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Yesterday Just Showed Me What +J.C. Kendall and +John Blossom discussed and elaborated on very well on by +Google Plus For Business show a few weeks ago.

Yesterday my "G+ News" Circle was full of sunsets, dogs, cats, and personal posts that I just don't care about or have time for. +Louis Gray, +Natalie Villalobos and +Toby Stein, we need filters that are part of the posting process. We need to be able to post public personal items, and NOT have them seen by people that want to filter out said dogs, cats, kids, cars, and the rest.

Good case in point, +Mike Stenger posted a picture of his dog yesterday, I follow Mike for his marketing posts. Not pictures of his beagle. Google+ was useless to me yesterday, and NO I don't care to use search. You, Google+ should do that for me, not shove the job of filtering Google+ for you on me.

If I wanted to do that, I would just go use Google search. I use Google+ to bring me more than what I can keep up with in Reader and news. When I want personal interaction I go out in the real world with +Margie D Casados and have at it. I do not sit at a machine to watch cat videos when there is a entire mountain of hiking and outdoors in my back yard. Please fix this, and oh yeah, how about +Google Analytics for G+ like we have been waiting for since Nov, 2011, over 7 months now. Do we really have to wait till Google I/O ???

Also much thanks to +Yifat Cohen, +Jaana Nyström, +Laurie DesAutels, +David Amerland and +Courtney Engle for also making this video one of a kind!
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+100 regarding the Google analytics.... I can not believe it was not included at launch...
+Chris Lang there have been two or three extensive discussions of posts in the past 48 hours regarding the use of filters and tags. I'm with you 100% - Once this happens, growth will be faster and communication more engaging and therefore more engaged.
+Randy Resnick Watch the video from above from May 8th, it was the one that started all the slideshows / slideshares, discussions, all the rest. It all started with what my guests had to say almost 3 weeks ago. Just want to make sure these 7 who took the time to lay it all out there get credit.
I think I watched some of it live. In a nutshell: you can't have both public posts and focused topics without tags or filters or both. We've talked about this for months.
Yup, GMail style filtering... With some of the knowledge graph smarts so you can type "dog" and it will pick up photos of dogs too... Things not strings...
As I've said elsewhere, I'd be surprised if Google is not working on various ways to make this wish come true.
Me too... It's got to be a pretty high priority...
Since we are still waiting on Google Analytics 7 months later I have little faith these days +James Fridley. I am the biggest fanboy of G+ there is on earth, and my support of Google social goes back to Google Friend Connect, but some things are getting old.

I will give it till Google I/O coming up soon. Promises and promises are wearing thin here.
+James Fridley We know they're not ignorant or in denial, it isn't the style of Google. I expect something to happen within 3 months. Naturally, everyone bitching about every minor style changes makes it that much more difficult to make major changes.
Yes, not sure what the holdup is on GA, but while that's important to some it's not essential to most of the people on G+. I can't prove that assertion, but I also can't imagine the majority of people posting really care.
+Randy Resnick We are talking about Business Page analytics, to the few hundred thousand biz page owner, it is everything.

In Google defense, the new Google UI and the brand new Google Analytics v5 that just rolled out 2 months ago is the reason for the delay. But really, Google Analytics is a 9 year old platform, it is already there. There is no reason for this dealy, it is not about G+, it is about a whole different division tracking a Google set of pages.
+Chris Lang, I could not agree more! I just saw five salads, three dogs, a bottle of sunscreen in the sand and a cat with a bottle of beer. If this is what people with a mega following feel they need to do to stay in the spotlight, I'm not interested.
+Chris Lang Business is a second-class citizen on G+, you saw how pages were done. Without going into detail, I'd say they're a little half-arsed.
+Jill Saur but the pundits are all saying to post public to show it isn't a ghost town (and to aid discovery, more importantly). You can't have both. (I agree with you, I'm just saying, this is why.) And I'm as guilty as anyone.
+Randy Resnick, I'd prefer to see quality in posting rather than quantity. In my book, quality always wins out and those are the people that I remember and take stock in. :)
+Jill Saur the issue isn't quality, but focus of interest. Some rocket scientists like to cook and drink wine. They might discuss rocket or other science and want to post unrelated photos. Tags and filters would eliminate the perception of this by allowing you to follow the person's topic stream, not just the person.
+Jill Saur You are dead on, I just don't care about your kids and dogs and I am here for business, so is everyone that follows me. They don't give a dang about what I am having for lunch, so I don't waste their time with it. All G+ needs to do is add a simple "Personal" filter when we post, problem solved.
+Randy Resnick, I totally agree with you. However, you can tell when a rocket scientist shares something about wine and they comment on it because it's important to them, and when someone just wants to stay in the spotlight and they post photo after photo of their lunch with no comments. There is a difference. +Chris Lang, yes, a filter is definitely the answer! I hope someone is listening to you!
+Jill Saur I'm not following anyone who does that and if they do, I stop. So I don't see that kind of thing. However, it shouldn't be this much work, and this is slowing the growth and adoption of G+ IMO.
Hi +Randy Resnick, I'm very picky about who I follow. These are high tech and social media people with a large following. It seems like they're scrambling to stay in front. I don't post the number of people that I'm following, cause it's getting smaller and smaller.
It'll be cool if we could create hashtags based circles... So like all the people who talk about #googleplus, for example, will be in one circle.
That way I know what we have in common and I get only the info I care about.
+Yifat Cohen I don't like hashtags for that purpose, we need top level categories, or maybe something even better that is well beyond me, I am just a regular guy. Depending on users to do so is just a open invitation to spam though.
Come on guys, it was Caturday Saturday yesterday... Cut us some slack, please? It's nice sometimes just to let your hair down... :-)
If not on a weekend, then when?
I agree to some extent with +Chris Lang but personally I have no problems in seeing the dogs, cats, gerbils or kids of the people I interact with... Not to mention gardening, golf, scuba or other interests I share with a multitude on G+.
That way I get to know my Circleverse a bit better: I'm not here solely for business but pleasure too.
Besides, yesterday I was guilty of sharing some music videos which I normally don't do. I was a bit tipsy. So sue me! Hahhahhaaa! :D
That is my point +Jaana Nyström you want to see Caturday, I do not, I should have that choice, I should not have to scroll thu 50 posts of kid, dogs and cats to see there is nothing in my "G+ News" circle that I want to see.

That was supposed to be what G+ was about, it needs a "Personal post" filter, that way you can post cat pics publicly, and I don't have to see them. You get what you want, so do I. Make sense?
Hashtags are a strap on, fit for minimalist platforms like Twitter.
No Randy, they are very useful here, but they depend on users, custom hashtags for events is what makes them even more powerful like #indy500 that is happening today.

It is also what Google+ search is built on. Watch the Hashtags show +Ronnie Bincer did on my show:

Google Plus Hashtag Tutorial

Hashtags are very useful for location tags, dates, way more, watch the video, Ronnie was awesome!
+Chris Lang Thanks for the ShoutOut #TreCool !
We Love Hashtags! -.-.- Power to the Hashtag!

Any questions on their use, just let me know ;-)
+Jill Saur Ah, but you just said the keyword "large following". I generally don't follow them because their posts are so frequently "shared" you'll eventually see them anyway. But I see your point. Everyone commenting on this thread would benefit from tags and filters (or some similar functionality) and so would the rocket scientist and even the "Internet famous". We'd all be winners. So it will happen, it must happen, and I expect it's being worked on right now.
I see what you're saying +Chris Lang about filters and all, but isn't that kind of what posting to specific circles are? Granted, not every person targets their content. For example, 99% of what I post is public, but posting to specific circles and viewing individual circles instead of all of them at once sure seems like a filter to me.

Either way, the idea of adding filters on top of what's already here, will just make things further complex and Google will not do that. And to be completely honest, if people really have a problem with people who post more personal things such as photos of pets, food, etc., while still posting high quality content that's specific to their niche, maybe it's time to just uncircle then complaining about it. Just my 2 cents.
In that case Mike, I would have unfollowed every person I follow in the last two days. All we need is one single filter, personal, that is it.
+Chris Lang Thanks so much for underscoring this important point. I've been pointing this out since the launchof Google+ and it seems to fall on deaf ears again and again. Public is good, because it makes +Google+ content accessible on the Web and easily discovered, but when making something public you still want to have an audience in mind. Being able to direct Public posts to the streams of specific Circles - but not slamming others - is very important in many instances. However, there's also the issue of giving a follower control as well. Right now the slider controls don't cut it - they're based on "more or less" and don't take into account Public or non-public. If we had the combination of being able to specify Circles on Public posts AND the ability to specify where we want to see them, then I think that we'd have much better signal to noise ratios on Google+. Add in Channels based on Pages, and we'd be a lot better off.
Well said +John Blossom, I was so glad to have you on this show, can't wait to host your viewpoints again.
Always glad to chip in when time allows...
How would a personal filter work? If I'm a a dog breeder who love rockets and stars, my dog posts will be business, but my rocket and star pics personal.
Real simple +Vegard Vevstad, When you create a post, there is a checkbox, or a drop down menu, or as I would prefer a whole list of top level categories like World U.S. Politics Business Technology Sports Science Health Arts Style Opinion Autos Blogs Books Cartoons Classifieds (we could even post flat out ads) Crosswords Dining & Wine Education Events Guide Fashion & Style Home & Garden Jobs Magazine Movies Music Obituaries Real Estate Sunday Review Magazine Television Theater Travel.

You know, like any OTHER site would allow us to filter by interest? Some how some idiot at Google things search replaces common sense.
Got that, +Chris Lang; but aren't you concerned that spammers would misuse that? I can see, however, that it would allow us to follow those who indicate a common subject and more easily classify them as spammers if they misuse the system.
Another thing they could do is allow posting to a "page" from mobile... Also, without having to "switch" to that page on desktop too... People could then use pages to post different interests...
Take a look at that +Vegard Vevstad, that is worthless to me as a user, and even if I do get there as a marketer, the traffic and people on the page are not me peeps.

I have been begging Google for a front page since Buzz, for over two years now, this is not a front page. Look at Digg, StumbleUpon or Microsoft's new social testing site +Vegard Vevstad,

All have categories and are interest based, but some how Google wants to cramk search down our throats. You might also notice I am spending less and less time here because of this guys....
+Chris Lang Not interesting to me either; nor do I believe that would interesting to my target market, either. For whom was it made?
I wrote this on this topic in December:

Human beings are a multifaceted species with each individual having a variety of interests. A photographer might also like to cook. When he decides to share original content it could very well be a new picture or a favorite recipe. Maybe he just watched the Republican debate and wants to share his opinion about that.

Despite my having added him to my photographer circle so I can see the pictures he shares, when I filter my stream by my photography circle there might very well be recipes in there. Now, there are work arounds. You can let the photographer know you're interested in photography, and he can put you in a circle for "people that like my pictures". Then he can share his pictures with that circle and his recipes with his recipe circle, etc.

However, that's a giant pain in the rear. I have around 1300 people circled at present and contacting them all to let them know what kind of content I want to see (what circle they should put me in), is pretty unrealistic. My current situation is that I can't predict what categories of content these 1300 will be sharing, so I can't correctly put them in a certain circle. Similarly, even if I tell you that I like your photos when I first circle you, you might decide later to share a recipe. You'll have no idea if I'd like to see that too.

As a result of all this, I have a very rapidly scrolling stream that I can't filter by type of content. Therefore, I propose the following solution:
Isn't this just a "Pages" option? Or couldn't the "Pages" be adapted to this? Only problem is no way to post to a Page from mobile... Even on the desktop you have to switch pages, would be nice to be able to post to a Page by selecting it from a dropdown...
We've definitely been talking about this for a long time-- I recall writing and responding to posts last summer and again every couple months regarding the ability to assign a topic to your posts, allowing users to follow the topics they want to hear about, and have circles for those topics; I believe this will come with further integration with Blogger. I have also posted about "shared with x, visible to y" capability so that only the circle you shared it with sees it in their stream, however anyone can see it is search results, on your profile, or if they subscribe to that topic.
I am fairly certain that all of your concerns were listed by others when +Natalie Villalobos did a post asking for feedback, so I imagine they are on a to-do list that is infinitely long, and they are prioritizing the best they can in order to keep in-line with the product's main objectives. Hopefully we will see some of these features soon, as I imagine filtering by topic will become even more important than it already is as more people start using Google+ and want to customize their stream and circles to reflect the various aspects of their life. It would be great for the co-workers circle to contain posts about work, whereas those same users' content about football games might show up in the sports circle, photos of their dinner in the foodies circle, etc.
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