Yesterday Just Showed Me What +J.C. Kendall and +John Blossom discussed and elaborated on very well on by +Google Plus For Business show a few weeks ago.

Yesterday my "G+ News" Circle was full of sunsets, dogs, cats, and personal posts that I just don't care about or have time for. +Louis Gray, +Natalie Villalobos and +Toby Stein, we need filters that are part of the posting process. We need to be able to post public personal items, and NOT have them seen by people that want to filter out said dogs, cats, kids, cars, and the rest.

Good case in point, +Mike Stenger posted a picture of his dog yesterday, I follow Mike for his marketing posts. Not pictures of his beagle. Google+ was useless to me yesterday, and NO I don't care to use search. You, Google+ should do that for me, not shove the job of filtering Google+ for you on me.

If I wanted to do that, I would just go use Google search. I use Google+ to bring me more than what I can keep up with in Reader and news. When I want personal interaction I go out in the real world with +Margie D Casados and have at it. I do not sit at a machine to watch cat videos when there is a entire mountain of hiking and outdoors in my back yard. Please fix this, and oh yeah, how about +Google Analytics for G+ like we have been waiting for since Nov, 2011, over 7 months now. Do we really have to wait till Google I/O ???

Also much thanks to +Yifat Cohen, +Jaana Nyström, +Laurie DesAutels, +David Amerland and +Courtney Engle for also making this video one of a kind!
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