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Thanks for the great show Ronnie Bincer.

You can see the replay of this weeks G Plus For Business show here:

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Google+ Hashtag Presentation HoA May 9, 2012

I just did a Hangout on Air with +Chris Lang yesterday covering the Power of Google+ #Hashtags *. Here is a screenshot of me with a *RED NOSE Thanks YouTube!

The 58 min Video can be found here:
My well-viewed initial post on G+ Hashtags is here:
My 1st Follow-up re. Privacy & Hashtags is here:

You get the idea! (I covered the main points in the first 30 min of the vid, FYI)

The image below is from an email I get from Chris (his Squeeze page) where he asks you to sign up for his service that gets you Google+ tips for business.

Thanks for the opportunity to 'speak to your people' +Chris Lang - I expect we will be doing more collaboration in the future!

O #hashtags #googleplushashtags #googleplustips O Tag: Google+ Hashtags
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I just noticed how the player shows you Ronnie! LOL (i am kinda slow sometimes)
Yeah, like the football John Madden term LOL
Thanks +Margie D Casados you are very kind. I appreciate the opportunity to join in... will you be moving to Denver too?
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