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Android Feature Request: Where appropriate, double-tapping an item on the quick settings panel toggles that item on or off.

I'm paraphrasing a bit here, but +Adam Powell has mentioned that the Android team designed this screen less for power users and more to make the discovery of such settings easier for non-power users.

As someone who strives to design accessible apps, I respect this position. But as a power user, I want more from this screen. 

By making each appropriate item on this screen respond to a double-tap, power users could quickly toggle items on and off as they want, while muggles could use the button as a shortcut to the settings page as per the stated design goals.

A double-tap would also be a similar power user feature as the double-tap that was added to the "Always/Just once" Intent picker in Android 4.2.

What do you think?
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I'd like an API for the quick settings panel so developers can add their own ... umm, what are they, can we call them Tiles or will Microsoft sue us? It's astonishing that this doesn't exist.
+Jason Murray Or even better, why not expose this portion of the system as an 'app' that users can replace, that way a whinger like me could just make it behave as I want? The same could be done for the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

And yes, I'm aware if you root you can do this. 
Long press rather than double tap, I think. Also, I miss the rotate toggle!
It feels to me like it was rushed. Perhaps it will be more customisable / app-y in future releases. It would make me "appy" :)
"A double-tap would also be a similar power user feature as the double-tap that was added to the "Always/Just once" Intent picker in Android 4.2."

Nice. It would be the perfect compromise.
I really hope the next iteration will be much better.

Long press is definitely better suited. Double tap barely exists in Android, outside of zooming. Would love to see this added.
just copy CyanogenMod's quick settings widget 
But what about toggles that have more than on/off option? Like brightness setting, that's a lot of taps to cycle through the options. 
Much better long press
My first use of this screen was to try to toggle wifi, which immediately caused frustration.  Yes, this is a power user feature, but the power users of Android are driving this community to a large extent.  There needs to be a middle ground decision on new user experience vs power user experience.
I'm actually waiting to see how the Cyanogenmod team will change it! They always have some very creative solutions.
Implementing double tap as a toggle would also affect the single tap behavior. If the intent of a single tap is to access the settings menu for the object, the double tap solution would require Android to wait the requisite amount of time for two taps and could create a false sense of interface lag, altering the common user experience.

Edit: I like the idea of dual functionality but it needs a different implementation to keep the experience consistent, imho.
I think it's a useless screen for me, because I expect (and want) toggles.  However, I can see how it would be useful for a novice.  The only time I've appreciated the fact that it opens the settings, is when I got into my car with my freshly-wiped phone, and forgot to pair to my bluetooth speakerphone, prior to starting the trip.

As for "tap and hold": while I don't dislike the idea, you have to remember that most people won't figure that out on their own.  It's counter-intuitive, and their only prior experience with such a gesture would be to "move" things (in iOS and then in Android).

Ultimately, the best solution is to allow for voice-controls for the novice, and for driving.  "Google: Turn Bluetooth On."  But Google Now does't support that, yet.  It does, however, allow you to launch apps, finally.

I kind of like the idea of being able to "swipe" the screen (from left or right) to invert the icon tiles (perhaps a blue background for active / neutral grey for inactive), which would then enable the toggles for 'power users'.  This way, you can set the default to perform properly for either party, and there is a strong and unmistakable visual indicator between the two interfaces.
I believe that even for non power users the expected behaviour is a toggle. Long press could be used to open detailed settings.

This is one area where Samsung has been ahead for years. Unless there's a patent on toggles, Google have missed an opportunity. 
I don't understand why they didn't just implement the CM/Samsung style toggles. Between this and the new 10" tablet UI I'm really starting to wonder what these people are smoking.
This screenshot is of 4.2 right? 4.1 doesn't have toggles? Unless on a custom ROM correct?
Either that or tap to toggle and hold to go to the setting. The double tap would probably be a lot easier to implement though. I always thought they were toggles before the release, I hope they do more with it though.
Agree. Single tap to toggle. Long press for settings.
I've used apps but it always bugged me when there was space taken up in the notification shade.
I'd like it to be configurable, order as well as some items I don't want and some I do...  Double tap idea is good also :-)
Maybe not a double tap but the simple on/off toggle used in each setting would work just fine
Rob G
I want the quick toggle as well. I was thinking long press or adding On/Off button then allow for swiping to toggle would be quite good.
I don't see why tap-to-toggle wouldn't be ok for non power users. 
To be honest it's not as bad as people complain about. Actually I like it better than toggles. If you need toggles put a widget on your home screen what's the big deal. 
beny xu
So power user should get easier way to activate while basic user should not. I don't get it
A simple request to aokp should do the trick. 
the way cm does it, is simple enough single tap toggles on and long press brings you into the actually settings for this.

Maybe people wouldn't be so wtf over this new thing is due to the name. Quick settings there is nothing quick about removing one step in a five step process to do something like this from the drop down
Like the suggestion +Chris Lacy. The current quick panel is nice but I'm also left wanting something more like a set of toggles rather than shortcus to settings - eg I use power toggles which does a great job as a static notification and its very customisable.
Choose setting on a long-press would also be an option for those items that have multiple states.
Btw that wasn't meant to be rude I just can't wait for the app and I'm impatient. Keep up the good work!
+Cameron Horst: full points for succinctness :). I'm adding 'one more thing' to the initial release. Hopefully you will agree this feature will justify the holdup. 
Double tap concerns me, too. Too many times I end up tapping some ui element multiple times due to a lack of responsiveness. It also means the interface has to wait some period of time before initiating the pressed button's action, while it waits to see if another press is coming. 
and the double tap is a great idea btw
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