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Love the typography on Wander...! Curious what this site will be about... did you reserve your username yet?
Wander is launching soon. Sign up now and reserve your username before someone else does. And they will. Bastards.
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Hmm, they give me no incentive to give my over-burdened email address to a splash page that contains no information on just how special this site will one day be. I think I'll pass. I saw this once. I think it was called MySpace.
Toby K
Reminds me of when +Bill Gross thought "ah, i'll make my own site ( so I can have a short name, but still allow posting to twitter automatically". I don't think it does auto translation (I think one of those Twitter to FB apps does it, if you've got your twitter name synced to your FB or the same name on both when a friend mentions you in an #fb tweet it tags you properly on FB. It's what +Andrew Hyde uses, I know that).

Why not do it like +Forkly did and have a temporary period where you can only claim your Twitter username, and then later open it up to everyone? Heck, +foursquare still only lets you claim your twitter username, because this makes sense. Because the main point of it is to be a service that augments twitter. Isn't that the point of, to augment twitter? Isn't that the point of Wander, whatever it is? If you're having a temporary signup period, the smartest thing you can do is get the user to tie their twitter account to it at the start, because then you've already got permissions later.

Anywho, my name is taken of course. And I'm guessing +Ryan Block's is too. Oh, and back to, fortunately I don't see mistweets because the illiterate don't seem to use it. That's useful. Better than when people use Tweetdeck and tweet @someonewithalongname and it's at the cutoff point so it goes @someone... and then @someone gets the tweet instead of @someonewithalongname.

ALSO apparently +Google+ has started tagging the @ mentions automatically too. I guess they've given up on just +.
+Thomas K: actually, I recently heard that "real users" change their Twitter usernames far more often than you'd expect... so, using Twitter as the canonical namespace may not be such a great plan after all. Just an FYI.
Toby K
+Chris Messina I didn't use the term "Real Users", is that like "Real Americans"?
Toby K
I would be OK with using FBook as the canonical namespace, since you only get one URL change there. As long as there's a canonical namespace that you use for at least a month.
+Chris Messina You'd be in a better position than me to tell. The "get lost" thing looked like a tip-off ...
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