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Look ma! I'm on +Mashable!

BTW, what other cool cover photo hacks have you seen today?

/via +Krista Sanders #coverphotohacks
Google+ overhauled its interface, and many users have already uploaded new cover photos. We've found 13 cover photo hacks on Google+.
Carlos Granier's profile photoTom Purves's profile photoTom Robinson (tlrobinson)'s profile photoJohn Milinovich's profile photo
I'm working on some ideas with a designer for my new cover pic - nothing 'great' for me yet ;(
And it seems you are also the only one of those 13 examples who have figured out that we no longer have to do boxes... but can create one large image :)
I like your cover photo. Nice work. I like how the tip of your hat is in the photo.
Congrats on the redesign guys. It looks great!
Thank you +Albert Xing - I do agree with the background - I will have to take another picture to make this perfect!
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