

2 - if you're on a device with the Google+ app and click on a Google+ link within gmail it should ask if you want to launch the app or the browser. Right now it goes straight to the browser.
Ability to post pics please. 
LOVE the Notification Bar

WANT iOS and Android apps to have reshare ability. Single biggest fail of Facebook's app, which has been out for three years and still is unable to share!
+Natalie Villalobos
Please do not give us invitations if you are going to take it away a few minutes later.
Invited 2 people, then I offered invitations to my friends at FB... And I could no longer invite anyone.

Where is the -1 button? :(
I love how active and engaging the Googlers are on G+. That's probably my favorite feature so far.

Circles is still very confusing for most people. It not clear who exactly will see a post that is less than Public.

I would love to see a Number next the word Limited when sharing to private circles. Especially if I'm commenting on the post, it should be nice to know if its just me and 1 other guy that can see the post or 2000 people. Just put the number of people that are in the original circle next to the word: Limited.
0) A "move feature," So comments posted in the wrong update thread (like this one was) can be easily reassigned elsewhere :)

1) First and foremost, I want to be able to see multiple streams on a page, ala tweetdeck. Tweetdeck is the number one social client for a reason. I will never default to circles until it has the same kind of approach, as it is far too hard to follow multiple communities (or swarms) one stream at a time. On a mobile, there is no choice. But that's why I do most of my (155,000) tweets from a desktop client :)

2) I want to set my stream view to make comments and status info optional and/or or much more condensed. Why do i want my stream cluttered up with verbiage associated with each update, when my attention is not on that update, and may in fact,never be? A key elegance of twitter is that I can rapidly scan a dozen updates in seconds, zeroing in on that which interests me. Circle streams assume I want even one comment, or the share metrics on every update. I just don't care about the details of something that hasn't engaged me at all, yet. I want a compact, easy to read stream of items that I can digest in seconds. If I don't see anything of interest, my eye moves one column over and I'll look there (as soon as columns are supported, which I am assuming they will be :) I would like to have 3 default views, accessible from the options menu:

1 Summary view - 2 lines only, providing just enough to give me a sense of the post.
2 Compact view - just the post, with only comment and share tallies
3 Full view - The current method, with all the images, comment threads, etc

3) Distribution lists (bundles of users) accessible with a single @alias,so I can call an item to the attention of an ad-hoc group of people, who may or may not be in other circles, on a case-by-case basis. Usually, the need is momentary, and not requiring a formal circle. eg.@my_CC_list

4) A simple API with a few basics so we developers can get into this as soon as possible :)
Permalinks for comments, so I can share only what is salient from a thread with circles, streams, twitter feeds, etc. (My previous list of suggestions, for example :)
Please give me option to see a tree-view of my circles. The Circles interface is cute and all, and my 84 year old mom may love it, but a typical tree of nodes is far more intuitive for power users and takes up 1/5th the real estate on my screen. Show me the cute circle of user faces with an on-hover dialog.
Love: filtering the stream by circles.

1) Give me an option to collapse the stream. Too much height & detail on each post now. Give me author, privacy level, circle/relationship info, and quick overview of activity (count of +1s, comments, etc.)

2) Allow custom profile URLs -- the URLs are ugly, and the old instructions on customizing a profile URL ( no longer work. Let me set up a nice URL, and don't redirect to biglongdecimalnumber the way you do now for + users who had already set up custom profile URLs.

+1 on stream channels, toggling circles in stream, and circles of circles

Thanks for listening.
When clicking on more comments, don't actually expand ALL of the comments...maybe 10 at a time. thanks!
I have several google accounts (maiden name, various formats of name) and they currently all forward to the one I use as a primary. I would love to be able to tie all of them to my google+ (or just merge them more seamlessly overall)
When stream updates while entering a comment it at times bounces out of the comment completely. Bit annoying.
Love: the tight integration between the various components. Just feels good.
Improve: chat window usage between components - when bouncing back and forth or having multiple G+ windows open, it starts popping up extraneous duplicate chat windows. If I close one, it closes all of them for that contact.
I'd like some clarity on the use of nicknames and a.k.a. on profiles. One person, +opensource obscure, who is well known within the Second Life community had his profile suspended because "he wasn't using a real name." And, frankly, many people prefer to use psudonyms online for personal safety.
Would love to have the ability to re-collapse the "## more comments" drop down after opening it up (and the ability to do so at either the top or bottom of the list of comments -- particularly for really long lists like this one.)
Invite Facebook friend would be awesome. I love circles and hangouts :)
Wish: Improved search/find/add functionality - ideally the ability to pull in linkedin and twitter contacts en masse.
Love: Ease of adding/changing circles, and great photo upload/display utilities.
ps: The mobile version makes me sad when I can't touch a person in comments and go to their posts.
Wish: Games, Games and more Games !!!
Love: Everything (in particular the clear Design9
I love circles, I really want circles of circles as well as boolean logic on circles.
I want some of the navigation (like when I'm on circles and double-click a suggestion to go to their page) to have anchors, so that the back button works (to go back to the suggestions).

I LOVE the amount of control I have over sharing. I can share something with just two people! Brilliant!
WANT: a tablet friendly g+ that brings together mobile and desktop features. Circles drag drop seems like a perfect way to interact but is not functional for a tablet.

Much love for stream organization via circles.
Love: Circles, Instant Upload

Would Like: Apps support, Search
It would be AWESOME to have an automatic circle of people who aren't in any other circles, so that one could better add them to proper categories. This is likely one of the biggest failings of Facebook's lists functionality. It's particularly problematic when one eventually has hundreds of friends and multiple lists. Going through each becomes a true headache. Mathematically and programatically this should be easy to accomplish.
I would like a separate and circle for Brands or companies. I found Ford and excited they are using the Google+ platform . This will also help the companies who are curious about Google+ see how they can get interaction with the new Google+ community. The analysts will also see that the Google investment to develop Google+ has a path with revenue with the global advertisers. Fondly, Cheray Unman
i don't think the sign you show with your fingers is not a good sign.(not the+,but the other sign ..holding the middle fingers with the thumb.)
these are minuet things that I see so far, I have no IM sound notification when I receive an IM. Another problem is when I cropped my original photo I could not completely use the entire photo no matter how hard I attempted to.

I will continue to use google plus and if i find anything that is out of the ordinary I will gladly post it here. Good job google + developers so far in creating a very interesting social network.

Also if I was a developer I would offer a more game oriented section, don't go overboard like FB but keeping interest for the younger/gaming crowd is a good thing to consider but balance is key.

Another thing, that's also rather simple is music. Who doesn't love music?

And some ability to comment on a person's "wall" or whatever you wish to call it. I mean it doesn't have to be integrated with the posts tab but maybe an all together new tab? food for thought.

OH one thing I love... well it's google. Nough said?
Okay here's what I want to be able to do with my circles, embed a circle in a circle. Example Networking Circle embedded Technology Circle, Business Ops Circle etc.
Link and tagging abilities from the App. So many things/people that I want to see but when using my phone or tablet it doesn't work.
The most confusing thing seems so simple I must be missing something. When I'm somewhere on the web and I want to share this, do I really have to copy the link manually, is there no official extension?
What I love the most is hangouts and instant-photo-in-my-albums.
On the Welcome page, put up a longer video(s) of someone actually building their + experience. Filing circles, adjusting privacy, sending invites, adding pics & video, commenting. Show what happens when you comment on a popular item (lots of notices to control that). Explain more clearly that no one can see the name of your Circles. Suggest Circle organization techniques. Demonstrate a hangout. Build temporary circles for specific purposes. De-douche activities, such as blocking should be presented. And finally, remind people that they have to rest, drink fluids, bathe, walk the dog, and occasionally leave + to do other things. one's asked me to build a virtual shed....yet.
Make collapsing comment threads once you've expanded them easier. Circles within circles. When inside a circle, make moving people from one circle to another easier. Curious about multiple photographs in my albums of the same photograph...yes I have a blogger blog. Would love to see my Google reader as part of this instead of sparks which seems clumsy to me.
LOVE the edit ability in a post. Love the hangout. Love the notification area. Love all the Google integration. Love the no games!
Make it much harder to delete a Picasa Album - I accidentally deleted the Picasa Album that feeds my blogger website. 3 years of images. Not happy with myself.
Love that I can easily share photos only with family.

Would like it if the main feed on my home page didn't include everyone in my circles. I'd like that to default to only the subset I'm most interested in. It's currently being overwhelmed by +Robert Scoble +Guy Kawasaki etc.
I want the comments to be improved: at the moment there are endless chains of comments that add NO value at posts only saying generic and mindless "yey...", "agree", "nice picture" etc that only contribute to a stream that is hard to navigate

I love that separating people in circle is at the heart of the system
Improve: When opening up the comments for long comment threads like this one, the comments take over the stream and there's no way to minimize them back. Possible remedies: (1) add an option to "minimize" comments per stream item and/or (2) add some global switch at the top of the stream to minimize comments for all posts
Going on Nadav's comment - maybe show the first 2 or 3 posts when comments exceed 8 or so comments.
The circle-editing UI, even on a large monitor, uses far too much space. Do any of you G+ folks own netbooks? On my 1024x600 screen, I can't even see a circle. OK, I see about 20 arc degrees of the outer border of a few circles -- but I can't read any circles, and the page doesn't auto-scroll to reveal them if I start to drag a name. Result: can't edit my circles on anything less than a 14-15" screen. Blech.

I'm actually starting to feel that the UI overall has too much whitespace. It looks nice, but only superficially. With nowhere near the excellent information density of Twitter ( or clients like Seesmic), it's difficult to really use.
Improvement: When viewing photos in an album, ability to +1 the current photo.

Love: the fact that putting someone into a circle isn't the same as friending them and doesn't have to be mutual.
+1: UI. google + is easy to use and to understand
-1000! the ability to edit post and comments! it looks like a great idea at the first sight, but then... what happend if someone changes the initial post you commented??
for example: Post "do you have a red shirt?"
My comment "Yes".
then the post is edited and now says "do you love me?", my comment as answer is still "yes"...
this can be very dangerous...
I would really like to limit how many circles populate my stream, or that I could turn off some circles at times. What I love, is the ease of the interface and the circles, it just makes so much sense.
Want: Nested comment threads that follow a post as it is shared.
Love: Hangout
Want: Create a group or 'shared circle' whereby people can join or leave it; everyone know's who is in it, and everyone can freely share content -- suitable for family groups or for company teams, where everyone wants to know that everyone in the group is included if any member begins a conversation or posts content. And no one worries that someone desired outside of the group is unexpectedly inside it.

Love: That friending doesn't have to be mutual; this reflects the truth of the world where not all people are in a reciprocal interest for each other.
WANT: Public circles that act like twitter hastags, google groups etc.
Circles within circles.
LOVE: Circles

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