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Action Launcher 1.0.3 is live in the Play Store

This release fixes the troubles placing certain widgets, as well as the app's overall stability. I apologize for having these issues slip through the cracks in the initial release. 

I've also closed the DRM loophole. I'm confident this solution will not adversely effect people who legitimately purchased the app, but please do let me know if you have any issues. 

This release is also significant because I have abandoned the ill-fated 'download another apk' process and moved the actual launcher into the Action Launcher Pro apk. Future updates will now roll out as you expect. Please follow the in-app prompt to remove the old version. 

I've also created a G+ community, which is the official place to post feature requests, bug reports, or general feedback:

Finally, I would like to thank each and every one you who bought the initial release. Your support is hugely appreciated. I have big plans for this project going forward, and I very much hope you will enjoy the features I have planned for you in the near future :)
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I am loving this app/launcher. +Chris Lacy is there any place I can put in feature request or just general ideas
I'd to have an option to hide apps from the side panel, with a 'show all' option of some sort.
I really like action launcher. But with this update placing widgets crashes even more on my galaxy nexus. There are a few widgets I can set. I think the ones with a settings page work. But with all others action launcher crashes.
On my Gnex it always crashes when i want to add audioplayer widgets. No matter if Xiialive, Spotify or Google Music.
It seemed to re-set my preferences and I lost all my icons/widgets on the home screen.
Could you add an option to disable the swipe down gesture? It triggers  on scrollable widgets...
I can't seem to add widgets to the home screen.
I'm sorry about the Nexus 7 mishap. It runs fine on that device, but is not listing in the store for some reason. I'm looking into it. 
It's also not listed for Asus Transformer TF101 
Update 1.0.4 is rolling out now which fixes the issue of Action Launcher not able to be installed on devices without cell data. Again, my apologies about this :(
1.0.4 fix the widget issues on gnex? 
It reset my home screen an now force closes when I try to add them back. Love the idea of this launcher though!
'Please follow the in-app prompt to remove the old version.'
Does this mean we should remove the old version and install the newest version directly from Google play?
Still having issues on 4.1.1 Galaxy S3, most widgets don't show and cause a launcher FC. 
I don't see 1.0.4 in the play store yet.
Hak An
And still they demand money for it...?
+Hak An Demand is a strong word... In any event, a new update has been uploaded and should be live within a few hours. This fixes widgets, and also appears for the Nexus 7 (and all devices without cell data).
+Daniel Sacks there was no beta, and the first release was running good on my S3 and Nexus 7 so no, it wasn't designed for a smaller screen.

I just had issues with widgets no loading.

The latest version fixed the issue, but now i can't resize the touchwiz widgets, not complaining.. Informing.

Keep up the great work chris. 
+Daniel Sacks are you stock? 4.2.1? Scrolling seems fine my devices, actually transistions smoother. I've only tested on 3 of my devices though, going to try on Nexus S to see how it fairs. 
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