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Damn, this looks amazing!

Also, selling digital markers and pens is going to totally be a hot business!

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The video seems to indicate that even the most basic functions (like, say, color) are in-app purchases. Really?
Very cool; +Jon Wiley it would be disappointing if they didn't bundle everything business model? App for free, pay for features? Interesting.
Theyre VERY pretty, proprietary colors, Jon.
It is wrong that I don't want my digital works saved in Moleskines?
Just played with it. Pretty sweet.
Good thing Jobs is not around to scold you about wanting to use styluses with tablets :-)
This almost makes me want an iPad. Would love to see this on my Transformer!
What iPad stylus do people use?
Jot Adonit! And AluPen. And brushes for art programs.
Wait there are iPad paintbrushes?
Quite a bit more polished than Taposé.
Lookup "Paperless Note Taking (prototype 3)" on youtube
Tried it yesterday. The sketchbook browsing is reaaaally well done. As an effect that is – but where is the bloody added value of using an iPad over physical notebooks?
Otherwise, the app is highly overpriced (all tools beyond eraser and pen need to be purchased – whole package for 5,99 €!) and considering the actual price tag not well enough designed for the minimalist approach. The undo/redo concept is great, but unfortunately lacks necessary attention to detail in execution, tool switching feels inelegant and quirky, etc. If the same amount of polishing had gone in there instead of the rather useless skiamorphic (argh!) notebook browsing, I would be way happier.

In short: more fluff than stuff – the interface works extremely well for marketing but definitely not for providing productive value. There is much better software out there. And with that, the app got quickly ditched again. :-)
I really liked the interface of it, but I too was pretty much in sticker shock when I saw that you had to pay $2 for each tool. Makes it more expensive than Sketchbook which is beyond crazy.
I've had a chance to play with it for a bit. As-is, I don't feel I can justify any purchases. I think the drawing itself and the navigating about is well-executed. But I can't save anything to my gallery (or Dropbox). And the undo gesture feels clumsy for something I want to do frequently. Also, the price for the bundle of tools is identical to just buying each individually, creating little incentive to actually purchase the bundle, apart from the convenience.

So, I think they need to fix the above usability issues and their pricing. But what does work, works quite well.
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