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Zim is in (and Brandon Graham's Island, Age of Apocalypse, Civil War, Walking Dead, Saga, Stokoe's Godzilla in Hell lots, lots more!)

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Nice Birthday card from the kids this morning!

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Very cool Mk1 moment (bad selfie - but I no care!) Thanks for the visit @guywilliamsguy and Jesse Griffin @rachilli1 will be jealous 

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I snuck in a Ben Lander pic (excuse a proud Dad!)
Check out our latest arrivals You may notice a few snaps of towering cardboard boxes - the first big wave of Mk1 X-Mas stock arrived Thursday.  The Mk1 team should have it all on shelf by the weekend - some great swag has been uncovered already!  I'll have photos up next week but the early bird gets the best dressed worm so to speak - put Mk1 on your weekend itinerary.  Full cover gallery of this week's comics:
16 Nov 2012 Arrivals (11 photos)
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New Swagger album up on the Mk1 page..
Lots on the go (X-Mas stock ordering and unpacking, upgrading website, catching up with the shipment delayed displaced jobs!) so it's a shortened news blurb from me this week..   If you are planning a visit to Mk1 this weekend - you can find our opening hours here:   For a look at what you can expect to find on shelf check out our latest SWAGGER report! 
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MARVEL NOW LAUNCH FRIDAY 26th of OCTOBER from 5.30 pm to 7pm.
Drop into shop and grab a copy of the MARVEL NOW launch issue UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 ($9.00)- and grab a freebie from a wide range of promotional MARVEL NOW items (badges, postcards, MARVEL NOW preview comics) Look for a chance to buy rare variant covers and nab a free Halloween comic (the titles are aimed at the kids - so bring along a short person or two!) We will celebrate the evening with a special 20% off store wide discount SALE. Discount can only be used in store on items on hand (sorry no rain checks, put asides or laybys) and only between 5.30 pm and 7pm on the night.
For the distance impaired and anybody else who can't visit the shop Friday night I will be launching a code word discount usable online for that weekend only. Enter the "MARVELNOW" code word at the online Mk1 checkout and you will get you the 20% discount off your entire online purchase. The codeword can only be used on items in stock at time of purchase (sorry no rain checks, put asides or laybys!) I have kept a stash of Marvel Now promo items to add to any online orders placed that weekend (including a few of the Skottie Young lithographs for the earliest orders!)  

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Mk1's NOT COMICS October offerings...
Welcome to Mk1's October... Comics wise you can check out what I'm expecting this month at this Mk1 tag . Having a look at the incoming orders for our other lines - the new Chaos Space Marine Codex looms largest (hitting the shelf  this weekend - release list follows) Check out GW's Chaos Space Marne release here

Codex - Chaos Space Marines 2012 $98
Chaos Space Marine Psychic Cards $12
Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion $28
Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend/Maulerfiend $105
Chaos Space Marine Helldrake $96
Chaos Space Marine Raptors/Warp Talons $64
Chaos Space Marine Battleforce 2012 $215
Ahriman 2012 $46
Chaos Lord with Jump Pack $46
Chaos Space Marine Dark Apostle $33
Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer $33
Kharn the Betrayer $33
Typhus 2012 $46
Lucius The Eternal $33
Chaos Space Marine Obliterators $98
Chaos Space Marine Mutilators $98
Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith $46

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The third of three quick reviews of recent Mk1 Board Game arrivals - courtesy of Mk1 reviewer @jackatacounter:
K2 Mk1 Price $79.90
You may have noticed that MK1 has a preference for the games it stocks.
The hallowed shelves are happiest when they are bulging with colorful games that wink at the gamers and the soon to be gamers as they walk by and promise fun with every inch of their cheery box lids.
Historic games and games based on less fantastic things seldom make the cut because, in the fierce battle for precious box space, accountants and rules for marching through miles of mud seldom wins the arm wrestle with Space ship rodeos and Dragon Punching Ne'er-do-wells.
But, this game, K2, is the realism representative for board-gaming that gets a free pass to retailsville.
Why? Well the game, somehow manages to be incredibly pretty (no mean feat for a game about climbing a perilous grey and white snow covered peak). But more importantly, this game is really well designed. It's brilliant for the jaded owner of 500 board games and it's brilliant for the newbie buying their very first one.

The games core is all about making tough choices to hold off or spend ever shrinking supplies to forge a path up the slope, but by making it a race to the top, you’re really going to have to think hard and way up if your being left in the dust by the speedier players, or simply waiting to catch up when their reckless ways land them stuck in terrible dangers.
Really all that needs to be said is, this is a game that, by its theme may have kept it off our shelves, (or had us drawing dragons on with crayon.) But by sheer cleverness and brilliant design, we have seen the error of our ways and have welcomed it on board and into the waiting arms of gaming groups and families alike!
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