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I think widgets are one of the most unique, yet chronically under utilized features of Android. This is my attempt at allowing users to unlock the full power of Android widgets.

Grab Action Launcher 1.5 from the Play Store to try shutters out for yourself:
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pretty cool idea! looking forward to trying out the update!
And this is why Action Launcher will always be my default launcher.! 
+Chris Lacy I must say you are clever, these simple implementations deserve to be taken by every phone manufacturer and ran with. The only problem I see is that the ui for the widget feels out of place when it pops up? Also is their anyway to link specific apps to specific widgets, for instance a transparent calender widget with another calendar app? I miss and match weather, calendar widget and apps to have what i deem a beautiful home screen environement
You, sir, are a genius.  Bravo.

I'm just going to be honest: There wasn't a killer feature that had me sold on Action Launcher, but I think this is it.
I'm excited about this update!!! Ready for it to pop up on the play store!
This is one of those ideas that when you hear someone explaining it to you you go "Yeah, of course! This is how it should have always worked!" but nobody had just thought about it before. Good job man!
Dude. Already told you, but you're doing real great stuff.
Wow, great idea again +Chris Lacy, can't wait to try them. Companies like Samsung spend months working on pointless bloatware features that don't really benefit users and you managed to totally transform the launcher, adding simple but effective features all on your own, well done.
AHAHAH! I knew it would be widgets at the end, described this exact functionality to my friend last night.
Your background is in my basement :P
Great, now I have to go rethink how all of my home screens are laid out. How does this work with apps that have multiple widgets (Foursquare, Google Reader) or for those widgets with configuration activities (Google Play, Gmail)?
+Arvid Gerstmann theme support will come soon. I've chosen to prioritize unique features like covers, shutters and quicksearch initially.
+Chris Lacy Yeah, makes sense. Hopefully theme support will be added soon, so I can retire Nova Launcher. ;)
And also a drain on battery. Before I tried the iPhone 5, I had JuiceDefender paid it did the job. I don't like all that clutter on my home screen.
+Chris Lacy This is an amazing idea. So simple and intuitive that I'm surprised no-one had implemented this before. I guess this is why you get paid the big bucks (hopefully!)
I thought you were over hyping the new feature as you talked about it over the past month. Holy shit was I wrong!
Well I joined the party a while ago. I hope this convinces others to do so too!
I've downloaded the update now. I cannot describe how awesome this feature is!!
Apps like Falcon and Google Calendar omg so many uses
Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! UX genius!
+Chris Lacy I am sorry to have the need to point this out but it's been getting on my nerves. Something is either unique or it isn't. There is no such thing as most unique.
Great work Chris. Although I still think I'm an Apex Launcher man, i'm gonna buy the App just for this feature.

I didn't quite work out from your changelog or video as to whether you can add a shutter widget from a different app from the actual app icon/shortcut being shuttered? i.e. can I shutter a APW Facebook widget to the official Facebook app?
GP Dobs
Wow, game changer! 
+Peter Doughman thanks for the kind words. No, you can't do that. If I were to offer that option, it would likely break the simplicity of shutters.
Could you add a way to toggle the shutter widget if an app has 2+ widgets?
+Chris Lacy The people app and the phone app open contact search as shutter. So there is no way to disable that shutter.
And when the app has multiple Widgets? How does it act then?
you know... I don't really care Chris!
Very cool, but this release seems to be quite buggy. Apps are adding by themselves to the home screen, some go missing spontaneously, and some widgets aren't showing correctly. 
+Chris Lacy I was excited when I saw your launcher and think it is a great concept. However 1.5 is VERY buggy...First, trying to make folders is a fighting match between 2 icons...they keep moving when trying to merge them. Then some of the widgets take forever to populate (Google+) that they freeze up and you need to remove the widget then remove the icon and start over. Next, if you have multiple launchers installed, sometimes when you back out of an app to get back to the homescreen it reverts back to your former default launcher...

Again, I really like the idea behind this launcher, but for $4 I would think the bugs would be minimal...but these are somewhat major (especially trying to make folders)...I'm past my refund time & won't ask for one...I like to support developers with great ideas!!!! FYI...I using the launcher on a Nexus 7
It's finally updated and I love the feature! How this hasn't been done before i'll never know.

I've noticed a few oddities which I thought i'd mention. I added a widget to pocket weather and then removed it as it wasn't the right one, I wasn't then able to remove pocket weather from the folder, I restarted Action Launcher and that fixed the issue. It's not a huge issue just a bit strange!

The one thing I wish I could do right now is have the ability to choose which widget is displayed when the app has multiple choices. Again Pocket Weather for example I get the 1x1 but would much prefer the 4x2!
Love the new feature. Just hope the FCs are fixed. If so this is my new daily launcher 
The shutter feature made me buy this excellent app but I don't know why I can't find apps whenever I look for them in the search bar...
Anyone have an opinion of action launcher vs nova launcher? I'm currently using nova and like its speed. But this new feature of action launcher looks pretty cool though.
+Matthew Long Action Launcher is different from other apps. I very much like Nova and Apex, but I am trying to challenge the notion that the AOSP Launcher + customizations is the best an Android launcher can be.
+Chris Lacy I've already bought Action Launcher and it's great! Though I'm on Nova Prime at the minute, I'm ever more tempted to switch to Action Launcher full time.

As others have though, I have to ask what happens when apps have multiple Widgets?
Cool, that's a nice way to fit more widget functionality. I use the hell out of them, but I've got so many that I have to be selective about which ones I deploy to keep some screen space open.
Now this is what you call an update!
my device isnt compatable with it grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Hannah Stewart Action Launcher requires Android 4.0.3 or above. Apart from that, you should be fine.
i know i have that version but my mom is thinking of getting a new phone so i might get hers but i hate my phone it says stuff not true its so frusterating like it said it wasnt compatable with the furby app but it totally is!!!!
+Chris Lacy THIS feature is by far the most convenient way of accessing widgets I have seen on android. I can attest that my use of them will greatly increase from this day onwards. 
Holy shit! Shutters are completely bonkers! This changes the game! +Chris Lacy , you are a mad scientist! Thank you for your sick, twisted creation!
Actually, the only issue I have now is that TweetLanes doesn't have a widget...
Wow! Has Andy Rubin seen this? Oh, wait...
+Michael Rogala $4 is expensive for software with serious bugs? Ever try Adobe CS? Or Windows? Or most modern AAA games on PC/Mac? Or any web browser?

I guess you also don't write software for a living. Action Launcher is a really complex piece of code that I'm sure took over 500 hours to design, build, and test. $4 is really cheap.
+Chris Lacy similar to a function from sslauncher but for me better utilized as you've tied two actions to a single icon. Great feature addition. 
+Chris Lacy do you have a public bug tracker? There's a few odd little bugs in this release I've come across that are easily reproducible. Or would you rather email?
John S
Swipe action has been implemented in Nova launcher for some time now. I don't use it very often and it does require some configuration though... But it does look nice and simple with Action Launcher, not enough to make me pay 3.99
+Chris Lacy Have you though about adding support for "air view" on the galaxy s4 and the note 2? this seems like it would be perfect for that feature.
+Chris Lacy amazing job on shutters. I was already sold on the app list and covers, and now shutters sweetens the deal.

I have to echo +Aaron Traas though - I wanna know how to inform you about bugs. Action Launcher looks weird on my phone. 
Widgets fill up most of my screens on my gs3 I agree that more people would enjoy the performance of the phones more by utilizing widgets
+Aaron Traas +Luis Cruz I don't have a public bug list yet, but I will add this soon. For now, you can just email if you like.
+Chris Lacy just bought it few minutes ago. great app so far, got some bugs (mostly that cards switching back to folders) but otherwise everything works and feels awesome
This has completely stopped me using 5 different pages and now there consolidated into 2. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!
Like the video but don't forget to blink every once in awhile.
Would be awesome if they could make any widget resizeable to any size
Awesome! Google must add this feature to their next os! 
Would like to buy, but do samsung widgets work? I stopped using nova prime because there's no other exchange task widget like samsungs . 
Great innovations!

But, I used widget because I can use it's function quickly with one step, this launcher make me more step to use the widget. If that so, I just add apps or setting shortcut to my home screen instead of this launcher.
Not sure what to think about it before I try but I'll suffice to say that I've often felt the same way about widgets. I love them to death but they're just not all that easy to come by. 
+Chris Lacy Brilliant idea. Great execution. Glad to be a paying customer.

One bit of constructive criticism though. Why not drop the 'Pro'? Its cleaner and would suit the app. Probably just my opinion though.

Super work again!
Haven't used this launcher yet, buts its good to know its just another awesome option that us android users have. Don't pay attention to the negative post above, it seems as if they may own boring iphones XD