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Here's Our Predictions For Google + Business Pages As We See It

Also it is Friday, Shameless Self Promotion Day, so tell us about your business and how you see G+ benefiting it from your view as a business owner.... Links Welcome

After +Denis Labelle shared a blog post about G+ business profiles.

Expand this post and read the short text, you should not miss this

I wanted to reinforce some of the facts that this article left out. Not Denis's fault, Social Media Today forgot to tell you a few things. Also I have a dim view of a social media site that does on have a +1 button on it and then goes on to write about Google+.

Just a few things the article should have said.....

I took the time to read this Denis Labelle, but it's a little misleading, even Ford has said that this page will come down and there will be no migration to a G brand page. Google said the same thing, but I like getting a little back up on Google promises.

And we all saw the video below of G+ mock ups of business profiles too. We believe when brands roll out, that this mockup will instead link to the Places page of the biz. So actually Google Places pages will become G+ brand pages.....

Here's our predictions around my office Denis...

* Full Integration into Google Places pages

* Integration into Google Apps

* Of course Analytics.

For those of you who don't know what Google Places is all about, here a quickie.

Google Place predate Facebook biz pages by 4 years.

Here is the collaborative ratings page

And here's a places page, my local hangout for drinking beer and shooting pool.

Glad you asked +Shin Yong since others probably needed this info too.
This really has to happen concurrently, integration is going to take more than meets the eye and has to happen at the same time, since so many Places pages are claimed thru a G Apps account.

Also G+ going public without an invite process was the first step, and that happened this week.
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Good morning Chris! I'm still half asleep, so if I am not supposed to post this here please delete it. No hard feelings:)

I'm a hairstylist and from what I can tell there aren't too many of us here yet. There are VERY creative people here though. And to me they are easier and more pleasant to interact with than other networks.

I look at it as a more "visual" twitter, if that makes sense. I can find conversations going on that I am interested in and join in. No friending or anything else required.
For me, Google+ allows me to segment my marketing efforts unlike any other social network. As a fiction writer and poet as well as a full-time Internet marketer/ghostwriter, I have completely different segments of interest that, at times, can be competing. The Circles feature is very important to me. I can group my literary friends into one group and market my business to other groups. Share my poems and published fiction with one group while promoting my blog and ghostwriting to another. I still think there could be more drill down in this regard even here on G+.
+Veronica Berg Oh yes, this is my Friday post, you can add links to your sites, Google places page, tell us where you work so if I'm in that city I could get your service. Definitely.....

Shameless Self Promotion Friday right here ever week...
+Allen Taylor I think for most that first get on Gplus there's a gushing into the public stream, be nice when everyone settles down and starts posting evenly to circles and public or perhaps a little less publicly. +Veronica Berg I feel the same, being a musician doesn't mean I want to interact with them on mass here, especially when musicians don't seem to GET social networks and are hard to follow they tend to be a bit spammy. I find interacting with people of varied interests far more appealing.

People first what you do second :)
+Paul Abrahams I agree. There always seems to be an exuberant splash whenever a new network opens up. As people figure out what makes it unique and how to turn that uniqueness into a relationship channel, there is some awkwardness. :-)
+Jill Saur Glad to have you here! Yep, the peeps that will get the most out of my friday posts are the ones that join the conversation and reply back and forth.

All of us getting to know one another is what this is about, and building new relationships.
I'm in Las Vegas. Shameless Plug>>>
I do different types of braids, dreadlocks, and pin up styles.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Chris, appreciate all you do. (via droid phone)
Sure Travis, I could be wrong about this one, but what do you think of Places pages become biz G+ profiles?
Thank you Chris and everyone else! I'll check back in throughout the day.
Here's more on why I believe places will become brands +Travis Campbell

You can share interesting places pages just by grabbing the URL on a Places page like this: Go to this URL (my local hang out)

Notice that the G+ strip is there and you can see your G+ stuff on the right. Now just click share, you just shared the places page to G+.

Real cool for recommending local businesses, sharing a place to you and your friends are going to hang out, etc,

That's why I believe places pages with become Brick and Mortar pages and Brands will get their own version.
+Chris Lang they have made so many changes in the evolution of local business marketing in the last 2 years, I wouldn't be surprised if there is another one on the horizon. They need to make it comprehensive and intuitive for non-techie biz owners, here's hoping they get it done.
Places sounds like a great idea. I am signing up to rate places. I do not have a storefront unless you want to count a blog or YouTube as such. Those of you who know me, know that I am focusing on animations right now between my day job. What I would like to do in the future is put together the animations that I am making for History Lessons into some sort of compilation that will be available as a series of teaching units. That is a few years away though. Plus all the History I know is based on my US state standards, so I am sure there is some sort of bias to it.
If you subscribe or friend me on YouTube I will most likely return the favor. I have already added some great contacts via G+.
Here is the link to my new series: Minute History...History in 90 seconds or less. I think you will enjoy the first one.

Minute History- Age Of Exploration Part 1
+Chris Lang Those onion rings at are the most beautiful think I've seen all morning. Is that photoshop or fried goodness.

+Veronica Berg I think creatives have a good place in Google+ especially if they get in right now. The controls are great for a creative person to establish a style of community that's good for your business. Whether that's keeping up with your favorite customers or trading style tips with other people in your business. I think there's a lot of freedom to do something positive.

For all you Arizona peeps, Lady La from is an awesome radio/internet star and business woman. She does the morning show on 1015 Jamz. La has a great following and would also do well on Google+. Hope to see her here too.

And just the other day, I used my PERSONAL facebook profile (which I never ever do) to make a comment on a business I follow. The gal at +StripXpertease Dance , a New York City strip dance company, has been having issues with Facebook's censorship and constant changes.

I think could benefit from Google's lack of censorship, simple format, and community control. They can also benefit from the "places as brands" tip like Not to mention protecting the brand by separating stalkers into their own circle in 2 seconds flat LOL.
I'm a martial arts instructor and a personal trainer. I just relocated a few weeks ago to Phoenix from Chicago, and you can learn more about me at my blog,

I'm hoping to connect with other martial artists, as well as build up a personal training clientele.
+Rocque Bowen you can still put yourself on G.places(home address can be point of business), you can always expand on it later. Takes 5-10mins to set up.
Hey +Chris Lang ! Great article here. Love the concept of Place as G+ Business page.

I've worked pretty hard on our places page - - what a PITA relocating from MI has been... finally good to go though...

I am a dog trainer - run Pawsitive Vybe - - we have a few satellite studios and I conduct distance learning classes, cut instructional video and write/blog. I've been posting video online for over 12 years now, teaching online and curating discdog content for 10 years or so. We also run camps and seminars globally.

I have used FB quite a bit in my business, - - but I really dislike the TOS and general vibe of the social graph - it scares me - the interest graph here at G+ is much more sensible and less dangerous to me from a privacy and control standpoint.

Our distance learning classes chats and conference calls have been done on talkshoe and skype, and that looks to be getting taken over by Hangouts and perhaps Huddle - skype is really nice for persistant access to group chat info - I could actually see running an entire distance learning course via G+ and Youtube -

Anyway, just wanted to drop some linkage and info on you and introduce myself as well as participate in this nice conversation you have here...

Awesome YouTube channel +Ron Watson and I am so glad to see a marketer that uses all the tools I advocate and IS NOT in B2B marketing.

When people ask me what they should do to launch a business on the Internet, I say NOTHING that I do. Now I can point to your stuff and say "Something like this....." Cheers! Ron!
Hey, thanks Chris! Look forward to a massive influx of traffic... ;-)
I'm interested if you are doing hangouts for dog training, +Ron Watson. I have a pup myself...
+Steven Vargas - Sounds interesting, Steven... Right now we are using Hangouts for our Disc Dog Foundation course, not pet training. What kind of dog do you have?
OK guys, here's my bonus for all your participation and sharing....

I just convinced one of my best friends to knock off my affiliate commission on their new product before release next week.

That's $100 bucks off for you here.

All I ask of you is to critique my copy before I push this to my list next week.

Tried a new spin on copy here, wondered if it works for you. Your feedback, love it or hate is appreciated in advance.... = Chris
very cool re the Google Places sharing!
as for your copy +Chris Lang my brain does not operate like that except in my own head so I for one skimmed it completely just to find your point.
E-Commerce for Google Plus Business Pages?
Do you think G+ for businesses will allow for custom html to be added to the pages. I sell online and have a facebook page where I can display products and people can interact with the products and eventually make a purchase if they want.
Thanks very much!
Hard to say +Jimmy Shepard - So far the only thing we get are outgoing links on our profiles, I use those to link to highly converting squeeze pages.

If someone wants to buy something from me, they are going to join one of my lists. If not that's cool too, but as to your question we are betting that G+ becomes more highly customizable.

If you look at current brick and mortar places pages, you can see that you can add video to the page, and that is a pretty great way of presenting product.

From an Internet marketers perspective I use social networks to drive traffic to my sites that have product link in the side bar.

I think any brand is going to be pushing news about their stuff like +Ford Motor Company does.

As some one that does sell his own products online, I prefer to warm up my followers and gain trust and show expertise, believe me, your people will know where to find you stuff when they want it if you work it my way first.
just a heads up, +Jimmy Shepard... I believe the ability to "send an update" through a fb fan page is no longer. It gets thrown into the regular news feed. Nice "Taxi Driver" quote in your profile, btw.... ;)
Yep, that sures burns Facebook pages for me +Steven Vargas .... Now all pages do is show on followers walls.

That's about it for me, I am done with Facebook.......
+Chris Lang I am seriously thinking about leaving facebook today. on the edge, but leaning VERY heavily towards deactivating my account, waiting 14 days, and letting it delete into nothing (before timeline kicks into gear).

Can anybody give me a reason not to? Besides the ability to stay connected to family? Friends, if I don't see you enough to call you, then I can live without the constant updates...
Ummmm.... +Steven Vargas you have a very good Facebook page for the Chicago Blizzard movie, no reason to leave Facebook, I am just not putting any more into it.

G+, Search and my list are converting well on my sites, Facebook? 99% bounce rate. But I am not leaving my brand names open to squatters and spammers their either. So, I lock down my brand names and maintain a presence.

Be sure to hang onto your Facebook page if for nothing else your movie launch.
+Steven Vargas I felt the same way you did, about FB..
a love/hate thing. I'm keeping my profile and fan page.. did a lot of cleaning house in the past week.
My family is there, and my close friends. FB did create a lot of opportunities for me, that I can't deny. However don't like some of the things going on. So I let people know on my information page that I am mainly here on G+:)
I hear that on the Facebook Troop Withdrawl. Mine started about 2-3 weeks ago and "we" plan to maintain a presence (page) for our interests (active commenting,etc) but reduce spending (time in a false sense of engagement), and limit operations to unmanned vehicles (i.e wire my updates through Seesmic) :D
thank you +Margie D Casados. I'm not happy with what's going on now, and what I've learned has always been going on before I realized it just recently.

Close friends, and family sounds like a good idea.

Yeah, but, even when I'm logged out of facebook, they're going to know I'm on G+ all the time... :+P
+Steven Vargas true.. I have been learning more about privacy and the super cookies. Believe me, I'm no geek(lol)..
Our conversation did make me change a little more of my info page on FB. Asked my family and friends to message me only via my gmail.
Don't know how much good that will do, but I am learning:)
I'm right here with you learning, too... :)
It pretty much spells out facebook aren't interested in biz pages. They were originally FAN pages but people have been using them for business for want of something better. (google biz pages will take care of that one) So what do people do? Keep fan pages until they fizzle out? Have a rethink about main profiles and the subscribe feature?

I'm going to wait and see how this pans out when Google Biz pages become available then decide what to do with facebook. I wonder what Mari Smith thinks about this? Another interview +Chris Lang ?
People on Facebook who are my co-workers, and other MLM associates for about 10 years rarely take time to follow my links. When I post video on there I would expect maybe 5-10 to look at it. I know they have a sense of humor, maybe they are too busy building their farms. Or maybe have no time. I think my FB group just wants a place to discuss what is going on in their life and have you comment on it for the most part. I am getting better response here.
Although my videos do not get the attention I would like to see, I am still positive because I do not want to be a one hit wonder.
+Rocque Bowen - Open you Facebook wall, sit there for 5 minutes and watch it.

I have 1300 mutuals over there, any post on any wall has about 30 seconds to last. How so you expect anyone to see that?

Same thing for Twitter, I only follow about 100 there since there is no mutual friend requirement, but most follow 15,000 or more since people like Don Crowther and others wrongly advocate auto follow back.

How long do you thing a post has on a Twitter wall when most people follow more than 10K?

That is the myth of social marketing, is that anyone will ever see your wall post, and even more so, will actually click out of the network to see it.
It is the same on G+ right? Think of how it will be in a few months if it is already like that now. However in my smaller circles, I get great feedback, like your comment here so fast that I am reading instead of going to work...oops.
Sure, my straight up default ALL feed +Rocque Bowen when you click the home tag is fun to watch, also try the Incoming link, I am here to meet new people, learn from them and hopefully show them a thing or two.
I'm following over a hundred I've seen more great pics in 1 week than in my whole life!
Thank you, +Margie D Casados. Would you consider an exclusive opt-in circle where recipients receive notices of published work to be a worthy idea? And would you join it? I write some pretty weird shit sometimes. Actually, a lot of the time. Most of the time even. :-)
I simply create a post every so often asking if you would like to be in my IM News (internet marketing news circle) circle and if you say yes I add you.

Then I push notifications to that circle when I post targeted stuff....
To Chris or anyone who can help Will you work mainly from you personal profile in the future- even after G comes out with business profile pages? I know they won't let us convert from personal to business and I worry about starting over again from scratch. I also worry that people may not "circle back" if they know you are a business. Any thoughts?
Yes! See, due to positioning, when I say it, I don't score the job with that swanky New York hot new website company that wants to pay me peanuts ... but when +Chris Lang the Google man says it, I feel like a million bucks. I knew my judgement was worth a damn LOL

+Lyndon Antcliff who taught me "keep the signal high, and the noise low" ... I think it captures the better social strategy and protects a biz from social marketing myth traps.

I've repeated these stories in other discussions recently. Once, a blogger asked me if I was "too cool" to follow anyone. I explained myself, but I didn't have to ... the answers was really "Yep". I am too cool for all that noise

And a professional broker always reminds me, " be protective your time".

If you have any business on the web, personal or commercial, you can understand how a lost social web message is the same thing as wasting your breath sending a message in a crowded subway.
I may be a bit late to this party but i have been a great advocate of google places right from the day they were launched. I used the facility to create many no 1 listing for myself and my clients very successfully. However, google in their wisdom suspended my google places account several weeks ago for "review" and a suggestion that I review and edit all of the places listings on the account. Now when you consider that at the time of setting up the listing I complied with the then current rules of placement i now find they just switched me off with no warning, offer of help, or anything.....NO MR LORD YOUR GUILTY !!! what the %&**&.. I have edited all of the list to my best ability and resubmitted them, and in fact also had to re-confirm many of them by Postcard, but my Places account is still suspended after 13 weeks......The Google Mafia are still around and working guys... - But I still Believe that Google Places will Ultimately be the Place to be with Local Marketing.....We just need to be more careful how we set our Google places up in the future...
Chris ... the general atmosphere around Google+ is that 'the jury is still out'.

But I suspect inevitably it's going to come up and hit us in the back of the neck, because G+ is not a replacement for Facebook. Instead it's one part of a greater, interconnected, seamless Google existence planned for individuals being slowly rolled out - GMail, G+, Search, YouTube and onwards. Come to think of it, this has some similarities to Apple's business model, a 'walled garden'.
+Chris Lang your prediction makes sense, google is trying to be the king of the market place, they have made some wise purchases and many more things are in store. I am just going to say, nothing surprises me with google, they are a class act.
Google are smart too, They can test ideas like, Gwave and Buzz get a bad rap in the public press shrug their shoulders and know once they find the killer solution, everyone will use it.
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