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Introducing TapPath for Android

TapPath allows you to customize how clicking a web link in a 3rd party app behaves.

A single click will load your default browser as you're used to, but you can now specify different apps to use when double and triple tapping a link. I liken it somewhat to the extra functionality that can be gained by right-clicking links on a PC, but in a mobile-friendly way.

In my case, I have Link Bubble set as my default browser (no surprises there). A double tap sends a link to Chrome, and a triple tap will send the link to PushBullet. Which apps are loaded is of course entirely customizable by you.

Grab TapPath from the Play Store now:
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First one...

Very useful.... Keep it up.... 
Probably not. But among the first...

Ok, I went single to Chrome, double to Bubble and three to Pocket. Seems to do the trick. Hopeful it will cut down on the annoyances.
Does this introduce a delay before the first app is loaded, while TapPath is waiting to see if you'll tap it a second time?
+Chris Lacy So does this override system default selections? 

Edit: Never mind. I downloaded and realized it works by making TapPath the default app.
+Dor Kleiman You set the delay in the settings. It's measured in fractions of a second, so by default, it doesn't wait long.
Brilliant as always. An absolutely beautiful addition to link bubble. Instant buy. 
Great idea +Chris Lacy! I'm always impressed with what you're able to do with the Android framework!
I'm having issues with detecting multiple taps inside apps (Even inside TapPath sometimes). I'm getting infinite single taps opens (a ton of Link Bubble opens in my case). Tap Delay set to 0.4. I'm using a Moto X 4.4.3.
Wow, a very good idea. The really cool thing about this app is to detect a double or triple click. Is TapPath loaded after the first click and draws an invisible layer?
one tap link bubble, two taps chrome... best solution for surfing EVER! thank you!
+Chris Lacy This app works fine and the price tag is justified but when it comes to link bubble the app doesn't work as smooth as it actually should for that hefty a price I paid. The last update was fine and the lag was cut down to a major extent. But still it's not as smooth as it should actually be. 
Oh man this is great. You have a very creative way at enhancing functionality on Android.
The app won't recognize the double or triple tap in my Nexus 5. Set link bubble to single tap, chrome beta to double tap and the share picker to tripple tap. 
+Chris Lacy I shall praise you for making my life (N5 is my life, who would have known) smoother and faster. 🙏🙏
This just took Link bubble from great to unbelievable. Thanks chris. 
Not bad +Chris Lacy. This will actually make me want to use Link Bubble. I always thought Link bubble was very useful for certain links, but not all links. This compliments Link Bubble perfectly.
+Chris Lacy Great App. As always excellent idea. Just a suggestion for future update : Lot of times when I am browsing using chrome, I wish there is a simple way to open the link in a new tab (like middle click in desktop).
I don't really see the point. I personally have no problem taking a couple extra steps to tap around or swipe link bubble to do the exact same thing.

Yeah it's only a dollar but this is something IMO, that should be free or built into link bubble itself as part of the pro version. 
Interesting idea.

Hopefully now it's out, you can give Link Bubble a bit of love - the latest update's animation speed is bordering on unusable on my Nexus 7 (2013). It takes upwards of a second to slide in and slide it. Seems fine-ish on my Nexus 5. 

Edit: Make that TWO seconds for each animation on the Nexus 7.
Dang phoneless at the moment until my OPO arrives. Ill get it then
Just one download? Works nice so far. Just trying it out in a couple of apps

Doesnt work in feedly :(
Wonderful idea. Bought it immediately. However, it's a bit tricky to catch right delay. Perhaps some colouring or a little animation at first steps of configuring it? I had tons of opened bubbles and pockets while testing delay and still don't really understand how fast should I tap. 
+Chris Lacy purchased it but can you kindly see why link bubble does not work in miui rom, I am facing this issue since long. Tap path works fine with miui
I'm downloading this before even knowing what it does. Just because everything +Chris Lacy built has been awesome. Off to the Play Store! *Flies Away*
Just bought it. Really enjoying your work Mr. Lacy.
oh this +Chris Lacy, introducing cheap gateway apps to get people hooked on link bubble :-D great app, this is really what's been missing for the perfect link bubble experience!  
There's the quality of a great dev right there. Insta-bought. 👍
+Chris Lacy I remember the discussion about LinkBubble regarding the double tap blocking a repeat bubble from opening, and that a third tap ought to open chrome or something. I'm guess this app was born from that idea?
I'm liking this more than Better Open With. The latter app requires you to choose the app you want from an app picker dialog or wait 5 seconds for your default one to launch. TapPath is faster. I also like having the share dialog open immediately on triple tap.

For the time being, I lengthened the tap delay from .4 to .5 and am practicing more deliberate double and triple taps. I'm finding much more consistent success than my initial rushed taps at the default setting. 
Have bought as I expect it will be awesome once kinks worked out. Can't get it to open in anything but primary choice. CM11 Gpad. Great idea!!
Hmm. Feels like a good idea but it's crazy unreliable at least on my n7. There's no clear touch feedback to indicate what I'm doing. It could be that I'll just have to learn a new interaction I've never used before but I think there must be a better interaction to do this... 
likely you'll need to increase the touch time window in settings.
+Ming Tang try setting it to around .250 or .300. Mine was doing the same thing... now it works fine. and that link in tappath always opens in link bubble for me... even though double or triple tapping works in other apps. 
Sadly, stopped using Link Bubble - KILLS the battery on both N7 and N4. 
+Shachar Lerer 1-2 is still longer than TapPath. But to each his own.

Agreed on Link Bubble being a battery drain. I still use it though. I just make sure to hide the bubble when I'm not actively using the app or close all of its tabs to dismiss it. That stops it from draining the battery. 
+Geoffrey Allan Plauché I agree about the workaround for link bubble, but I found out that it makes the whole process useless for me, with the extra loading time since the bubbles reload after you hide them. Also it got more and more buggy and slow. I hesitate to buy (even for a dollar) another app just to see it turns out as a half-formed app that will lose its usability. I'm saying this as a link bubble pro user and an avid fan of Chris.

And yes, to each his own :)
Unfortunately this (and LinkBubble) doesn't allow me to set default browser. Seems like a phone problem (xperia z1) as it works fine on my lg g pad gpe. /sadface
This seems like the kind of thing that could be a feature in LinkBubble. It would probably work better if Android registered link taps quicker. As it is, I think I'll just deal with having to tell LinkBubble to open it in Chrome.
+Chris Lacy Now that we have both Link Bubble and TapPath, could the Open in Chrome option in Link Bubble instead follow the default browser in TapPath?
Hmmm, I hadn't noticed link bubble draining my battery, but then I don't generally leave bubbles open.
Great app! Any chance this app is coming to the Kindle?
+Jack Platten thank you but I couldnt find any service or app thats called lux on my nexus 5. 
+Jack Platten removed or disabled a few apps but the problem still occours. Maybe some of the pebble apps cause this problem. Everytime I try the tripple tap on the testlink in TapPath it opens another app like youtube or the clock app
+Arun Teja Yadlapati I assure you, almost anything that annoys you both annoys me more and has done so for longer. More work is planned here.
+Matthew Wu I've certainly considered it, but I remain very dubious as to how many people would actually buy the apps again on Amazon.
+Shlok Dixit I don't have a MIUI device. If you're having troubles on that device, I can only assume they're doing something to break Android's default behavior. If that's the case, there's generally little I can do :(
+Juhani Lehtimäki which N7? I'll probably have a beta with tweaked detection soon, which should work better for you.
+Efraim Bart just change Link Bubble's fallback browser in Settings -> Default apps.
+Shlok Dixit hey.. It's a problem with miui browser.. You need to remove the default browser. That is uninstall it or if it's a system app, disable it. Only then link bubble will work the way it's supposed to work.. And one more thing you need to enable floating options, i.e enable floating options under app info 
Freaking genius!! Price is really good too! I might redownload Firefox now thanks to this app. 
+Chris Lacy can you or someone tell me what the RAM footprint is with this before I purchase? Thanks in advance! 
Nice. Quick question, is the current price the standard or release/special deal? Just in case someone else asks ☺
+Giorgi Dalakishvili, someone else mentioned shortening the timeout. As I mentioned in response, that's still slower than TapPath. If I turn off the popup, then Better Open With is less flexible than TapPath, allowing me only one app to open a link in rather than a choice of three.
I've been waiting for exactly this for so long that I thought I had to make the app myself with my horrible coding skills. This is a great start - but it would be good if they could expand this app to other things not just links - like opening a certain file type in a file manager.