3 Features That Need To Go On Google Event Pages

+Elizabeth Hannan had to ask me where the URL for my show today is on the event page. Which prompted me to point out 3 HUGE problems that events have. (click expand to see all 3 here)

#1 You have to click the blue ribbon above to see the details.

I think this is supposed to open on entry to the page. As you can see here, it did not when I went to the page from a share.

#2 An event does not readily show the entire pane and shows a shadowy scroll bar that hides the fact that you need to scroll.

Make your event copy too long and it may be missed, mine was here.

#3 Event URLs are useless since Google is appending tracking query strings that easily break in emails and can't be tweeted.

How many of you know how to turn that URL below into the second?



Same URL, sans tracking

Same goes for G+ urls. Most don't need a shortener, but since we see Chome and Google analytics query string tracking on them now they are hard to share.

Yes, some of us still know how to use the address bar and share things the old way via email. Some of us even have email lists and send out old fashioned newsletters, some of us (me) even hate URL shorteners that control my link structure on Twitter. (I built my sites so they don't need shorteners)

It's funny guys, I teach tricks to raise your conversion rate. Then Google creates events, I say great just what I have been waiting for. Then Google finds a way to hide my conversion tactics.

Bottom line, copy sells, but you have to be able to see it.
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