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Exciting new iPhone app +SloPro shoots 720p60 using iPhone 4s.

I've done some tests and put them on YouTube:

My conclusion: it works pretty well, but FCPx has issues to smoothly conform the footage.

Do you have a suggestion on how to get a clean conform that'll work smoothly in FCPX?
Testing the SloPro iPhone app with the iPhone 4s, first test conformed with Final Cut Pro X, second test manual step-through
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Hi Chris, are you using the 'optimize' option during import to FCPX?
Alternatively if your trying to change the frame rate I've had success using MPeg Streamclip to do this, but if you are using more than one camera the footage will not align unless you use 'retiming', which is a great function in FCPX.
Love the show ( :
+Andy Seal optimize on import doesn't seem to make a difference. trying to find better ways to conform.
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