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Chris Maka
Works at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
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I currently work in Information Technology with Service Level Management.
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
    Senior Business Consultant, 2003 - present
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Milwaukee, WI
Oak Creek, WI - Munster, IN - Terre Haute, IN - Wabash, IN - Grand Rapids, MI - Rockford, MI - Grandville, MI - Madison, WI
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The only thing constant in life is change.
Here I am, World. You finally managed to track me down to my little corner of the Internet. Now that you're here, pull up a chair, have a drink, and let's reminisce about times gone by and faded glories.
Bragging rights
I have been to Alaska, seen a space shuttle launch, and once met Michael Dukakis. How's that for bragging rights?
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
    Mechanical Engineering, 1992 - 1996
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Chris Maka

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Bragging rights among astronauts

Inspired by a brief Twitter conversation with +Scott Maxwell, I got to thinking about what would be the hierarchy of bragging rights among +NASA astronauts (Scott mentioned that despite being a Mars Rover driver, he can't top a Space Shuttle veteran). After thinking about it for a few minutes, I came up with the following list:

1. Apollo 13
2. Any Moon walking mission
3. Mercury missions
4. Apollo 8
5. Gemini missions
6. Space Shuttle Hubble missions
7. SkyLab 1 mission
8. International Space Station missions
9. Other SkyLab missions
10. Other Space Shuttle missions

I gave more weight to the earlier space missions for two reasons: 1) we didn't have much (if any) experience or knowledge at that time; especially in the Mercury missions, and 2) those early spacecrafts were not comfortable and had a larger risk of catastrophic failure than subsequent vehicles.

I put the Space Shuttle missions at the end because there were so many of them (not as rare a feat) and our knowledge, technology, and equipment had advanced enough to make them relatively comfortable trips.
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Chris Maka

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Chris Maka

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I think it's time to get my game on it. #throughglass
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Chris Maka

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About damn time

I finally managed to get around to getting up to Level 8 of +Ingress this afternoon. Being restricted to more casual playing and unable to (so far) go on many big runs or any of the +Niantic Project events, it did take me longer than it should have. But I'm finally here and just in time for my trip to Florida where I can play around at the multitudes of portals at Disney World and Kennedy Space Center. #Enlightened
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Congrats Chris! Excellent work!
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A short Auto-awesome movie created by +Google+ from my recent trip to +Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and seeing their amazing Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.
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a solemn stop on any visit to Kennedy Space Center. #throughglass
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Idris Elba using +Google Glass

Your arguments against it and fear/dislike of it are now invalid. 
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Chris Maka

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Never too cold for the zoo

Last weekend it seemed warm enough (and by warm enough, I mean it was almost 40°...stupid Winter) to take an extended trip to the zoo. We've taken him a few times this winter, but only to the indoor buildings and only for a short time.

He definitely enjoyed being able to walk around the zoo and enjoyed his first train ride. Can't wait for spring to actually get here.
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Chris Maka

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Astronomy FTW

Today, it was announced that astronomers found an asteroid with a ring system. On top of that, they found an object - likely a dwarf planet - in the Inner Oort Cloud with the furthest known orbit of the sun.

Oh, and let's not forget the two rovers on Mars, the beautiful images Cassini keeps sending back, the fact that next year we'll have a spacecraft taking photos of Pluto, and that Voyager has left the freaking solar system.

Imagine what we could do if +NASA was properly funded. 
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