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Don't Use Gplus.To Instead Use Your Own Site....

For those of you who have not seen this, is a Google profile link shortener, the problem is that it is owned by some ISP in Turkey. I don't care to trust incoming links to my Google profile to God knows who.

Here is Your Solution, A Redirect Like I Used.....

That is my link and see, it even shows up as my G+ Profile below....

Here's how -

Create a directory on your site in the root like /+

Then create one page in the directory called index.php

Then put this code in it

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location: YOUR_PROFILE_URL_HERE" );

Thats it, nothing more, FTP it to your site in the root, in cPanel that is html_public

Now you control your own links to Google +, not some ISP in Turkey called
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Thanks for the reminder and the painfully simple instructions, I finally set this up on my personal site.
Glad I could help, also link shorteners are getting blacklisted in emails, so using you domain is key!
THAT is "Key" Web Data ! - Thanks Chris!
Yep John, glad you like it, Hey Jim, good to see you here, just be sure to use the 301 redirect, Google loves that and it is the right way to redirect to content.

Same thing for your Mobile Apps, on say iTunes, of Android, in fact I use a landing page where all my mobile links are, then link out from there to all your apps like /mobile or /apps.
Commented on the other post.... nice idea.
Glad you like it Denise! Glad you finally got in too. How do you like + so far? Mari seems pretty hot here so far, lots of others having big success too....
+Thomas Morffew Have you noticed sharing a post a second time will split the post and create a second one? So any new shares should be added in with a + notification like I did you here. Be careful of that one, it splits the post..... That why in a stream you will see redundant items.
Lorri M
WOW - so I recognized all of the words that you used as being English but once they were all strung together I had no idea what they meant! Grabbing my What-the-heck-does-that-Mean manual as I type...
We are talking about two different things Michael. is what I am hating on, can't get a listing on a .to domain, all we can get is the IP address and see it is hosted in Turkey.

If I can't get a listing on a domain, I am certainly not going to use the service. Got no axe to grind with yours. But my and addresses are both public. However if you want your Gmail address to be private, yes Michael, using a vanity URL will reveal that.

So, yes, I can see using your service valuable to non business users / regular peeps. But NOT Actually I don't run spam filters on my domain, I like to see what spammers are doing so I can advise clients what NOT to do in their email programs and
Iit is only a link shortener, it does not take over your Googe profile, it just returns a link you can use.....

Hey, take a look at it is already redirecting to another site......

Do I have a wrong link?
What is your URL Annie, we need to see what is going on here.....
oh so I didn't do anything wrong? That's good.
So no reason not to secure your name and brands on In fact I would suggest it.

But I would use the redirect that I own, just don't use the link and it is like any shortener, it's just a link no one knows about.
Great info, simple to follow info! Thanks Chris :)
So here is how I tracked down

I went to and got the IP address

Retrieve the IP address associated with a web site:

The IP address associated with is :
Then when it returns the IP address click on it

That will show you where it is hosted.

Then I went to

Entered that IP address and that will return tons of info on any site, using this you can get the background on any site before you use it. Have fun!
Thanks Chris.
Do you think that we should wait until G+ Business profiles come?
Yes, I am laying low on my business profiles +Denis Labelle Public emails / Gmails on Google places just disappeared, so I am predicting that G+ profiles will become Google Places profiles.

Me and my SEO buddies are betting that somehow the two will combine someway. None of my biz profiles are getting disabled because I am not running around trying to get followers by posting to them.

Just lay low on biz stuff, you are looking good with 8K in followers buddy? Who's the guru now huh?
I think it is the ROI of all fellow buzzers who invested so much time on GBuzz.
Never surrender. :)
Glad to see you all reaping the rewards Denis!
Does this work if you're using Wordpress? I'm getting a Page not found message after trying your steps.
No Leo, this is not for WordPress, just create a directory called /+, just a file folder really, then open notepad or any text editor and paste the code above in replacing the YOUR_PROFILE_URL_HERE with your profile URL.

Next, name the file index.php and save it to your new + folder. Make sure that what ever editor you use does not add on .html or .txt when you save the file.

Then FTP the folder to your web root, but you must be on your own domain, not a free blogger site like

If you need a free FTP program and you use FireFox then Google FireFTP and add the plugin to FireFox. I have FF on my machine just so I can use FireFTP.

Let me know if you have more questions Leo! is my shortcut that I created almost two years ago. What is fun about it, is I have a history of every time the link was used, who did it and where the link came from. It is interesting to go back over time in the last couple of years and see how many times someone found my profile in a Bing or Google search and see the search terms they used to find me. Or just see how my link has been picked up and put on other sites. Even funnier is sites I've never heard of, that I sort of wish had NOT found my profile.. LOL... (girlzgonewilder for example, just found out someone was referred by them...)

Since G+, I have been experimenting on doing it a bit differently, but Google does not allow any layers over your profile, like you can do on docs and other properties. Once I figure it out, I'll share the creative moment with you +Chris Lang.
+Chris Lang that landing page idea you mentioned for mobile is the main idea for this: - If anyone wants a very easy, very nice way of creating a Directory, that is cheap, easy, and requires no tech skills, plus is mobile and web compatible, but very simple to use...for you and your visitors, I would highly recommend this as a way to do it. I have been pushing .TEL's for almost 2 years now, because they work.
Hi Chris ... I've done all those steps. I have my own domain on a semi-dedicated server, but I use Wordpress software to run the site. I think Wordpress might be intercepting the url and trying to read it as a Wordpress page. For example, if I type in, it will bring up the about page I created in Wordpress. If I create a directory in root, I can put files in it and the url would be Does that make sense?
Sorry Leo, did not mean to insult you with that newbie reply.

Leo, the idea here is to put an index.php page in the folder so all you have to do is go to the /+ folder and the index page will default, redirect and here you are.

What is your actual domain name so I can see what is going on in action..... The my domainname site is just going to confuse things....
Good call +Justin Taylor Great way to create a directory for /mobile or /apps or /facebook or /twitter But I am lazy, do want to register anything new LOL
+Leo Babauta Call your host, your directories are not recognizing index.php pages as an index.html would be as the home page. You will need to adjust this in your cPanel. Not sure where it is, but there is a setting for file types that are recognized as default pages.

That is odd because WordPress uses an index.php page as your default page for the domain or any dir that WordPress is installed in. Your hosting support will be able to handle this question and tell you how to set your cPanel correctly.
+Justin Taylor Really weird that 3 weeks ago when I ran across peeps recommending gplus I could not get a whois on them due to the .to domain. Now you can, Interesting that.....
.htaccess is a bit much for most though Tom.

Did you supply a 301 redirect too? That way anywhere you embed it it will pass link juice to the profile page. (except on Google that is....)
I did a JavaScript button...and haven't used it anywhere else...makes sense though to do it as a 301...I might go back and do that...I just read this somewhere and used the regular redirect.
assuming the profiles end up getting indexed...probably makes sense to link to them
Profiles are indexed heavily and rank top 10 and have since I discovered them in 2008. Scoble and I have two of the oldest profiles on Google :]

But Google does not show your Google profile when you Google your own name at times. Just Google your name on a computer that you don't log into Google with. You should rank somewhere in the top 10 Tom.

Well not for your name Tom, I just checked it and it is a highly competitive term...
One thing,if you install wordpress on your root DIR so shown http error.So you creat a any subdomain on your host and place this index.php file
Thank you for a great reminder
30 second vanity URL
Call your hosting company Mai, you are getting a redirect to your WordPress not found page, you need to set index.php pages as pages that can be default index pages. It is a setting in your cPanel or a WordPress plugin, start with your hosting and cPanel....
Thanks, Chris, I'll look into this.
Chris, I am going to try this out. If I have issues I know where to get them resolved. :). Chris, are you also saying that creating these URLs have SEO benefits? 
I love things that are simple to use and understand. This is by far the best way to handle Google+ redirects that I've seen yet. My hat's off to you. Now all I need is a hat...
Bravo. I will do this. But I do have the (gplus. to/ meshelkaliski) still. What do you suggest with the link I have other then not using it. Do I get rid of it somehow?
I will ask my techie guy about this, seems like a great idea then I actually get backlinks.
+Lisa Lomas - This is the way to go, If you are going to link to G + profiles with something other than an organic link, you might as well own the link yourself. Never used link shorteners, never will here, don't trust them in the least.
Thanks again for sharing some good information!
Sounds great, however, I'm not that tech savvie and use Wordpress to power my websites ... any suggestions? ... Please
Geli, et al: you can use something like Pretty Link Lite to set up the link in Wordpress
There are plenty of URL shortener plugins out there to choose from.
Yes, Pretty Link would make this a snap.
+Geli Heimann if you can FTP a file you can use my instructions above, it's easy. You want to pass good link juice to your Google profile, not to a link shortener domain.

Just expand the post above, copy, paste, FTP and you are done. It's real easy...... Don't put your link structure in the hands of some free service that may not be there next year.

Especially if you are going to be Tweeting or sharing your profile here on other sites.
maybe someone can tell me... is "+" a valid folder name??

would love love LOVE to do this - but i'm quite the novice when it comes to this sort of thing :)
+Chris Lang I know I'll really sound pathetic now, but every time I used FTP I made a mess. I can trust myself uploading a zip file into the plugins, though ... LOL (I should say ... sigh!)
You can even do it without your FTP... go into your control panel for your domain and go to the Files section and select File Manager... and you can upload files directly through that panel.
I will give it a try +Justin Taylor ... am still single handedly designing my sites, but there are some things there seems to be a block for my brain .... :-( ... I have strengths in other fields ... honest, I do LOL
+Justin Taylor, i'm on godaddy and i use WP hosting, i attempted what you suggest (add a file using the domain mgr) ---- but when i add a file with a filename of "+" it appears as a [blank], it looks like a folder without a name - ?
GoDaddy, sorry I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole... uhg... so I can't help you on that front. But there is nothing says you have to use a +, you can use plus, it could be anything you want.

Point is you need to own the link... I have been using for my Google Profile for two years, and it works perfect...
+Eric Larson, don't use the domain manager, just FTP the files. If you need a free and fast FTP program, get Or you can use the FTP program in the GoDaddy admin panel, it's under Content, in the hosting manager.

+Geli Heimann Give you hosting provider a call on the tech support line, you pay them for this, tell them you need to learn how to FTP a file. Get first so you have an FTP program to work with.
Be sure to ask if you need help everybody, I am considering doing a video on this, would that be something you would want?
+Meshel Kaliski Sorry, just saw your question in a Gmail alert. Just don't use it, in fact I am suggesting that you do grab your name and brand, but don't post the links. It's just a shortener, so if you don't post the links, then no one else will either.
+Chris Lang I have quickly create a video, using the free Jing Video capture, to show how to create the + page, without using an FTP editor, directly from file manager... I did it in real time as I set mine up...

The link is here: Anyone may use it... I have mentioned you in the video and used your code...

I hope this helps... I will add this video to my own website later, I'm sure, but I wanted to get this out quickly to everyone... :-)

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this?
Awesome Justin, you just saved me a ton of time. Cheers! Can you post that on YouTube?
Yeah, I can do that too... I'll get it downloaded and added to YouTube as well... just give me a few minutes to do it... :-)
Awesome Justin, be sure you use the keywords Google + and plus in the title on YouTube so people can find it.
I am and it works really well. I will be tuning in for more hot tips on how to use this. Thanks, Chris. I am too busy making cartoons to do much else. I am so sidetracked.
thank you Justin...I will go see them
A really useful and excellent tip. Thanks for that.
Thanks Matt, took almost 100 shots to get it right :]
Thank you, Chris! I was just about to do a video about claiming your name using when I noticed that little statement at the bottom - is not a Google product. That's when I had do do a little research and came across your post.

Since I had already claimed my name, I'm glad to know that you don't think it will hurt. Their page rank is 6 right now, so I wonder if there's a way to get a backlink from them.

Thanks again! :)
+Julie Larson No back link there Julie, this is just a link shortener, so when the link is clicked... like say your Tweet your profile.... the link is on Twitter, you go thru the link and the server in Turkey redirects the person to your G+ profile.

So the link juice is being passed from Twitter to you, does not host your profile, it just redirects visitors so no link can be had from them.

What is also important is that any shortener you use for any link passes the link juice by not just redirecting, but doing so with a 301 or 302 code in the header.

Here's a free app that will tell you what status any shortener site is using.

So +Julie Larson try out my + link in that form and see that the code I used above in working action. Great to meet you and stop in more often!
+Denis Labelle Remember this is how it's done Denis, the blog you recommended today is giving this thing more credibility. Bad news buddy. I could buy the domain, and redirect everone's URL to mine.

Not to mention the site is on shared hosting, not a very secure site to trust your URL on G+ to.
Seems like this would be cool to do with all social sites. Great thread!
+Tony Wheeler Wow if you look at the date, this was the first few weeks G+ as public :]

Yes, definitely, I still use still today.

But you can register short domains and redirect them to key points as well. Like goes to my squeeze page. goes to my product page, makes them easy to shout on audio webinars or Hangout interviews. 

I even registered to redirect to my new fictional short story about Google Glasses.
This is amazingly simple and fast. Thanks a bunch, Chris. Is there any reason why these redirects couldn't be use with other social media sites? Performance impact or scale issues because there are so many of these redirects to different sites like Twitter, FB, Pinterest, etc.?
+Chris Lang, Guy Kawasaki had recommended using the two main Vanity URL's in "What the Plus" including (Dec. 2012).  I checked G+ a few days ago, and vanity URL's still don't seem to be available.  Is the info in this post still current?  If so, may I link people to this post in a report I'll release next week on G+?  Thanks... 
When a post is still going strong after 2 years, you know it's good.  Thanks for the tip Chris.  Be blessed
please help i'm getting login error

       PASS (password not shown)
530 Login incorrect.
220 Ipage FTP Server ready
       USER admin
331 Password required for admin
       PASS (password not shown)
530 Login incorrect.
+Monique Gonzales I closed comments on the blog due to the huge amount of spam I am getting. What link are you going to?
+Chris Lang yes please. I want to create a shorter link for my G+ acct.. I've searched for tutorials and found out that I must acquire a webhosting acct which in this case I don't have... Perhaps that's why I keep getting login error. :(
+Monique Gonzales You can just register a domain with Godaddy for around $10 and redirect the domain to your G+ profile.

I do this all the time. I just registered for $12 and then had GoDaddy redirect it to my landing page for my soon to be published novel.

I could have just as easily redirected it to my page: +TOM - Dreams Of Horror.

HOWEVER: Custom URLs are being offered to G+ users all over G+. I myself perfer the redirect method. I can always change the redirect at any time to any page I like. Then all the links no matter where they are.... Say on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, on Websites and in people's Outlook contact pages, they can all me pointed anywhere you like if you change your online focus.

Owning you links is best, and you don't need a website with this option. Just like I redirect to my landing page for my business G+ newsletter.

That would be my recommendation to you if you do not have a hosted website. - Chris
+Chris Lang Hi Chris... I would like to ask you about 
2 days ago, I was using it for my business profile. I gave my google ID page. And yesterday, when I posted some of articles on my page, there some kind resistance, but few minnutes later that articles were posted. 

My question are :
1. Does that mean my page already hacked by ? I'm really worried about it.
2. How to restore my page? 

Plz help me. Thank's :)
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