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Looking forward to this. I wish that reminders were integrated with Gmail as well.

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Really disappointed to see Mailbox being discontinued. There was a lot that it did very well.

New Google+ interface seems optimised for touch screen. Disappointing as I'm primarily a web user. Sharing to a particular collection is unwieldy and requires too many clicks.

I think it's positive to see Google increasing their focus on communities and collections. Regarding the collections feature especially, given that it their core differentiator, it is important to have it front and center.

One feature that still appears to be missing is the ability to follow particular topics of a group only. I can see that feature greatly contributing to the usefulness of groups. In some ways the removal of events is disappointing, but no-one actually uses Google+ events, so it is probably a sensible decision. Google+ is never going to be competing with Facebook any time soon, so it's probably best to narrow Google+ down to a minimum viable product.

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Looking forward to this!

Currently finding the new logos to look weird, but I'll probably get used to them in time

Google Plus is not dying any time soon, contrary to popular belief. Social networks die in one of three main ways - through the creation of a superior network, when creators stop creating due to an inability to garner an audience or when users stop coming due to a lack of content.

Collections are currently a unique feature possessed by no other network. Currently there are plenty of creators producing high quality content. This can be seen by visiting featured collections, where, unlike other networks such as Twitter, you can find high quality collections on whatever topic you want, without lots of filler. Those people who are on Google+ are mainly here to follow people that they don't actually know in real life. This means that you don't get the same level of reverse network effects, with people leaving because all their friends are on Facebook. So Google+ has the ability to persist into the indefinite future and we can expect it to continue to grow as the quality of collections keeps increasing.

The difficulty will be bringing your everyday people into Google+ and convincing them to browse collections. This might actually happen. It's hard to figure out what features there are, but Google can't be blind to the fact that adding collections has massively increased their community engagement.

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Pleased to see this vital update. Still waiting on categories though.
Collections update
Now, search feature is available for collections.


Microsoft Edge looks promising. It is lightweight and fast. It also allows you to annotate webpages and has a reading list feature built in. It is new, so it still lacks some basic features, but it's good to see Microsoft finally putting forward a real contender into the browser market.
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