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Action Launcher 2.1 beta is rolling out

Changes as attached. I'm still planning to include unread count functionality in 2.1, but I've still got more work to do on this yet so that's not a part of this beta. I figured it better to release this first beta with these new features now for those starved for updates than delay it until that functionality is ready.

Instructions to join the beta:
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Oh "knock off" - that's very neat!
Thank you for your work +Chris Lacy I've been waiting patiently for this update, and it sure looks like you have been busy! Love your work man keep it up!!!
The screen off on double tap is an option? Going to conflict horribly with Muzei for me...
+Ian Lake ah I'd not considered Muzei... Yes, it's an option. But it defaults to on. I should probably change that.
This looks like a fun update. Many thanks, Chris. 
Thank you +Chris Lacy!
I almost gave up hope in Action Launcher (been using it since first beta) and went to Nova yesterday. Now I'm going back to this great set of new and long-awaited features!
Thank you! Double tap to sleep was the biggest feature I missed from other launchers. Now if Play will just show me the update already... 
Love the launcher. How about some badges? Like nova launcher 
+Chris Lacy Had an argument the other day with someone who was trying to say Action Launcher is dead and then boom you r elease something. Well played. Imma send him this link.
Wow! Nice work +Chris Lacy! Looking forward to this one for sure.

Is the "knock-off" feature optional? I only ask because Muzei uses double-tap to temporarily unblur the wallpaper. 
I know. Was just giving you a hard time. 
You've been busy I see good sir lol
um, is everyone else getting the update? i'm a beta tester but i don't have the update anywhere
He says its rolling out which means it will probably be out in a little bit.
Is it possible to make the quick page and app draw slide out 1 to 1 with the finger(1 swipe beta). Not sure if it's possible but would look better if I swiped out with your finger instead of just a gesture. 
Would you consider Individual App Icon resizing in  a future update? That would be amazing! 
Looking forward to the 'OK Google' function and tap to sleep. 
Really hope the app updates its removed from home screen is dead and buried...
+Shade Miller generally if an application is updated the short cut is removed from the home screen been like this forever I'm on 2.0.4 m7 tried both sense official and gpe
Lock or unlock desktop doesn't matter
Turning my phone off and then back on let me update right away. 
Lovely update. Been playing with it. Had a few crashes. But none after I rebooted the Phone. Great stuff.
Everything working great here so far. Thanks!
It is a sigh that "Ok, Google" need 4.4.
Omfgwtfbbqsauce 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Perhaps I'm late to the party, but are you not updating the Pro version of this app anymore?
First Link bubble, now double tap to turn screen off. I'm developing a man crush on you, Chris.
Awesome, can't wait! I can't use the ok Google feature, but that's OK. Does the knock off feature need 4.4 as well? 
+Chris Lacy I have a trouble, I can't use muzei live wallpaper and screen off option at the same time, what about an option to choose between double or triple taping 😅
+Sergio A. Miranda That will likely have to wait until a time if/when I provide fully configurable gesture support.
Finally I've been so excited for this

When Nova announced their awesome calendar icon api, i tried it out. It took five minutes of thinking "that's pretty neat" before i switched back to action launcher. Awesome work as always +Chris Lacy!!
+Chris Lacy Under Settings > "Ok Google" voice activation it should say "Note: Google doesn't..."
Also, thanks for the great app and a solid update.
+Chris Lacy amazing update! It has become unthinkable to use any other launcher since I first bought ALP V1. You've managed to streamline the mobile experience and make this a necessity for so many of us. Between this and Link Bubble, you're a goddamn Rockstar! Well done! 
Thank you +Chris Lacy! Now I can enjoy my pro version of actionlauncher without having to see the shutter/cover icons! Great!
+Chris Lacy Icon scaling is reset post upgrading to this beta and doesn't apply changes. Tried restarting the launcher and tried again to no avail. Tried returning to stock launcher and back to AL to no avail.

Gnex runnning android 4.3
+Chris Lacy Simply brilliant! Hope you're enjoying a few cold beers to celebrate this latest beta...

More of a 'nice to have' for consistency than anything: Any plans to make the folder size scalable like +Teddy Sommavilla has suggested.

I use covers rather than folders but could see why folder size would be important to some people. 
+Stuart Midgley Folders are the same size as app icons. Google made the same change in 4.4. No plans here.
Hmm, where to find an empty space on my homescreen to make that double tap ... ;)
so, icon scaling (incl. dock) works fine for everyone else? 
Thank you so much for this +Chris Lacy! This is a massive update. I'd posted on the beta page I'd like the ability to remove the shutter indicator, but I've got that and so much more! This is awesome. Now only if google enabled 'Ok, Google' for English(India) :(
Any word on the unread notification  count? 
Is it possible to get the beta feature if I have the paid version already installed?
The first line of chris posting is about unead count, 20 people have to aks what is about unread count. I don't get it anger
The scaling works with the dock, but one thing i dont like is no matter how res the icons is, the icons is ugly on the edges anyway :(
This update is great. I'll be honest I've been using nova and google now launcher due to the a few annoyances and lack up updates but I keep it installed so I'd know when it did get updated. The icon scaling is huge!

I only have one minor thing I want and that's a graphical add/remove/reorder interface. I really thing Googles way is the best way too IMO since it automatically adds and removes as needed and doesn't require more clutter to the launcher settings. And then long less to bring up the reorder/ select default (well that's not stock but trebuchet on cm added the default screen feature and works great)

Hate to request features since I know this launcher isn't about ULTRA MEGA CUSTOMIZATION WITH 200 SETTINGS SUB MENUS! lol
+Chris Lacy Lacy I just launched my PC, went to Facebook, clicked a link, and was very surprised it didn't launch in Link Bubble. Go you.
No luck for me. Installed update and unread count app. Enabled, made sure it had proper apps picked and rebooted. Sms and missed calls are not working for me.
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