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We were wondering if Type 1 Diabetes might be related to seasonal allergies, since William contracted it in the fall when he often has bad allergies. Turns out Google searches for T1D peak consistently every April and November, implying a strong cyclicality in something related to T1D. Searches for "seasonal allergies" peak every April but not November. (Of course, April also has lots more Google searches for "baseball opening day" and "Easter" -- correlation doesn't imply causation!)

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Holy cow!!
AHH... A close shave for this week's GIF Tuesday

#gif   #gifs     #landslide  
Animated Photo

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Love it. I hope there's some embedded code in the photo so you can track its progress geographically...
Once it is on the Internet...

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Very cool site for creating and printing handwriting practice sheets

"Measuring educational attainment is like measuring happiness." Discuss.
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