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So USA still has a big brother complex about UK then? ;)
Joyous Occasion - Killing Someone
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There are no compraison,Britiania,no longer is real,scotland going away,Irish almost gone away,.all left is Lodon .And most folks are Pakistani,Indian,Arabs. Cheap night clubs,lozy food,no compare to zU.S.A.perhaps if you compare England to Saudi Arabia,you might get better result.
We have cities where a white face is in the minority, but in the main we are an Anglo Saxon, Christian, people who hold strong values routed in a deep and long history. It's probably that very history - which we take for granted (there's a church just few minutes walk from my house that has stood there since the 1100s) - that sets us aside from much of the English speaking world and, if I'm honest, gives us a feeling of superiority.
But nothing lasts forever. The Holy Roman Empire was supposed to last a thousand years, as was Hitler's Reich. We English came close, for the world was ours for five-hundred years. But now it's the turn of the Americans.
And in a thousand year's time ... ?
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