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Quick and dirty macro lens mount.

The lens is held in the rubber bush. The tape holds the plate to the back of the tablet. Using your fingers you can star the lens a little. Try it and you will see what I mean.

Also this way has introduced vignetting but I'm not to concerned about that. Free in Instagram effect😉

One thing to point out, there were some sharp sticky out bits on the plate. Get your Dremel out and use it.
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Hey Chris!
We really enjoyed your project and shared it in our weekly "Community Corner" post at Adafruit! http://adafru.it/b110076
Please consider joining us sometime for our weekly Adafruit Show and Tell whenever you have a new project to share! http://adafru.it/dfD

Would love to. Next project will either be more with this lens or using an old field lens I found. 

Or - maybe some messing around with light stuff (see other galleries) but thats not really tech - it's more messing with the camera to get funky results:)


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