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Really enjoying the P R O M E T H E U S soundtrack! Very moody — reminds me of a darker Star Wars or E.T.-style sound.

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On +Spotify:
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I owned it before it was released in the states
Can you believe I can use none of those services here in Italy? =/
I think if a movie can collect 10s and 100s of millions of dollars opening weekend.... I dont need to pay them mine...
+Doğu Can Temel thanks! With a little effort, it worked out! +Scott Young every single site in that list says "Sorry, we're not available in your country yet, stay tuned!"...unless iTunes, we've nothing here to buy some good mp3's here. That's why I'm waiting for Google Music like an holy grail! :D
you're welcome +Andrea Rossi. +Marcus Sant'Anna , you know, grooveshark is great and has everything one can need for music. I really don't care about google music or spottify or anything as long as i have grooveshark :)
Thanks for the link.  Loving the soundtrack.  Didn't notice how good it was during the movie.  I guess that is a good sign that it didn't overpower the movie
"This album is not available in Germany"... WTF
If someone here owns it already... they could email it to you folks with out it...
+Doğu Can Temel you serious? :D "Aufgrund unverhältnismäßig hoher Betriebskosten stellt
Grooveshark den Zugriff aus Deutschland ein." :P
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