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The Galileo is a really compelling piece of industrial design — and I'm happy to support it on Kickstarter!

Insert Coin describes the Galilgeo [1] as "a 360 degree motorized remote-control base for your iPhone or iPod Touch. If your buddy moves out of frame, just swipe in their direction and it'll pan around to follow. Designed as a video conferencing tool, it would also be useful as a baby monitor, remote camera or for clever photography projects."

The project is being lead by +Josh Guyot and +JoeBen Bevirt the co-founders of +JOBY, which makes the awesome Gorillapod tripod.


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There are similar autotracking phone mounts that have multiplatform support, that came from Kickstarter, even, I believe.
brian d
that is soooo epic
You have to bring it to the Android Ecosystem. I'd even pay for that to happen.
+Nata Lee Think of it this way, I use Google Hangouts, Skype and Gtalk Video chat to stay in touch with family and friends and on more occasion than one I've had to ask the people I'm viewing to adjust themselves or adjust the phone to come in view. If I just gave them a Galileo, I could take care of all the tinkering while they could just talk, show me what they were up to on a particular weekend, continue with the chores they were doing, etc.. There are so many usage scenarios where having the control over the imaging device will just make for a smoother and more pleasurable experience of staying in touch. Even in the video you can notice how the Dad (expert user) uses the device to see his child (novice user).
Cool but shame it's just iOS
More iOS douche baggery. Fucks given: zero
Wow why all the hate? I'm a dyed in the wool android fanboy but this is a great invention, and the one Thing that iOS will always have over android; peripheral accessories
Cool idea, but not sure there’s a large enough market for it. Use of Galileo requires manual placement of one’s phone in the device. Why spend the extra dough when the caller can simply ask for the camera to be adjusted? While grandma might benefit on the occasional call or dad with young son, most calls involve a higher degree of attention toward the caller where readjusting on demand really isn’t challenging enough to warrant the added device.

Add an auto-answer feature on a phone, and the Galileo might prove a neat way of checking on kids at daycare, but still not sure the market is there to make this a mainstream product.
Better to make a purpose built stand alone cam. More comments in my share.
Please circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
Alternative: Show on your screen what you look like to the person on the other end. Or, I think that's already the way it is.
I mean, you could spend $100 on a device you will seldom use. The way I see it, if I'm talking to someone, I'm probably going to be sitting down and such, not unloading the dishwasher or something. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty neat looking product, but it's also a very niche product.
Uyi I
I can understand the point of this device for a dedicated video conferencing device, but for a multi use device like an iPhone? The example's given just don't happen. He was annoyed because his son would run out of frame? I would say his wife or the child's care taker would be the owner of the receiving device and they would dictate whether they adjusted the device to where the child was. The grandmother who couldn't make it to the party, would more likely be watching the event streamed, by someone who had set it up for more than one person to watch it. A dedicated device that would use this, would be a security camera of course, which falls into an industry that is pretty much covered. I hope he gets the funding he needs, but this will be one of those devices that people buy and use once, dump in a closet somewhere and years later, wonder why they wasted the money on it.
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