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Holy shit. +Barack Obama said "hashtag".

Several times.

/via +John McCrea #achievementunlocked #DontDoubleMyRate
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Congratulations! I don't think I've heard a British politician say it yet but I'm sure it's coming.
Timing wise, I just explained what a hashtag was at a conference and most honestly didn't know what it was. They lnew the term, heard it, seen one but what it actually did or how to do it was unclear.

This video would've cracked them up.
Well then, I guess it's time for you to finally divulge what your inspiration for this special syntax was..?
#dontdoublemyrate I know he is right about that even if he might not be doing so well on a lot of other things. double the rates is one thing that will not be good for anyone.
+Chris Messina So I get that chr(35) was used on prior to Twitter. At no point in your post though do i see any reference to the nucleobases ACGT being attributed to the line segments of character 35. Was that an oversight or was there no tangible connection?
Although worthy (and personally experienced today), college loan interest is moot point if our country fails because of excessive borrowing encouraged by an administration that has not been able to come up with a balanced budget for over three years. A deflection in deed, in priorities.
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