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Amazing shot. My first thought was "no way this came from a GoPro," so I was glad you had a description on the photo.
You have no idea how cool it is to discover another longboarder in my photography circle, even if it does reinforce my idea that apparently, I am the only longboarder on the planet who skates goofy by preference. Awesome still - mind if I ask what you ride? Looks like multi-ply maple?
Now that is a fun photograph!!! I think that made my night!
+James Dice, I dunno, longboarding is actually pretty safe (relative to shortboards, anyway).

No damage to the top of the deck: Probably no board dancing.
No damage to the sides of the deck: Probably no serious crashes.
No damage to the front/bottom of the trucks: Probably riding on relatively smooth or friendly terrain (no damage from small pieces of flying debris, underestimating stairs and/or curbs, or just losing it and sending the board flying into or up curbs instead).
No damage to the bottoms or outside edges of the wheels: Probably no sliding.
Jeans & sneakers: Probably no high speed riding. I'm betting a professional globetrotting photog would be wearing leathers in that case.
5-ply Maple or maple/fiberglass board: Probably not a real high-impact board. Maple isn't as flexible or damage-resistant as bamboo or carbon fiber, and 7-ply would be more the norm for high speed rides (extra stiffness).
Gullwing trucks: Probably a commuter or a cruiser. Randalls or Paris trucks tend to be more the norm for the crazy hardcore downhilling, sliding, dancing, or what have you.

I'm gonna throw out a wild guess here and say that looks like it might be a Sec9 board?

Even with all that stuff, though, not gonna lie that my friends and family still bug out and say no way when I invite 'em to take a spin on my board. And yeah, totally a killer image.
Am so impressed! Well done, very memorable!
Whoa. This is a seriously awesome shot. Can I ask what type lens you were using, iso, f/stop, etc?
awesome shot - thanks for sharing
Thanks!--I hadn't realized I could find that info.
that is so cool. But i bet you wanna be careful how you skate with a few thou strapped to the front of your board.
Hi Brandon, the board is a sector 9 pipeline. It is 100% bamboo :-) No. no leathers and not rider all that fast :-)
Hi Simon, no worries about the camera, it's actually pretty tough and leads a fairly extreme existance. I normally use a 1Ds mk3 and 1D mk4 and the 5D mkII is for bolting onto things, going underwater and more at risk shots - it has done some pretty crazy stunts and always comes out just fine. There are quite a number of images that this camera has taken that are more valuable than the camera itself!! Cheers, Chris
Ahh, gotcha. I switched to Loaded a few years ago myself.

And yeah, I'm not gutsy enough to go for the high speed downhilling myself, honestly (not to mention that high speed on a board that flexy seems like a bad idea to start with).

My board's not nearly as pretty as yours, though. That really is an awesome shot.
great photo, I'm going to try it on a carve board how safe is that mount for downhill?
Hi Elias, I am not sure about a short board, you would have to be careful because even if you step off the board it would most likely tip over from the weight of the camera and mount. Good luck! ;)
How create man! Stunning shot! I love the wide angle too.
This image popped up in someone's reshare and brought me to see your images. Great work.
This picture is WAY cool and you must trust yourself on skateboard to risk a nice camera to captures this.
For people considering this and don't want to risk their camera. Consider a gopro hero. Not as good an image as the 5d but much much tougher. Mine has been on steam trains, track trollies (speeders), bikes, motorbikes, planes and even a dog. It can do time interval, singles and hd video and is waterproof. It lets me make images I would not ever consider putting my slr in danger for.
yes Paul, the GoPros are great. But no pain no gain. If you want top results you must use top equipment. This image has been a billboard at photokina for Hahnel remotes and featured on the cover of Internationa photography magazines as well as feature 'how to' articles and winning international competitions. This one image alone is worth many times more than the camera - and the camera is still in perfect condition with no damage and has taken hundreds more 'at risk' images ;-) Take care and all the best, cheers, Chris
Ah yes, but most of us are not making money from our images and our 5d (or whatever brand/model others own and treasure) is our primary or only camera. For us the risk is not worth the gain.

Your situation is different you are a pro and your 5d is your tertiary body you can afford to lose one as it is just cost of sales and probably covered under your business insurance anyway. A amateurs camera would not be covered because a home insurer would describe mounting a camera to a skateboard as negligent.

Different situation. That's why I use the gopro as it is my tertiary camera, designed for the task and I could afford another on the slight chance I killed it. Others might not be in a position to risk even a gopro. They might opt for a $50 pov cam instead.

The point I'm making in my waffling way is that we are all in different situations. If my 15 year old read your post and mounted my 5d or even his 40d to a skateboard I would be pretty pissed even if he didn't hurt it. Be mindful of what your words might cause others to do.
Hi PauI. I do appreciate your opinion but I still don't waiver from mine ;-)
As I said "no pain no gain". In order to succeed you must be prepared to take carefully calculated risks in all facets of life, it's up to the individual to judge their own situation. I am NOT encouraging anyone to necessarily follow in my footsteps but if I worry about what peoples teenage children may do when they see my images I would unfortunately be out work, and this is a career that I am passionate about....
I have been creating this type of image full time for over 20 years and have yet to damage a camera!!
Take care and most importantly - have fun with your photography! Cheers, Chris
You don't have to waiver from yours. As I said different methods/ideas for different people and situations.
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