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So this happened.

After waiting nearly 3 months for the Play Store to restock the Nexus 4, my barely 2 week old device was resting on a not-perfectly-flat surface, and the motion from passing footsteps caused it to slip off said surface and smash.

For those who do not have a Nexus 4, be aware that the glass back of this device is coated in an invisible to touch and feel, yet extremely effective and absolutely ever-present lubricant. This device will eventually slide off any non horizontal surface

Unlike so many iPhone screens that crack, my screen no longer responds to touches, so it is completely boned. I can't even relegate this as a testing device. 

Personally, I can't help but seriously question the wisdom of giving the Nexus 4 a glass back. Sure it looks OK, but as well as making it nigh on impossible to tell which way the device is facing when pulling it out of one's pocket, this slippery, sparkly back directly resulted in my device shattering. No one forced the Android team to go down the glass route. This was a conscious design decision. 

I can't help but think of this remark Larry Page made in Google's most recent earnings call:

"When you drop your phone, it shouldn't go splat."

Agreed. But intentionally designing a slippery device made entirely of glass sure seems a strange decision by a company employing many of the smartest people on earth.
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Ouch. I've done that once too but mine survived.
+Chris Lacy That was one of my main complaints of the Nexus 4 is the glass back. After seeing a model of the Nexus 4 in person idk that I would want one I don't really like the design I really hope the Motorola X Phone is nice and metal and can withstand drops and abuse.
I whole-heartedly agree. I thought a glass back was an awful idea when the iPhone did it and was disappointed to see the N4 have one. I guess a bumper would help. But I dislike putting cases and the like on my phones (I have a GNex).

Edit: Man, that picture just makes me sad... Oof.
I had to put a case on mine. Not only does it stop it from running away but in the case that I drop it...and i eventually will be protected. Sorry to see this, though. I hope you can work out some sort of exchange with google
that stinks. Now, was the phone near the edge of the table or something? And 'footsteps', is that just someone walking? Or did someone bump into something or stomped so hard that the phone fell off the wobbly table? It's hard for me to imagine a phone sitting on a table and falling. Just trying to figure it out so that it doesn't happen to me. Tough circumstances. I sympathize with you.
All I do to prevent anything like this is simply putting the phone on top of something on the desk. A book, paper, screen cloth. Almost anything will prevent this from happening. Plus, it won't happen ever with the bumper or a third-party case.
Yup mine even slides off the wireless charging orb after a while.
Hate to see these posted, feel for you :-(
I set mine on a marginally slanted surface. The slant was so tiny, I didn't even notice it before this :L
The N4 slid all the way off and hit the floor. Luckily it didn't smash though.
+Derek Duncan the Nexus 4 will slowly slide off any surface that's not perfectly flat. Mine does it less after nearly a couple of months of use, but for a long time the damn thing is a bar of soap. Still love it though.

+Chris Lacy , that fucking sucks mate. I had 3 or 4 beers and stood up on a tiled deck with my brand new Evo 3D in my lap. That thing went splat. Worst feeling. Lucky for me the Galaxy Nexus was released a couple of weeks later...
Which is exactly why I didn't bother upgrading from the Galaxy Nexus.  That, and a lack of docking accessories.

The glass back is one of the dumbest design decisions any company ever made in regards to mobile phones.

I'm holding out for whatever Motorola has been working on.  If that sucks, I'll hold out for the next Nexus.  If that sucks, I quit.
The N4 would be great for level testing. Set it on a surface, if it doesn't move then that surface is totally flat.
That's awful. I've used cases since day 0 - That is, took it out of the box and straight into one, it still even has the factory screen sticker on it because I'm yet to purchase a suitable screen protector.
how 'not-perfectly-flat' was the surface? I just don't get how this happens. I've had my N4 for a while and it hasn't just slid off a table yet. 
My N4 has amazed me a few times by slipping off surfaces on which my Gnexus never moved a milimeter 
I keep mine in a bumper a lot. I've had it fall pretty damn far onto concrete+tile floors and nothing bad has happened so far. I guess that bumper does its job?
I said it before and I'll say it again, its a poor design. Period. 
Sorry to hear that. I totally agree with your arguments.
Next time, be sure to protect your baby with a bumper or sth. similar.
+Maarten Seghers: I always loved the plastic pattern used on the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.  I would rather have that plastic on my devices, to be honest.  Lightweight, durable, easy to grip.

The only things I disliked about the Galaxy Nexus was the cheap glass, the shitty camera sensor and the slow processor.  I wish I could've had the N4 innards in the Galaxy Nexus body, with higher quality glass.
Ouch, and I just ordered an N4 because I shattered my poor GNex...
That's sad. My fear to not using this phone without a case seems to be justified. I hate to use the case, but it seems so fragile to me.
Mine did a similar thing after I took the plastic film off the back.  Thankfully, it didn't scratch, but since then I put the film back on and always make sure it's resting on something that won't slip (microfiber cloth or a couple cables/wires).  The back looks nice, but considering how rarely I look at it now, I do wish it weren't made of slippery glass.
When I ordered mine there were no bumpers available
Thats why im going for the s3 and flash a stock 4.2 rom
+Maarten Seghers: Which is a ridiculous notion, and a huge problem with Android OEMs.  Accessories are always late, if they ever show up to begin with.

But that said: this design shouldn't have left the drafting phase.  It's pretty to look at, but it's not at all functional.  It's a superfluous cosmetic feature.  People use their phones; they aren't museum pieces meant to be kept on a pedestal.
Really sucks that you had to experience this. My keyboard stand at work has an ever-so-slight tilt and my N4 has tried to slide off several times. I tried to cradle the phone between my ear & shoulder once & lost it. I can barely even pull the thing out of my pocket sometimes.

Agree that it never should have left design phase. I finally broke down and ordered a bumper case for it. I hate using those things but knew it would only be a matter of time before something like this happened.
"No one forced the Android team to go down the glass route." No one forced you to go down the Nexus 4 route.
+Connor Rawle: The Nexus 4 is the official developer phone for the year of 2013.  So, dog, I hate to tell you this...
+Connor Rawle That is true. But if I want a phone that runs the latest OS with a somewhat passable camera that doesn't require rooting and ROMing it's my only option.
Mine constantly falls off everything it can.
I think Nexus 4s are just suicidal.
+Connor Rawle "no one forced you to buy it" is the lame cry of brand apologists everywhere. If a device fails to live up to expectations, he should absolutely post about it and attempt to warn others of the same thing.

It's these secondary issues that you only notice after real-world use that make or break a phone. And in the case of myself and many others we feel like the super-slick glass back is a very poor choice that detracts from the phone.

So why wouldn't we complain about it?
We all know that N4 comes with glass and slippery back cover..and we knew before that this was going to be a problem...we went ahead and purchased the gadget.Shouldn't we be a bit careful in the way we handle it? It is common knowledge that if you rest this glass phone on an angle,it will slide and get smashed..shouldn't we be more conscious of these simple facts.
Mine is in a cover 24/7...I don't expect it to break if dropped accidentally
Contract LG, I hear they repair broken screens reasonably cheaply
I put a transparent skin on it. Problem solved.
Contacting the manufacturer is almost always the best bet. Most have a repair service that is a fraction of the cost of a replacement. In fact, Motorola repairs the screens on the RAZR series for about $100 when just the cost of replacement parts is still $200-350 for the average Joe. 
My glass back cracked in my pocket, guessing due to frame flex. No help other then sending it to a repair shop for $100+ repair and being without a phone during the repair period. 
that's a bummer... were you using any sort of protective cover?
I feel your pain I broke my Samsung galaxy s3! Y can't they make the screens stronger?
+Alan Nudi: A "protective cover" wouldn't have done anything.  The only thing that may have helped is an obtrusive case, or a pouch.

I use a Mofi pouch for my Galaxy Nexus, as I dislike the bulk of most cases, and use official accessories, which were milled precisely for the stock phone.

I wish Google would include a nice pouch with Nexus phones, as they did with the Nexus One.  I'd love to purchase such a pouch for the newer phones, if they stil manufactured them.  I've only found knock-offs on amazon.
+Toby Johnson It's great that he posted about it, but there was no failure of expectations; the thing is made of glass for Christ's sake! What exactly were your expectations!? 
there are tiny nanobots under it trying for lowest potential energy state. I can almost prove it.
I'm sorry to hear it, Chris. I noticed mine sliding toward a tile floor just on time and stopped it. I went looking for a bumper to prevent it in the future, buy instead went for a Dbrand vinyl backing.
Yikes. I feel for you mate. I've had mine slide off the side of the couch once (so far) but luckily land on carpet. 
+Chris Lacy No I completely agree, the Nexus 4 is the best/smoothest Android phone.  Just saying that although it's disappointing that the screen broke because of the glass back, you knew it had a glass back when you bought the phone.
That sucks. Even with a case for my LGOG it's still slick as glass. 
+Jon Conley Well that's officially the irrelevant statement for the year because I didn't say anything bad about the Nexus 4, all I said was that he had a knowledge of the glass back on the phone before he bought it.
+Chris Lacy that is painful. Not like this helps you now, but on my Nexus 4 I got the official bumper, which has grip on the back that prevents this from happening. 
Mine has taken so many dives too in a really short timeframe, never with such terrible consequences though. Its crazy. It almost floats. Its a shame because its pretty awesome otherwise. Bad luck bud.
I put it once on like a chair in the bathroom. It slipped off and fall onto the ground. I was happy that their wasnt a single scratch. I than decided to put it onto the toilet lid so it cant slip away a second time. Guess what happend... :'(
+Connor Rawle: Reading comprehension.  Check it out, sometime.

You basically lambasted a developer for purchasing a developer phone, and insinuated that there are "other options" out there.
Ouch. I didn't remove the back plastic until mine was in a case and the front screen still has its cover. I hope you can get it sorted as its a nice phone for all its detractors...  
+Toby Johnson I agree and do think that the glass back on the Nexus 4 was a poor choice from the get go.  It's great for people to voice their opinions about phones and the certain flaws that they may contain.  

I am just bringing up a different point by recognizing the need to do research on the phone before you purchase it so you don't have to be let down by something so easily recognizable like a glass back.
+Connor Rawle Whether the glass is slippery or not isn't dependent on the glass. iPhone 5 is slippery as fuck and it's brushed metal.
You have girly looking hands. Just thought I'd add to the pain.
Mine slipped out of my hand and flew in the toilet. I had insurance. So $130 and 48hrs later I had a new nexus 4
Tmobile covers the nexus 4. Even if bought from Google play store where I bought mine 
Seriously though, how do phones slip out of hands into toilets? WTF 
For those wondering, the device was resting on my soft leather wallet when it fell off. Over the years I have always rested my phone on wallet, and the Nexus 4 is the first device to ever slide off it.
+Robert Hahn cases are for people who don't want bad stuff like this happening to their phones. Also, there are good looking and useful cases out there for the nexus 4. Mine is translucent so that the cool pattern still shows in direct light.
+Chris Lacy Was it real leather? I have a real leather cover on my iPad and I find it extremely non-slippery... If it slides from that, something's obviously wrong...
+Sindri Avaruus I'm pretty sure it's real leather. But more important to the story is the fact that no phone has ever slid off it before.
+Connor Rawle I'm sure many Nexus 4 users were well aware of the phone's glass back before purchase, including the risks which have been well outlined in most reviews. I think the difficulty is for users trying to figure out if a device's limitations, highlighted by others, are really going to apply to their use case.
Simple buy a case or bumper like so many iPhone users.
This in general is a trend that I'd love to see die. IPhone 4 was slippery. Nexus 4 is slippery. IPhone 5 is also slippery. Samsung galaxy s3 and note 2 with their cheap shiny plastic are slippery. The lumia can be slippery. The list goes on and on.

I'm not saying a phone has to be leather gripping like a steering wheel but a little bit of texture on the back side of phones goes a long way. Motorola’s kevlar is a pretty nice balance, although ugly. Doesn't have to be ugly though
+Kieran McElhinney 1). Designing a beautiful phone that requires a case is f'n stupid. 
2). The Nexus 4 bumper is still not available for purchase from the Play Store for me.
I feel like the Nexus 7 has a really good back they should just use that material on a phone.
No one forced the user to lay their glass backed phone on a slope. This was a conscious user decision. 
+James Bush III It's a phone, not a priceless artifact. I shouldn't have to treat this thing with insane levels of caution. 
Nobody is doing Google any favors being an apologist for it or making excuses for it also. Every device has issues but if you aren't honest and blunt with the OEM about it, don't expect it to be fixed come next version. It'd be like if I told Samsung I love the galaxy s3 and am very satisfied. If everyone told them that and nothing else, don't be surprised when the s4 has the same old touchjizz and the same design as the last model did

As a user keep it in mind, but make Google aware that it IS an issue. 
In my old age I find most of my me time is on the toilet. So I like to catch up on email and news then. I real talk. 
I put a wallet case on mine. But looking at this makes me feel your pain.. 
James E
Sorry to hear this. I'm not a fan of the glass back. That's why I didn't get one. Hopefully, you get it fixed soon.
If you like your Nexus 4, put a case on it. (Imagine Beyonce singing this song).. My +Cruzerlite case works great.
Sucks...Just get a case or the bumper for the next one. Phones aren't meant to be dropped or be rugged. That's why they make cases and screen protectors. I have one and the first thing I did was get a $5.00 bumper from amazon and Spigen dual screen protector until the official nexus 4 bumper became available. I've dropped my N4 since then countless times and not a single scratch. The phone still looks great with the official bumper once I got it.
This is not as bad as my htc 1x in the first week!!!!
I hate using cases, but I also noticed the lubricated back when my Nexus showed up. Immediately got a thin case to increase friction. 
Cases don't work...mine had case too but ....
I wish manufacturers would build cases on. I feel like the iPad smart cover was a good step in that direction but no one else seems to be doing it. I do see a fair amount of S3s in wallets though
removable battery doesn't really bother me -  you can't remove teh battery on a nexus 7 and i havn't had any problems. 
Google and Asus knew I invented the smartphone and the Tablet, and they have not pay a single dime yet . For real. Anyway, the future versions will not have the glass, so we don't have to worry about cracking them, and also we won't need internet or phone network to access info. Imaging you have the Tablet inyou pocket, and you are looking for a place to rent nearby or you want to sell your car and suddenly someone come up and talk to you about it or sending your their interest. That is also i, Khanh's invention. we are mere beginning and they still have not pay me a single dime yet :)
it is call peers to peers public wifi network. my invention. you simply place the personal ads in your device and the whole or partial network will know and match the interest automatically not using phone and internet network.
These devices are beautiful but you've got to put cases on them. Good cases not junk. 
This has happened to almost everyone I know that has a Nexus 4 (it slipping and falling by itself). It happened to me and it fell on super solid surface and, luckily, nothing happened to it. Interestingly, the other day I handed the phone to someone else and that person, inexplicably, let it fall from her hands and it landed, face down, on a concrete sidewalk. It bounced and landed again on the back. Surprisingly nothing, absolutely nothing happened to it.

I guess I was the lucky recipient of a test Nexus 4 built with an early version of that future technology Google is inventing for their unbreakable phones. 
+Chris Lacy if it's a phone with a glass back, you kinda of do need to treat it differently than a plastic phone. You wouldn't treat a plastic, rubber watch the same you would a Rolex right?

I guess its lesson learned hopefully you can get something for this, sell for parts, and use the money to buy a bumper or back protector that adds grip.

This is why we can't have nice things.
Poor choice on Googles part. I never could quite figure out why they put the glass back on the n4... love the phone and it's fresh as hell... But why the glass back. Had mine for 2 weeks so far no case or bumper... Everydays a blessing. Ordering a bumper today
I got the wet application screen protectors for the front and back. They're silicone, so they stick quite well to things (too well to other similar plastics). I then quickly got a nice looking tpu (diztronic) case for my phone which also prevents it from walking away by itself.

I agree though... No idea why you'd go for a fancy back... If you want to protect the device, it gets hidden. Hopefully the rumored x-phone learns from these flaws.

BTW, the screen won't work when cracked because the touch sensors are built in to the same piece of glass, so cracking usually ends up breaking the touch sensors.
I feel lucky to not use a N4!
Do what I do, put it on table face down.
With most cases it will survive spills/items droped on it and it makes you more interesting wherever you are since you dont look at your phone every time it beeps.
I never take out a new phone without first putting on a screen protector and a case of some sort, just not with the risk for a new device getting damaged to quickly
When will u people invest in phone cases!!!!
Lol. Impossible to tell which way its facing? Oh, your half blind.. Dont feedbthe dog, okay. There's a chrome edge surrounding the front, lack of camera, no nexus or lg logo. Pretty obvious. Yes the phones slippery, i agree. Mine has slid off two couch arms and survived with onlybthe tiniest of scratches on the rear. But now I've learned my lesson and it never rests on a questionable surface. This also includes hard surfaces that may scratch the back. If you love your phone, look after it properly. Don't blame Ford because you parked on a hill and left the hand brake off.
I think +Larry Ellis explained it pretty well. I was completely lost when I read "This device will eventually slide off any non horizontal surface" and " impossible to tell which way the device is facing when pulling it out of one's pocket"... lol
This sounds suspiciously like Apple apologists overlooking glaring design issues in iOS devices. The original poster makes some good points, and "put it in a case" is such an Apple-user response. Google is blowing it on some pretty trivial things that they should be getting right. Apple grew complacent and now they're losing ground. I'd hate to see Google follow their path. Microsoft and Blackberry are just waiting for a chance to get back in the game. 
Maybe you shouldn't play on your phone while drinking next time +Chris Lacy  :)
Should buy a case next time. 
+Larry Ellis +Parvez Akkas My 'which way it's facing' point highlights the fact that with most other phones, you can differentiate between the front and back by touch alone, because the back has a different texture, the front has a giant round button on it, etc.

As I've said elsewhere, I left my device on my almost flat wallet. No other phone slides off my wallet, but the N4 does continually. That is a design issue on Google's part.
Yep. Broke mine in under a week too. Touchscreen also unresponsive. Slipped out of my pocket far too easily just because of the ridiculous slipperiness. 
+Chris Lacy - I agree that with some phones you can tell which is back or front just by holding it and not looking. But... call me crazy... I don't rely on my touch sense when it comes to handling my smart phone (at least not since I got couple of tiny little dents I got around the rim of my phone). Sometimes I treat my phone better than my laptop. lol... And it's always as far away from the edges of any high surface as possible. Also, I don't like using phone cases.
I when to the mall and but on ghost Armor it stop the slipping and sliding on my n4 and it give it a extra layer.....
Wow your glass phone broke when you dropped it on a hard surface! What a surprise!
Is it really Google's decision, or is it LG ? Because the Nexus 7 is made with one of the best material I've used on an hand held device. So is it that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 teams do not talk to each other, or is it that Asus made a wiser choice than LG, while Google didn't give enough specs to its partner when it was time to design its devices ?
The nexus 7 is great except for the creaky bezel, the screen flicker, and the random banding on the screen.
Might be a blessing in disguise. Time to try out an HTC One? 
Just pretend it still works.  Problem solved.
So... You buy a phone with a GLASS back, you have months to read all the reviews, and months to order the case that everyone says you will need, and then you don't? Sorry for your damage, but there is really only one person to blame here... 
I put zagg protector on just the back. Now has a grippy back and some protection. Hate the bulk cases add
I feel ur pain. Similar situation here. Got the phone on friday and the glass broke on next Monday at work. Have to sent it in to LG for out of warranty repair. Why glass back......
Don't hate it because you went trippin!
The key point here that everyone is missing is that iPhone screens still work even when smashed. Discuss. 
Ever heard of Flubber? LoL... all glass never a good deal, y'all need to add lanyard and tie it to you body, & keep it in your shirt pocket- no pants pocket....
Have had the Nexus 4 since it was released. I have had it on all sorts of surfaces and never a problem. It was have to be a pretty uneven surface for it to fall because of "foot steps". 
Its an ugly cheap phone without a premium not surprised
It's a cheap top quality phone with a very premium feel. 
+Chris Lacy I'll make sure to mention wallet sliding tests on all their devices next time I see Mr. Google.
Apple - buy one - break free replacement fast - have a problem just walk in a Apple store and help will be given - Apple the best for now
To all users, owners, developers (like me)...

I don't want to chime in this issue BUT blaming the device for the accident that made it unusable is kinda pathetic.

It's like you will blame Toyota when you're driving reckless and u had a car accident?

From day one, I personally put the original bumper cover with front & back HD clear screen protectors and I drop it MANY TIMES & still look like new.

There will be NO perfect device especially in durability side.

That's why even an iPhone fanatics will always buy a case, bumper or anything that will protect their phone as they know it is fragile BUT they still love it.

I feel your pain +Chris Lacy & I hope that LG will help you.

To all those kept on saying its LG's fault or Google, STOP it... It's owners faults!!!

Thanks & have a great day...
My kid and I call it a jumping phone. She gets quite a laugh out of that. 
Mine survived a desk high drop because of the bumper. My heart totally skipped a beat when that happened :( it kinda sucks to have a phone that feels so fragile. 
that is a company making money thats all they do test they knew it would break when its dropped and they knew you would benack to see them to get it fixed or get another new one hint there are local places im sure around your town that can fix it cheap or you probally can go on line and buy a repair kit mine broke like that after i had it for 2 weeks slipped outta my hand
This is why I don't understand the whole glass-back thing. Like it makes it a little shinier but it adds an entire other thing that could break and now apparently does this. Leave the stupid gimmicks to Apple.
That gotta hurt!! Uggh!! If I see my phone in that condition I'm gonna be crying a whole month for it ... Hahaha!! 
yikes that sucks! i lost the back of my android phone from new years and im like wtf lol
I'm just waiting to see what the next nexus looks like....I don't like the lg one at all so I passed on it and got a note 2 instead....I'll wait for the next one 
Be patient. The N4 for the price blows most everything, if not everything out of the water. Great screen, fast processor, world's most advanced mobile OS. Now all we got to do is allow Google time to do the same thing but better, indestructible, key limed out, larger screen with 1080, sick battery (my favorite) and a DSLR like camera. Simply put..... this next phone is the one not many people will bitch about. Can't wait for Google's next!
Why r we blaming others for our mistakes? I always use protection. So as soon as i get a device i put a cover on it. Specially on one with a glass back. I currently own the razr maxx and i have a tup case on it. Have drop it about 5 times and it doesnt have a single scratch on it. 
I never bothered with getting a case/bumper before on a phone, let alone day one, but OH MAN am I glad I decided to spend the extra $20.
No matter what type of phone you got accidents happen that's why their accidents self I always grab a otter box kids and I race bmx nationally so were allways busy and allways have around bumping and banging my sg3 has been dropped out a excursion dropped lots of times .not a single scratch
i feel for you. such a nice phone. too bad we have to cover it up with a ton of plastic/rubber to keep it safe.
You have my sympathy! I don't understand the glass back, either.
that happend to my cousins samsung note III
I had a similar incident. I was talking on my non-Android Samsung phone and it slipped off from my hands. It fell face down on the floor. The LCD  cracked from the inside and I could not see a single thing on my screen as the image was smudged. So, I decided to invest on a cheap case to protect my phone. 
I recommend a Seidio active case.  Glass breaks when it's dropped.  A good portion of my friends have broken screens on their iphone/androids.  All of which don't believe in cases.
Jay Han
Lol! Funny dudes.

"No one forced the android team to go down the glass route. This was a conscious design decision."

No one forced you to buy the nexus 4... you knew it had glass back, but you made a conscious decision to wait three months for this phone.

People are way too whiny and don't take responsibility for themselves now a days. It's always everyone else's fault...
You didnt purchase a protective shield? Ebay has kits with glass with instructions on how to replace it yourself. 
The back of my nexus 4 cracked over the weekend and I have no idea how it happened. I did not drop the phone at all it was only in my pocket. That HTC ONE is looking very interesting to me right now, but I'll wait to see what samsung comes out with
Why do you people not have a case on your devices. 
Maybe google or LG will make it right for you?? Its worth a try. Im being sarcastic of course but its worth a try. Just try and remember next time that damn near anything will slip off of a not-perfectly-flat surface. 
Put a case on it. If you don't, then you gotta be extra careful. It's the same as leaving a drink right next to a laptop... You're asking for it 
+Jonathan Berry Jonathan I totally agree about not wanting to cover a phone up with a case. I like to show off the design of the phone not bulk it up with a case.
Joe 2
The N4 was a Fail. No LTE. Glass & slippery. No expandable storage. And Most importantly to me.... NOT ENOUGH STOCK. I left AT&T for the Galaxy Nexus on VZW and those awesome updates (not). Then I left VZW (before contract was up) for Tmo. I wanted a N4. Out of stock on play store so I picked up a GS3. Now that the PlayStore has them, and I already bought a phone, Tmo offers the N4 for $49 on a contract.
What's the point of a nexus device that doesn't get timely updates (Gnex)?
Or offering a nice phone for less money without having enough?
Google has to step it up. 
This thread demonstrates the maturity of Google+ as a social network. It's packed with idiots calling each other names and completely failing to engage with the actual discussion. 
You will get your new phone soon. Google keeps an eye on you.
ok that's a really awesomely the most realistic cracked wallpaper i have ever seen! most of them looks really fake, that one looks very real! ;p
My BB Torch flew out of my hand after my arm got hit hard, it flew several feet and landed on asphalt. Screen is perfect, couple of dings on the metal.
Just sayin!
The Note 2 is just as stupidly slippery, but plastic. Slicker than a snowboard. Mine's now in an otterbox commuter case.
Cool Screen-Saver!
Oh, you mean it's really broken?
What? Crazy... My daughter throws my OneX down the wooden flight of stairs every day, sometimes dropping it from the railing upstairs first, 10 foot drop... She seems to enjoy it, and after a year of it, it's still in perfect working order...

Seriously reconsidering my decision to 'upgrade' to n4 next month... 
Protective cases, one stop solution to phone slip/drop woes. :)
Thanks for the post.I'm just asking,why couldn't they use something like gorilla glass or something that would be compatible ? 
I put a xtreme guard invisible shield on the back, it doesn't slip off anymore and the invisible shield doesn't even appear to be there
I recommend you go purchase a warranty and then pay your deductible and get another one...LOL
+Chris Lacy Call 02 9648 6374. That's the LG Repair Center. They'll fix it for $150 (including shipping back to you). I had mine done recently. They don't even delete anything off your phone. 
I cracked my HOX+ within 1 month of owning it because some kid ran his bike into me as i was walking... Cracked phones are not the best
Everyone that keeps saying "have a case, blah blah." There are people that exist that DON'T WANT A CASE. geez... We shouldn't have to baby our phones with a freaking case. If we do then what's the point of claiming to have a beautiful phone if you're going to just cover it up with a case?
It sucks because my phone landed face first.....
wondering if the xperia z would suffer the same problem but worse
Lets spend 300 dollars on a phone and do nothing to protect it.
I'm missing the logic.
Liu Hu
My Nexus 4 toppled on ground as well and it got several cracks on the glass back. Fortunately the screen was no crack.
It's really a bad design with such smooth glass back without any protection measure. Seems lots of people confront the same problem when using this phone. So anyone who purchased or is going to purchase this phone, please put it in a case at the first second you begin to use it.
So much for Gorilla glass. My son's N4 lasted less than a week before shattering. I think that there are a lot of new Google Nexus 4 users with a broken device. My guess is that Google took LG's word that the device passed all stress tests. Hard to believe that Google would be okay with it being such a fragile device. 
You wouldn't go a day without insurance on your car or house and yet you chastise others for not making your phone invincible.  Always protect your investments.
Grab a Ringke slim case for 5 bucks on Amazon. Adds no bulkiness to the phone, doesn't interfere with the curved glass edges on the front, has holes cut out for the physical buttons, and it uses a fantastic feeling soft touch plastic. Best 5 dollars I've ever spent. 
You're just too emotional about what happened. I understand, it's barely 2weeks old. Use a bumper/ phone case next time.
+Jonathan Berry I hate cases as well but the bumper case has saved my N4 a bunch of times already and you barely feel it's there! 
Doesn't matter what my phone, it goes in a case. These suckers are so expensive to replace, I don't know why you wouldn't case it. Yeah, it may be a little more bulky, but I'll take bulky over broken any day! 
I could never figure that out. The iUsers claim a glass back gave a premium feel to their phones. I don't remember ever feeling a sense of 'premium' when I touched a mirror or window. I think this was just a boneheaded move by LG...which Android/Google had no control of. LG was just trying to copy apple before apple wised up and removed their own glass backs. Sorry about your phone though dude...hopefully it doesn't give you a bad impression of Android in general. LG needs to step up their game.
And this is the reason.. I sold my N4 and went back to my Note 2 and S3..
just think of your phone as a live grenade, then maybe next time you will think twice about where you set it
Bon K
Those who believed it was a bad design to go with glass back maybe you should have looked at some other devices or get some protection right away when you get the phone. Everyone knew the phone had glass front and back and a lot of reviewer talked about cracking and shattering. It's not like they didn't tell you it's made of glass and you realized when you dropped it.
I feel bad for you. I've been there done that and it almost brings a tear to your eye. 
Rob Go
Galaxy Nexus FTW.
Nexus 4 not good in att network... Searching my iPhone :-)

Mine slid too. I was just careful about where I set it down until I was able to order a bumper. Bumper helps a lot. Doesn't slide around anymore. Glass back can be an issue but this is still one awesome phone. 
Mine has slipped off of a Window ledge that is flat. All good no breaks. Want to buy mine. Decent price. Going to stay with my GS3
The hard fact is, the phone didnt make itself fall and hit the floor. Taking care of your phone and not putting it down in stupid places is all part of owning it. Do you leave your dog standing on the edge of the road while you go get a danish?

I love the look of the nexus and would have bought one if my carrier had it available when I upgraded a few weeks ago. That it is made of a breakable material is in no part a fault of the manufacturer. Its a simple few laws called "physics" and "gravity". ALL materials will become breakable at a certain velocity of impact, and blaming this on someone else, to me, seems immature. Like a 3 month old baby trying to come to terms with what evil force of nature made their little tub of smoosh traverse from their high chair to the floor.
My Galaxy S2 is also a slippery character without a case. I dropped it the 2nd day I owned it.
Super shitty deal, I say grab a rifle, form a posse and track down that lead foot yetti an make his furry ass pay for a new nex4..
Worth it to buy N4? I am confused now
I sweat like a mother fucker every time I put this thing down
Alex A
Thats why it will be awesome when Google opens its own store and offers something similar to apple care people can get.
Don't blame google, blame LG. they're the ones who make it...
I would like to see a mobile device manufacturer come out with a smartphone encased in stainless steel.
I cracked the back of my nexus 4 after only having for four weeks.   A pumper is highly recommended.  
+Chris Lacy That's brutal man, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't Get why in the world they chose freaking glass foot the N4 with no LTE and a tiny battery. Went to a T-Mobile store to try it out and while nice it's not the phone for Me. Sticking to my abused yet uncracked rooted gnex
+Bon K But who talked about how the glass back could CAUSE it to fall and break? Of course you shouldn't drop it, but he wasn't expecting it to drop. I can think of at least one surface that I safely place my current phone on that I now know would not support a Nexus 4.
that sucks but good thing its still usable,wish i had one
Can't you hook up a USB keyboard mouse to it
2 months in with no case and still haven't stopped mine. Be careful.
Who cares? Your the douchesnozzle who left it on a non flat surface. Who does that with their new phone? I treat every new phone like a baby making sure not to drop it or leave it in harms way. You broke your phone. Samsung did not. Doofus.
It happened to my 2 week old one too, couldnt even use the touchscreen after and that was from a 2 ft. drop...getting it back from LG Friday im curious about the bill..
Bo King
Lumia 920 is beastly as hell only gets little edge scratches. I really want a nexus 4 as a backup device 
I put a hardened glass screen protector from x-gear on my G-nex and dropped it hard onto concrete and the front glass smashed, but when I peeled of the shattered protector, the glass under it was perfect, the glass protector did its job. I got the Galaxy note 2 and got a glass screen protector for that also, it's designed to take the hit and protect your phone and it works, plus it's glass and feels like the original screen. 
So this is the new design for the phone, like it lol so sorry.
I feel you. I put mine in a rubber case. Dropped a few times n still ok
The glass back is such a bad design decision. Double the likelihood the device will break to gain absolutely nothing? I really hope they don't continue making nexus devices like this. The ideal backing would be rubberized like that on the nexus 7. This is a deal breaker.
That's what you get, why would you buy a phone with a design that been criticize so many times
this is exactly why didn't buy a N4... I've owned all of the previous nexus devices, even the G1, but i dont think i will even own a nexus 4
Ming Er
+Chris Edmiston tots agree.  we gained absolutely NOTHING from the glass back.  Google wants us to fetisize our phones like the iLemmings do.  No thanks.

If you are planning to get a N4, by the case NOW before the phone arrives, so you will have protection from day 1.
If it weren't the glass back it would be something else people would cry about. Devices break when they're dropped, all of them. If you want something durable that will never break, buy a block of would and draw pictures on it... with crayon.
Biggest mistake LG made was not to warn consumers that this phone is made of glass covers and if not properly handled, will break, just like any other glass object
It seems to slide even on flat surfaces... When I place it on any slightly slick surface it glides like an air hockey puck. I just know it's going to break one day. I hate cases but it seems like I may have to give in and cover it. sorry about your phone.
Same thing happened to mine. 5 days new... The same day I smashed my Galaxy Nexus... The GNexus was fine and still worked... It was an expensive day... smh
Buying a phone (or any other device) that costs over $150 means that a case is mandatory as well as a screen protector. Now you have a very expensive paperweight that can potentially slice you open.  
It's reasons like this that I roll with Otterbox cases. Aesthetics be damned, I need my phone to work. 
Everyone buy a Motorola RAZR..then this won't happen to you
I did this, secretly I prefer apple. Me and jobsy go way back
That really does suck... but, I mean... they did sell a bumper to go along with it, right? I bought both, and just got mine in the mail two weeks ago also. I've had one drop, from a desk to a wooden floor, and thankfully the bumper took the brunt of the impact. Sorry to see such a beautiful device end up like this. :(
Lou F
I've dropped my RAZR many times. On concrete, tile, asphalt...still works perfectly. Don't think I could get a glass phone. I really like Motorola/google (now) phones. Probably the only phones I'll buy for now
I have seen this with mine as well.  I have seen it slide off of many resting places that I assumed would be fine.  It does stick quite nicely to the not-flat cordless charging orb.  The rings on the orb have a pseudo-sticky surface similar to those reusable plastic window stickers.
I will create a parking place for my nexus 4.
I dropped my Samsung Galaxy S3 many times while skateboarding and it is just fine, only slight scratches to the edges, non to the screen... The Nexus 4 glass must be bad quality.

I can literally fling my Galaxy S3 5 feet in front of me and be certain it will be fine when it hits the ground. It was made to be that way.
It broke from the front...not the back right? But the post was written about back glass, I am confused why the post was written about back glass if front was broken. All phones have glasses in front. 
I winced when I saw this pic.
Thank you for the heads up, I'm planning on getting a 4 within the next couple months.
There is a physical Play Store? Another reason I will never buy LG.

BUY A RAZR! Problem solved.
sry for u , but i like nexus 4
I've dropped my nexus 7 from about waist height and its fine
Dropped my N7 today for the first time, and got my foot between it and the ceramic tile floor. Tablet - fine. Foot - sore and bruised. Me - happy :-)
tu peux lui changer exterieur de l'ecran c'est pas si cher et il se trouve des videos youtube sur ce topics ta qua aller chez magazin de depannage 
And this is why we can't have nice things
Hope the next phone they bring back the rubberized back cover like on the galaxy nexus. I hate the glass back. Get the poetic hardback protective case for the nexus 4. Awesome. 
I recently learned that my coffee table was not level due to this.
Buy a rubber case and your problem is solved. Besides, the addition of rubber protects it even more should you drop it and highly unlikely that the glass surface will ever have contact with the floor.
+John Holmes Funny thing, same shit happened with me when my nexus 7 dropped and I put my front in between it and floor.
Results -
Foot - bruised
Floor - happy
N7 - back popped off quite a bit, had to apply force to snap it back in. 
Why do people buy an expensive gadget and no protective case for a fraction of the cost?
Sir, you are a dumbass.
Mine just dropped 4 feet onto a tile and survived just fine...although I had the bumper on it...
I'm not surprised.  These companies found out they had tons of money to make years ago when they noticed so many people were breaking their phones. what did they do in response? they took water damage  out of the insurance policies. They put bullshit sensors in them that tell technicians when your phone has been exposed to water (I say bullshit because I had a phone I NEVER got wet, denied service because the sensor randomly went off inside). After that they saw that a ton of the phones getting repaired were because of screen damage so what did they do? Remove screen and glass damage from the policies. They make a crap ton of money on you replacing your phone at full price after water or glass damage.

 The next step is to continue to make the phone more susceptible to damage. The Iphone5 became aluminum instead of brushed steel and they now bend in your pocket. The Nexus 4 has a glass back?   Thanks consumerism!
Seems even stranger someone would buy one and then complain when it broke.
+Chris Lacy you left this on your wallet?! Seriously thats your excuse a wallet which is almost nevrer flat if you actually have something in it. The more i read your excuses the more i want to slap you. Admit the fact you screwed up and broke your phone. it wasnt google that dropped it or an lg build flaw it was your carelessness.
No More glass on nexus5!!
well im dealing with probably the worst case ever for my n4 and I'm luckily doing just fine
I'll be sure to get me a titanium back cover. If it helps at all
Mine crack yesterday , waiting for nexus 5 or motorola x now ahhhhhh life
Nice phone... Tooo bad that its not sold here where I like.
If it was ,that would be coool
Sorry bro mine stayed in the box until my case came. Cause I know I'll drop it. Good luck! 
Love my otterbox. whips phone across the room, hits the wall yeah. I like that s**t. 
I drop mine all the time. Not a crack yet :-P
It seems simple to me. If you value your device, no matter a Nexus or iPhone, or tablet, or whatever, you get over your case phobia and protect your device. I have no sympathy for people who don't protect their investment.
I hope u a all hve lovely day
Not surprising considering the fact that this is made by LG! 
my htc sensation and moto razr maxx hd fly all over my room and they are still like new, sucks to have a nexus4 I guess lol
I dropped my HTC one X from a height of 5 ft on a very rough surface , full of jagged edges. It bounced 4-5 times and came to a stop. Little bit of paint peeled off from a rounded edge - that much to it.
They are smart, the more phones we break, the more phones we consume....they don't care about your one broken phone. Its many broken phones that generate profit...i have my smart phone in a plastic rubber case thing, but also i attached a plumbers faucet "O" ring with a strong light string..its habit to put my finger in the ring, so if i fumble over concrete, the phone is saved. Also, i can just hang it on a tack in the wall while charging....sorry to hear about your phone...when you get cracked my screen app....

when you break it you have to buy another that,s why 
It is slippery. And you knew about the back when you ordered it. What's the complaint again?
Don't hold a Nexus 4 with sweaty hands... simple as that! :)
Dropped 2 times on solid floor when i woke up, still no scratch at all, using nillkin case now n feels safer, buy good sturdy case if u'r afraid things goes bad, smart consumer n good investment
I'm sorry. Did you say that you choseto buy a phone, that was all glass, and it broke? 
this is how u can define crap
Ok dude, I'll help you out. Go on Ebay and look up LGN4 bumper or Diztronic N4 case. I have one in my LGOG and it's great. The Diztronic that is, no more sliding and it's a perfect fit. Check it out on YouTube, great reviews. Sorry about your phone, good luck !
Body prophylactics...don't go into battle without one....
Seriously guys. Tech is not meant to be dropped, so quit whining and take better care of your phones.
That must suck....!!! I would freak out if my phone looked like that!
Yuh need a bloodclaat otterbax
+Miles McQueen how about lets spend 300 and cover the thing up until it is unrecognizable. Where's the logic in that?
One of the reasons I'm still holding up on upgrading my GNex to the Nexus 4 was it's fragile but beautiful glass back. The Galaxy Nexus' back might not be as pretty as the N4's back but it sure is durable.
My S3 went splat the glass cracked by the touchscreen is intact. Did you have insurance? 
My +1 represents sympathy, not like. Having received my one yesterday, I'm still too scared to remove the screen protector that came with it. Also, the UK is out of bumpers to buy. Official ones anyway. 
If you'll buy a glass phone ill sell you a glass house.....when you do that your setting yourself up for these fun things .....either get a case or insurance or have

So sad. Mine fell a few feet onto tiles and not a scratch on it. I now have cover in case I'm not so lucky next time...
I love the glass back, I think it looks awesome. I've got mine insured though.
For every liability there is a creative solution. Invent a phone cover with those octopus suction cups, like the toy you threw at the fridge when you were a kid, sell many. Make millions. Buy many phones....and a new car!!
Chris Lacey: without wishing to be pedantic I think probably those who DO own a Nexus 4 are the ones needing to be aware of this characteristic.
And Oh boy! Isn't the sound of a £500 phone hitting deck one of the most unpleasant sounds you want to hear !
Agreed - so sad to see it looking like 25% of iPhones, all busted up and no place to go.  The glass back almost persuaded me not to get an N4 - but I've had it in a gel case or bumper case since I had it.  That kind of sucks because it looks great out of a case and my three previous smartphones went without a case and the all survived 7 years of use with many, many drops.  Yes the cases got banged up a bit but the screen never ever broke and took barely a scratch.

I find it strange that the Sony Xperia Z, a supposedly rugged water and dust proof camera went down the all glass route too.  I think the new HTC One has the right idea - solid aluminum back.  

I just hope the new Motorola Nexus device at the end of the year isn't another glatasstrophy.  Time was when Motorola was known for making rugged, extremely good quality phones with very good reception, they just looked like cr*p. However that was a long time ago and I haven't seen a Motorola phone that looked amazing was was fantastic quality.  Hopefully Google can make that happen...
Well I guess you could also say no one forced you to not use a case, just saying before I even had the Nexus 4 in my hand I knew it would need a case to avoid such an accident
Get a damn case next time you idiot hahahaha
Check out Poetic, their bumpers are as close to the real thing as can be gotten.
1. Don´t drop your phone!
2. Use a case!
3. Don´t be a jerk about it
They survive fall alright, but there is, or can be, impaired functionality - tiny things often!
I personally love the glass back on my Nexus 4...
I've been somewhat paranoid about mine. I left the crappy plastic on the screen and back and I set it on my leg when at the computer and don't set it on any flat surfaces unless it's on top of something. That's mostly due to the horror stories I've heard about the glass cracking just from the temperature of the counters and stuff like that. I have one of those Ringke Fusion cases on the way and just got the wireless charging orb today. I figure that's the best way to keep it safe while still being able to see the disco patterns on the back. I plan to use this phone for a while so I want to take good care of it.
Motherboard is damage when phone is drop only 20 time the motherboard's nano wire gone break so no one company sown d drop test of mob

It's a technologically advanced slip-and-slide.  I often find mine on the floor next to my bedside table.
I received my phone yesterday and am loving it so far. Will be careful around tables and other semi high surfaces :) 
So the front cracked? Did the back crack also?
Can't see what is so challenging about getting a case. Yes it does look nice but it is also glass.
I have the same problem with u, but my own is still very sensinble disfd d scrn is crack 2 line, but its Android (T1).

Footsteps? You can tell he lives in a mobile home. Other then that you must of been aware of the possible accidents that can occur with this device. No case? Wow someone needs extra cash...
Do not worry brothet. It can replaced easily...
Feel for you. I got a case for this reason, I was worried it would slide off the desk. Shame you have to ugly up the phone to stop this from happening.
It's a glass device. Presumably you knew that before you got it? Look after it properly and stop complaining.
Same happened to me... £102 to fix.. :-(
Just my question now, HOW THE FUCK CAN PLEASE LET THEIR PHONE FALL IN THEIR TOILET. Fap lessons is what you need
You dropped your phone... don't blame the designers...
One reason (main) I didn't by one. Mate at work has HTC one x screen shattered after a tap, still usable. I treat mine like a newborn...
Disposable flip phone for the win. 
"When you drop your phone, we want it to go cracccck instead. That sounds so much better, doesn't it?"
Serves you right for being so careless, then whining about it, and then blaming the company for the product that you KNOWINGLY bought anyway (at a damn good price too) for the lack of abrasiveness on the backside. Please switch to iPhone, smart guy.
Should have got samsung to make it. LG are the worst, they need to stick to tv's 
Totally agree with your comments on the N4. It's like having a damn 4S again. I'm just waiting for the inevitable drop. Incidentally, I dropped my SGN numerous times without so much as a scratch. 
Its cheap you can buy again. Lol.
Never not got a case.Too scared I'll damage a £400 device. Although I think I've only dropped a phone three times since 1991 lol!!
Glass needs not much external help, nor lubricant to slip from any, non horizontal surface.
Don't blame the others for your errors.
Why make phones we have to put covers on. Defeats the purpose, but if we don't they break if dropped! 
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