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BEST Hangout On Air Webcam 20% OFF On Amazon Today

Want the best quality on your #hangoutsonair #hangouts ???

My 720p cam I bought over a year ago does not even come close, best price I have seen on this one too by Logitec - C920 !!!

This will be the next professional investment I make in my online presence!
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Costco has them for $79.95. Great cam. I bought two recently.
+Chris Lang - I haven't used the C920... Only the C910. But many have said that the C910 is better for hangouts. Either way, Logitech definitely does a superior job of making webcams for Hangouts :)
I bought a FaceVision cam almost two years ago, it has stereo speakers on board and noice cancelling, so I don't need a headset, love the thing but I am going to upgrade to this one soon.
Is there a way to email a G+ post? Can't figure out how to save this link to my Evernote account or just email it to myself for use later. 
+Andrew Paez If you click on the post date, it should take you to the post. From here you can copy URL.
Can't give you any iPhone advice, sorry. +Thomas Morffew knows more about G+ mobile than anyone else I know...
Thanks, but there's no date apparent on the post to click on. I'm on G+ app for iPhone. It's been a source of some frustration that I can't simply email or otherwise save a post. If I +1 it will I be able to retrieve that later? Thanks again. 
Hmm. I can't find any indication that the C920 works under Linux, as it isn't in this list: . The C910 is, and it looks like the differences between them are 15MP vs. 10MP, a 'tripod-ready base', and some minor difference in the autofocus feature.

Usually, higher MP for a given die size means worse low-light performance. Can anyone comment on any difference in low-light performance between the C910 and C920?
Chris, thanks for the referral. I've much to learn. 
+Michael Bernstein I just plugged my cam in (FaceVision) and it worked out of the box. Linux has the generic drivers already in place.
+Andrew Paez what i do is create a circle called "bookmark" or whatever u want to call it...then i "share" interesting stuff to it. I can visit the circle anytime...and then view it
+Colin Edwards brilliant! Thanks. That said, am I alone in thinking this should be something Google could implement fairly easily?
+Danielle Newcomer and +Andrew Paez Indeed what I have done is to create several "dummy" circle which are "blank"(or have my other Google identities in them), such as "marketing tips", "Funny", "Educational" and then I categorise my bookmark. And yes Andrew... it should be a feature of Google plus (both the desktop and the mobile),

Also... I think I will do a stream article on Bookmarking interesting I am sure other people out there are pondering the same stuff. Sometimes...I take things for granted (general knowledge)..when in fact there are ton of people eager to hear the ideas.
+Michael Bernstein It is a webcam, much line the C920, good lens, stereo noise canceling microphones, but it is only 720p, now 1080p like the C920.
I don't get it, then. What does one webcam's compatibility with Linux have to do with the compatibility of a different one from another manufacturer? Unless you happen to know that they use the same chipset internally?
which one is the one that works with google tv so you can do hangouts from your tv...?
So far I have yet to plug any device into Ubuntu and not have it work right away. Since Logitech is a much much more widely used peripheral than the little known FaceVision cam, it would only make sense the C920 will work just fine. Buy one and try it, if it does not work, return it. I have NEVER seen any manufacturer show Linux on the side of any hardware box in 3 years of running Ubuntu full time.

It's like $80, just try it. Why make a big todo over something so small?
favorite part about this is the tripod mount...
I just took a tripod thumbscrew and super glued it to my FaceVision model that did not come with one +Steven Vargas :]
Hey Chris I just got the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p from Amazon and I just wanted to know if it was good with hangouts on air on a MacBook Pro? I will be receiving it on October 10 from your experience does it work pretty good?
+Kirk Fontaine Yep, since it is not about OS, and more about the cam and the browser plus the graphics card, you are cool.

C920 is the best currently.

When it comes to web cams, +Steven Vargas taught me that it is about the lens. Glass if great, plastic is less than great depending on the model.
Now I also have wireless connection thru my cable company will the cam make any difference in that respect ?
Cams love bandwidth, I would hardwire any machine that uses Hangouts at home.

You need at least 2mb up and 3mb down. You can get away with less and I do at coffee shops but Hangouts fail on slow Hotel wifi. N routers should do you fine though.

N runs faster than cable can supply on my 30mb connection.

In the end you will find out it is the graphics card more than anything and the CPU that gets taxed. 
Thanks Chris you are right, my CPU and graphics card is probably being taxed when I am on a wireless connection.

 I have a wireless set up with my Internet with my cable company and also through my phone through T-Mobile. you have to see my set up in order to understand but couple days ago I did try the ethernet cable that runs from my cable modem into my modem that I use for the phone from T-Mobile, my phone hook up sort of piggybacks on my Internet wireless connection from my cable company.

I hope that makes some sense. I see now that I might have to use my ethernet cable in order to get better service with my hangouts on air even with my new WebCam

 I guess there's no way around it until I figure out a way to have my Ethernet cable hooked into my computer and also have my phone working as well because when I change the set up I have no phone service until I hook it back into the modem that runs my phone. now I have heard about hubs

 Is there a hub I could use to have my phone and also my ethernet cable hook up to my computer working at the same time?

I hope that explains my set up to you although it is quite complex just writing it.
Like I said +Kirk Fontaine test your connection and see how much bandwidth your WiFi delivers.

I run my desktop hardwired via CAT5 into the switch :] Always have, one less piece of hardware and less RAM used.
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