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What happens when the push it again?
Don't you just love this whole flashmob idea? This is a great variation. Awesome!
Kerry K
Not to be picky, but why does a little town in Belgium have a button with english instructions and an american football team at the end?
Unbelievable !!!! what a way to advertise :/
I just realized that they shot the whole sequence at least three times. Once the man-on-bike pressed the button; once a long haired woman did and once a boy did. The long range shots show them each standing at the button.
Whoever came up with this idea deserves to make some serious $
pretty sure he does have some serious dough..
you all work for tnt and I just got tricked to watch an add...whatever
Lol I wish I could press a button to add that sort of drama XD
Thats an Extraordinary work...I appreciate each and every moment of ti.....I wish..we could have made this possible in India as well....Great work
Alex D
Belgium has a lot of great treasures, besides beer, chocolate, waffels, and beer. :)
awesome!!!! the girl who pushed the button was like, OMG. i am in huge trouble!!!! but, i guess it was kindof mean in a way
that was funny if that happened to me i would scream
possibly the best commercial in the world, of all time
its realy good done , i wish push some buttins , its so cooooollllll
Awesome!! We should have these buttons everywhere.
oh, yeah that happened to me the other day...!
already thinking of ways to adapt something like this for our university #careerservices office!
HAHA! Now thats clever and hilarious! :D
AWESOME!!! Im gonna go post it of facebook! LOL
I could use this button ! lol lighten up my day every now and then!
that was great! it really made my day thanks for sharing!
awsome just the laugh i needed in the day
All I have to say: El-oh-el-oh-el-oh-el-oh-el-oh-el
adding drama has never been a problem, now wheres the button to delete drama??
Hakhakhak.....I can't imagine if I push that surprised..:D
i would push it again lol just to take piss
By the way for those interested: the location is Grote Markt in Aarschot.
mmmm the sign is in English ?!
so very2 funny, LOL hahaha
wow wtf so funny........lmfao...amazing..
I wish people in my neighborhood would stop pushing the button.
hilarious can't stop laughing
what a nice way to begin the day :D
I want them in my town. People are bored to death here,
this one of the day you wish you werent there
I would be afraid to push a button in the middle of the street. Loved it none the less.
ahahaha, i wish i had pushed that button
i <3 the amazing drama button
Shinichiro Watanabe + Yoko Kanno + Sakamichi no Apollon = winning combo.
just another piece of advertisement to make people more crazy
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