On Link Bubble's price

A few quick thoughts for those seemingly disappointed by Link Bubble Pro's $4.99 price:
* I am not a multi-billion dollar company like Google or Facebook that provides free services in exchange for data that can sold to advertisers. Nor am I part of a company that has raised millions through venture capital. 
* Like you, I need a salary to survive. I have a family, mortgage, need to eat, and all that mundane stuff. Writing apps and selling them on the Play Store is my full time job, and my means of earning this salary.
* I decided long ago to launch at $4.99. Link Bubble's price was not affected at all by my applying for a patent on the app. I'm not 'passing the entire cost down to the consumer'. Instead, applying for the patent meant I'm deferring the point where Link Bubble becomes a positive earner (assuming it sells enough to recoup of course).
* I'm not begging for money out front of a homeless shelter. I'm trying to build applications that people who already own expensive smartphones and/or tablets are excited to use and hopefully buy.
* I feel like Link Bubble is as innovative as something you might expect from a team at Google or Facebook. I feel like a conversation could be had that Link Bubble does more to further the Android experience than most apps I've seen. Link Bubble saves me minutes a day, every day. Is it so unreasonable that such innovation would be rewarded with a sub-$5 price? (again, keeping in mind I don't use your usage habits to further an advertising empire)
* Link Bubble has launched with a free component that enables you to evaluate whether the app suits your needs and is something you deem worthy of buying.
* Frankly, I feel like Link Bubble is worth more than $4.99. Desktop utilities routinely cost $20+. But this is the price I've settled on as something a majority are willing to accept for a mobile app.
* I continue to feel that by and large, good apps represent tremendous value for money: https://plus.google.com/+ChrisLacy/posts/YAEA1VHHVpk
* I don't have any plans to put the Pro version on sale.
* When you buy my apps, you support me, and enable me to both make my existing apps better and write new ones.
* As a consumer of apps myself, I really think it's worth thinking on the point raised in the tweet below. 

To those that have supported me and purchased Link Bubble Pro, I offer you my thanks. To those who think $5 is too expensive, I hope both hope you enjoy using the free version, and that in time you'll recognize the value for money I've worked so hard to create with the app :)

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