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Link Bubble 1.3 is OUT NOW

It features Android Wear integration for article previews, expanded notification controls, improvements to Incognito Mode and when running the L Preview, refined animations and a host of usability tweaks and bug fixes.

I appreciate the Wear integration might raise a few eyebrows, so allow me to explain my thinking here. It works very simply: if Link Bubble is able to extract article content from a bubble that has loaded, that text content will be pushed to your Wear device. 

From here, the behavior is exactly as when previewing new emails with Gmail. 

This feature is absolutely not intended as a full browsing experience. But it is handy in the event you say click a few links in Twitter, get distracted and put your phone in your pocket. 

At a later point you can opt to skim a link on your Wear device to decide whether it's worth your time reading further, and opt to close the tab or specify that it open when you go back to your phone. 

It is of course optional, so if you don't want it, don't use it :)

The full change log for Link Bubble 1.3 is as follows:
• NEW: Text content from a link can be displayed on Android Wear devices (requires Pro). Links can also be opened/closed on your device via Wear.
• NEW: Link Bubble can now be 'hidden' via the notification. When hidden, the app will still be running, just no longer visible (thus enabling background YouTube playback or similar).
• IMPROVEMENT: Much smoother animation when web content slides on/off screen.
• IMPROVEMENT: Restore slide-in animation when the first link begins to load.
• IMPROVEMENT: Add hack to stop Pocket from displaying when you add links to it.
• IMPROVEMENT: Link Bubble is minimized when links are sent to external apps when running the L Preview.
• IMPROVEMENT: "Intercept links from" works correctly for Android 4.4 and below.
• IMPROVEMENT: Cookies are now enabled in Incognito Mode, but cleared at the end of the session.
• IMPROVEMENT: Changing the Incognito Mode setting forces open bubbles to be reloaded.
• CHANGE: Tabs from the previous session are no longer automatically restored. A prompt is now displayed requiring confirmation to restore these tabs.
• CHANGE: Periodically empty cached web data.
• CHANGE: The "Intercept links from" option has unfortunately been disabled for those running the L Preview due to the Android API required for this functionality being depreciated by Google.
• BUG FIX: Fix rare issue where no tabs would display and pressing the device's Home button failed to close Link Bubble.
• BUG FIX: Fix issue where web content sometimes failed to slide on screen.
• BUG FIX: Fix issue where bubble favicon is not updated after the Pro trial has finished.
• BUG FIX: Fix issue where "Unable to launch 3rd party application" toast erroneously displayed.

Oh, and a final note: Link Bubble is still on sale, but it won't be for much longer, so if you want to upgrade to Pro, there won't be a better time for a good while than now.

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Oh look, my one of The favorite app just got another HUGE update!!!!!
Awesome. Time to let the Moto360 to be released!
I guess if you added Wear support, you do use it heavily. Is it really that useful to you?
This update solve problem with s4 and s5 browser. Now work like a charm.
5 stars on play store! !!
I was hoping for an option to let the bubble hide itself better (i.e., slide out more/get smaller) but at least we have the hiding from the notification option now. Thanks for the good work!
+Pavel Azroyan I'm hoping to find the time to detail my Wear impressions further, but yeah, I like it.
+Chris Lacy I see that Italian language Is not fully translate. Some parts are in English yet.
If you give me the value I think can translate It for tomorrow evening.
Finding the view-bubble transition really slow. The app is meant to cumulatively save as much time as possible when it comes to links, but this lengthens it just that little bit. 
That wear functionality makes me want something similar for pebble XD
+José Alvarez Núñez Reading Mode is still there, but as always it only appears if text can be extracted from a page, which isn't always the case. 
An option to hide the slightly annoying undo toast added in the previous version would be nice if you're looking for items for the next release.
The animations are so slow now and they doesn't seem to be smoother either they are just slower. 
I was just looking for solutions to find a way to fix "Intercept links from..." on Link bubble, and there it is! 

 IMPROVEMENT: "Intercept links from" works correctly for Android 4.4 and below.

I think it should be labeled a Bug fix, rather than an Improvement. But anyway, thanks +Chris Lacy! Hope Link Bubble will remember my preferences after the update.
Two points, if you'll indulge me:
1. New animations are nice, but way too slow, like others said
2. The notification: "Close all" is too drastic an option to be the default, I think, and it swapping places with "unhide" when you go the other route is needlessly confusing. «Touch to hide/unhide. Expand if you want to close all.» That's simpler, no?
I LOVE the new animations lol.  They are a tiny bit slow, but doesn't bother me at all, I like the effect.
I still have issues where vine links don't work..Just shows a blank page
Great update, thanks a lot! A minor complaint I have since the release of Link Bubble is that the bubble on top wastes a lot of screen space. While I have no specific idea how the design could be changed to improve screen usage, I think it should be possible, right?
+Chris Lacy have you thought about link bubble so when showing a opened link it is in a card style like on Android wear.. So right now you see what's behind the opened link at the top of the screen. What if instead of the browser taking up the whole bottom,left and right side of the display you make the browser a tad smaller by a few lines so the link looks and feels like a layer above the app that it is being displayed on top of.imo anyways it will look better. Lol not sure if you get what I'm trying to put across but hope you do. 
One minor UX thing that my dad brought up. You should make the bubble pick up animation have the bubbles you didn't pick up float off the screen, instead of under the bubble you picked up as it functions now. He was afraid to drag to the x because he thought, since all the bubbles are supposedly under that one bubble, it would close all of them.
LinkBubble was causing ridiculous battery drain, even on days that I did not touch my phone at all and LinkBubble was closed. Had to uninstall it. Perhaps that can be the next improvement, now that the L preview has better battery analysis tools.
It's always a pleasure reading Chris Lacy and Carlo Savignano's changelogs
+Chris Lacy can you make default to open the links in text mode? Thanks! Great app! great update as usual :)
Ah, the change to not restore the tabs is an appreciated one.

I stopped using link bubble partially because I was getting some crazy hangs. (15-20+ bubbles, and I'd end up in the same place after a kill when I clicked the next link and it rehydrated. didn't see a handy way to preemptively close all the bubbles, IIRC)

I'm looking forward to L for the webview spdy proxy capability. (I'd love to see it even sooner)
How do I activate the Wear notifications? Or it just works if the site has info to show and Link Bubble can parse it? I tried opening a link and leaving it on my Nexus 5, turn it off and never showed up on my G Watch. Not a biggy but wanted to see how it works.
TY! but please bring back old animation or speed it this one up!
+Chris Lacy why don't you implement drag to select introduced in kitkat?
Yours is the only app (I use) one can't use this handy feature.
Already mentioned by others, and I'm sure you're on the case, but the animations on my Nexus 7 (2013) are awfully slow. 
+Philip Sieder you mean in the action bar? That will come once L arrives and Google's new ToolBar class is available. 
+Chris Lacy finally! (yes that's what I meant)
One more thing to look forward to... (why don't you use a custom implementation?) 
+Chris Lacy how about a toggle in the settings to not pause the app which I am running 'underneath' Link bubble? Sometimes I am waiting for some media to load, on YouTube for example, but I still have a bubble open which I then would like to read, but then YouTube stops loading. So for my use case it would be very useful to not pause running app. 
+Chris Lacy And still no update of the Polish translation? I know these were my mistakes, but I corrected them. Still seeing them is killing me :-). 
+Chris Lacy I'm using chrome beta and have disabled stock chrome. When I ask link bubble to send a link to chrome it says no default browser installed. Do you think there could be a fix for that issue? Cheers 
+Jaime Uribe ~95% of Link Bubble's battery usage is down to rendering the web. There's little I can do to fix this. Best course of action is to close bubbles when you don't need them.
+Chris Lacy I guess I'll have to.. its running 20 - 30% of the battery, since the update.. I'll restart my phone and/or reinstall.. Thnx
Keep up the good work man. One of the best apps I ever bought. 
What I'd like to see is that the bubbles fade away when you're in a full screen app like YouTube video playback or Press, just as Facebook's Chatheads do. When I'm in an app using immersive mode, I don't want anything else to be on the screen. It's especially annoying within YouTube to always have the bubbles visible.
I like the new animation but I feel it's a bit too slow. Any chance of making it faster? 
Great update, thanks! +Alex Richards  Yeah, an option to change the animation speed would be really nice!
Bug reports:
1. Animation is smooth but opening a bubble feels kinda slow, maybe speed it up a little. 
2. When clicking a bubble on the side the background options (share picker, etc.) appear on screen briefly and then disappear, maybe put a delay so they appear after a sec or so and not instantly after you click on the bubble just to read the opened link.

App feels a loot smoother now, it only really misses an option to hide/shrink/minimize the upper bubbles, since, as they're now, they take too much screen estate to give the user no relevant information, even on a 1080p phone, bubble + address bar eat up almost the 25% of usable screen space to give the user just a glance at how many links he opened and the address bar. Good job anyway. 
Perfect, are round versions of android wear also supported?
Updated and noticed an immediate speed difference from LB 1.2. Definitely an improvement!
+Chris Lacy the newest update is really great, thanks! However what's really strange is that while the animation is now completely smooth on my phone it started lagging as hell on my tablet with the newest update and it seems to last really long... So it's better on the phone but worse on the tablet (maybe to much space?) could you please do anything about it? 
palu di
+Chris Lacy thanks for the update, it's great. I have some recommendations, most of them are already posted:
1. The new animation is too slow, the way it was before was much better in my opinion.
2. Maybe you could change the notification to «Touch to hide/unhide. Expand if you want to close all.»  as suggested from someone before.
3. It would be better if the first bubble is the one that opens first, because it had more time to load. The last bubble isn't loaded most of the time but it shows up first.
- A reload all bubbles option would be good... this could be on both the overflow menu and one of the 2 expanded notification spots (1 space currently unused as far as i can tell)
- Swapping close all and hide (as was previously mentioned) would be a 'safer' option for the notification too
- When restarting the app and it asking if you want to reload closed bubbles, have the whole toast open them and the right side action close (and keep it on screen for a bit longer - preferably until dismissed...)
After the new update I have to always clear private data so that pages load again. Is there a fix for this?
Hi +Chris Lacy , thanks for an awesome app. I was wondering - is it possible for Link Bubble to sync passwords/forms etc. with Chrome at all? or is there a system/API limitation which prohibits this from occurring?
I am having page not loading as well. There were also a few times that the bubbles get stuck and can't be activated. I'm using N4 with CM11 nightly. But thanks for a great app! 
How about "Save All" and/or "Share All". Best ever app for android - just my opinion! 
The animations on the lg g3 are so painfully slow it makes me not want to use this app..Which sucks because this is right up there in my list of must haves. I suspect it has something to do with the resolution..any chance you could fix this please? :( +Chris Lacy
+Chris Lacy with the latest update the back button closes the bubble completely. i think the previous behavior of just closing the bubble page and keeping the bubble afloat was more logical. also, the animations are better, still there's some unpleasant lag when the bubble is about to hit X for example. 
+Chris Lacy any chance to change the layout in landscape mode? The bubble + the header take 1/3 of my screen, so there is not much space left for the website I am looking for. Maybe the layout could be the same as it is in portrait just rotated 90degress to the left side? 
+Chris Lacy what frame rate is the animations in link bubble. It surely can't be 30fps. It seems like it's around the 20fps at most. My only real gripe with link bubble is the lack of smoothness when opening a link. Hope this is fixed in the next update. If you can get 60fps it would be a great. It does get annoying when I do everything else on my phone which is smooth and then when I open a link it's just not up to par. 
+Taz Hoque won't be in the next update, but hopefully not long after that. There are few issues that bother me more than this, and I'm anxious to fix.