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Geek that bikes occasionally
Geek that bikes occasionally
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Not that people without armed security have a valid reason for gun control, but the ones with armed security are hypocrites.

Nothing like listening to Comfortably Numb when that is exactly how you're feeling

Go Badgers!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Hope 2015 brings good times to you all. :)

Heading to a wedding this afternoon and then getting ready for my final race of the year tomorrow.

Final WORS race in the books.  Didn't finish as well as I hoped I would have but that was more than likely due to the fact that I had way too much fun pre-riding the course on a borrowed Pinerallo Dogma XC. That is one nice bike.

I called +Planet X Bikes (the US facility) and was told the frame I sent them 2 weeks ago was finally checked and did indeed have a crack.  They will now ship me a new frame (the very last one available) from the UK, which will take about 15 days....15 DAYS...another 15 DAYS without my bike!!!!  :(

Some of the best weather we've had in Wisconsin and I can't hit the trails because my bike is still in Portland, OR being looked at to see if it is going to be warrantied out.  It's been there for almost 2 weeks.  Every time I call Planet X USA/Titus, I'm told that they will get to it this afternoon and they'll call me. :(

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Back at work, trying to figure out how to convert the other developers from JDev/Eclipse and Maven to IntelliJ and Gradle.
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