I joined Google 1300 days ago [1]. Yesterday was my last day. As someone who likes to think of himself as living in the future, I've known that this day would someday come. Now that it has, I feel optimistic about what's next, but also bittersweet about what I'm leaving behind: great friends, passionate colleagues, and interesting individuals who've taught me a lot about myself and about the Great Big World.

Next week I'll begin work at a 6-person startup based in San Francisco called NeonMob. Sign up here:


I'll be focused on building a community and growing the service, which I believe is building an important, new platform for digital creatives and art enthusiasts. 

In my time at Google, I helped create Google Developers (developers.google.com), redesigned the Google Profile, and recently launched new designs for the Google+1 button and brand badges. I also built a lot of bridges between people and teams, and hope that I made a positive impact (in some small way!) on how Google thinks about building social products. I’m super positive about the future of Google+ and Google, and have a great amount of hope in the increasing role that design leadership is playing across the company — and it was time for me to try my hand at something a little smaller and closer to a few dormant passions: art and collecting!


Cross-posted on my blog: http://chrismessina.me/b/13865613/leaving-google

+Liz Gannes also wrote up the news!


[1] http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2010/01/07/happy-birthday-to-me-im-joining-google/
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