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This is incredlble. Zoom. Zoom some more. More. Keep going.

WOW. So that's what 272 gigapixels looks like!

/via +Darren Bounds
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Cool picture! But where is all the humans? I found one lady in this picture. I would think there should be a lot more?
Big brother style governments around the world are just fantasizing the possibilities....
Uhhmm.. did anyone read the title? hint:
Shanghai 272 Gigapixels..
Hey.. does anyone know where that picture was taken? maybe San Francisco or something?
+Kyle Keith It's not San Francisco, the building on the far right doesn't have english letters, it might really be of some part of Shanghai.
In the middle bottom of the picture is a white building with some letters of a language I don't recognize. If you can figure out what it says, should be able to google the location.
Ha! +Kyle Keith do you really expect people who don't read basic info to get your joke? Man, smh
very good u know about 'Sevilla 111 Gigapixels'
Try to find the lady hanging the clothes.
I found a lady with transparent legs... it's a ghost!
I'm disappointed I can't see individual pine needles on those trees.
I guess it was wash day.
i saw a guy wearing a blue striped polo shirt working behind a computer. haha. its scary.
Just to the left of center there is the collection of trees. At the top is a square three storey house with yellow siding. Directly above that you can see some guy has decided it's no pants day.
Coordinates of where it was taken from.
31°12'14.44"N 121°26'49.29"E
Not bad when you can read the make of the air-conditioning unit on a faraway house
Is a time lapse required to get this quality. Once I found some people on the pic I noticed there is a lot of ghostly figures.
one hording is saying IT'S NOT A TECHNIQUE IT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY..... wow amazing image unbelievable....
i posted the woman with red shoes above. did you guys who posted her miss it? would be nice if people hit the plus button when you view a link.
+archer rehcra What's the keyboard shortcut for the plus button? Because I don't use a mouse. I would love to give +1 credit where it is due.
wow, i have no idea. i can't imagine navigating g+ without a mouse. is there a keyboard shorty for "mouseover"?
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