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Had a great evening with +Chris Ozgolith and +Marisa Ninsun last night! Thanks for making the long trek out to the boonies to see the house and have dinner! Hope to see you both soon and more often! :D
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Great to see you guys too!
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So yesterday was "Windows 10 Day". The day the bits were released to the public. As someone who's been using Windows 10 since Windows Insiders first got access, I have some thoughts.

I've used Windows 10 on 3 different devices: the Surface Pro 3 (i5 8GB of RAM), virtualized on my 2012 Mac mini (i7 16GB of RAM) using Parallels, and on a 3 year old 11.6" ASUS Q200E laptop (i3 4GB of RAM). So that's a pretty big range of devices, all with pretty different use-cases. A tablet, a desktop, and a laptop.

I haven't run the final bits on the Surface Pro 3, as I got rid of that last month, but up until that point, it had run very smooth, nearly from the beginning. The only issue I had seen with it was a video driver issue that a clean install fixed. I had run the preview since January and it was solid enough that I could use it for work when needed. It didn't even balk at the proprietary POS software that I threw at it; in fact, the touchscreen made it perfect to use as a dummy register.

The Mac mini was installed early last month, around the same time I got rid of the Surface Pro 3. Parallels is an older version built for Windows 8, but it installed Windows 10 with no issues, except that it won't let go of the mouse if I click into it. That will be fixed with the newer release of Parallels, and is a bit of an annoyance, but Command-Tab releases the mouse to use in Mac OS. As that system has an i7 and 16GB of RAM, performance isn't an issue at all, except for the slowdown introduced by not having an SSD (but that's an issue all around with that system).

Most surprisingly is the performance on an older laptop. 1.8Ghz i3 with 4GB of RAM and some proprietary drivers, I thought the ASUS laptop would be more of an issue. I did recently upgrade the hard drive to an SSD (BTW,  if you want to breathe second life into an older computer, put an SSD in!), but I figured the older, slower processor would slow things down. I was dead wrong. The upgrade (I used the final RTM bits last week) from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 took about 30 minutes, and it actually installed drivers for several peripherals that I had never gotten around to installing properly (multitouch trackpad, touchscreen) during the upgrade process. It runs every bit fast as the Surface Pro 3 did, and faster than the Mac mini given that it has an SSD. It flies. And battery life is better than on 8.1. Between the SSD upgrade and Windows 10, it's like having a brand new laptop.

From the start of the Insider Preview, I was hooked and knew I wouldn't go back, and watching it grow and evolve in response to user feedback was great. Microsoft truly took suggestions and criticisms to heart in designing Windows 10. And since it's "Windows as a Service" now, it will be constantly updated. Word is that a big update is already slated to roll out in fall with extensibility for Edge, support for Continuum (though that's more Windows 10 Mobile), and other features that didn't make it into the RTM.

So should you upgrade? That's up to you. I personally would say yes, however, you have a year to upgrade for free (if you have Windows 7, 8, or 8.1), so you might want to ride it out for a bit. But it's definitely solid and ready to use now. I don't think anyone will regret upgrading. Would it be a reason to switch from Mac OS if you're a Mac person? I wouldn't say so, unless you just need some Windows compatibility. To that point, I haven't even put it into Boot Camp on my Mac mini; I'm just virtualizing it when I need it. But it's fantastic on a laptop, especially one with touch. If you tried Windows 8/8.1 and hated it, or completely avoided it, give Windows 10 a try. It's truly the Windows 7 to Windows 8's Vista. ;)
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I haven't noticed a wake up lag, but I also wasn't really paying attention. It seems to be just as fast as 8.1 on this laptop.

Edge is a non-starter for me until there's an ad blocker. I've played with it, and it's definitely fast, but I get too fed up with cluttered webpages and pop-up ads.
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One of my favorite performances at Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. Johnny Powers tearing it up on stage with "I Was There When It Happened". I shot this on my phone.
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Knowing's half the battle...
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I don't think I've ever shared this here.

Me on the left, Liam on the right. Both age 4.
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Right? He's a little clone of me. Hyperactivity and all. lol
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Very, very interesting simulation of a zombie outbreak based on the speed of infection and how fast a zombie can walk a mile. I'd like it to incorporate plane/train/car travel based on the infection rate as well, but it's really interesting to see how population density and distance influence the speed of the outbreak.
by: alex, matt paper: arxiv.
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all good points! 
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Had a box of goodies waiting for me when I got home! #projectfi
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Very, very cool look into the color choices of Man of Steel. Full color completely changes the tone and feel of the film, and I think for the better.
If you ever wondered about how grading deeply impact a film, take at a look at this interesting experiment or re-grading the Man of Steel –  Zack Snyder’s 2013 superman remake. VideoLab took the film for a ride and re-colored the released, desaturated film, to bring some of the natural color back. VideoLab assumes that the bleak [...]
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In comparing those pictures, MOS just looks bland.
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The first Batman v Superman trailer arrived a few days before it was set to premiere at a special IMAX event on Monday. And what we get seems to be an all-fronts attack on Superman from the press right on to an eye-glowing, voice-growling Batman.
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Hmm. Must be the way the video is encoded.
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This place was a night club in the 30's. How cool is that?!
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Happy Pi Day everyone!
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