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Another gem from +Amanda Rosenberg. Full of internet wisdom, she is.

Just think, you could have owned these if I told you about them before Dec 11, 2011:

Sorry for that.

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Ran Mo
haha (LOL)
Quoth Mitch Hedberg (RIP): Sometimes, when someone on the street hands me a flyer, it's like they're saying, "Here, you throw this away."
Sometimes I get emotional over fonts too ☺ I love these!
Wow. Waking up with a water bottle next to him... 1. he must be in business or first class, since they don't do that in coach, so I have very little sympathy, and 2. I love it when I get a whole bottle of water on the plane, since the little cup or two they usually give out are never enough for me to prevent getting dehydrated. First-world problems in action. (LOL?)
+Christiaan Adams depends on the airline, some are more generous than others, although a full bottle seems more likely in business, yes. I always buy bottled water at the airport but this often means also buying a magazine to be able to use the company card, or having a handful of złottis or whatever the local currency is!
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