The new Twitter for Android update is eerily familiar.

See attached. 

One could make the case that many of these points were/are somewhat obvious[1], but the embedded tweet compose bar in particular was certainly not, and taken as a whole, there do seem a rather large number of UX similarities between my initial release of Tweet Lanes and the design Twitter have settled on.

On one hand the fact that a $28B company filled with talented designers and engineers ended up with a very similar design to little old me can't help but be a bit flattering right?

On the other hand, I can't help but feel a touch perturbed that a lot of my hard work was seemingly snatched without there being even any form of credit coming my way.

Consider the fact that Twitter bought Tweetie for "single digit millions"[2]. Certainly I never expected that to happen with Tweet Lanes[3], but at the same time, Twitter seem to have lifted a large portion of the design I labored over, but wouldn't even so much as increase my 100k user token limit when I enquired about it[4].

Furthermore, Twitter's inflexibility in working with 3rd party developers caused me to abandon another app idea I have that aims to make better use of the massive amounts of data Twitter collect each second. Given how I seem to have been on the money with Tweet Lanes, I feel confident that project would have been successful also. Actually, I think it would be a much bigger hit than Tweet Lanes, given it's a unique app, rather than yet another Twitter client.

Maybe Twitter will get around to releasing something similar, maybe not. I guess we'll find out in time. But for better or worse, they seemingly won't be able to draw from the development community for such ideas going forward.

[1] Certainly I wasn't the first to embed an image preview in the feed or have clickable links/hashtags. But taken as a whole, especially when compared to the state of Twitter for Android at the same time, there do seem a rather large number of similarities between my initial release of Tweet Lanes and the design Twitter have settled on.
[3] For one thing, Tweet Lanes wasn't making $50k a day in sales. For another, at the time of Tweet Lanes's release Twitter had an Android code base, which wasn't the case at the time of their Tweetie purchase. 
[4] As I've stated before, I think Twitter were entirely within their rights to put the screws to 3rd party developers, and I hold absolutely no ill feelings toward them for doing so. They raised 1B+ in VC money, and they can and should attempt to recoup that however they see fit.
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