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Action Launcher 2.0 is out now! Oh, and there's now a free version! Oh, and the Pro version is 50% off for a limited time!

Yup, you read all of that correctly. If you've not tried Action Launcher's Quickdrawer, Covers, Shutters, Quicksearch and Quickpage features, now is the perfect time to do so. And if you want to use the Pro features and support my efforts in developing the app, your wallet will thank you for doing so now rather than next week. 

Check out the video below for a full rundown on the 2.0 release, or just jump straight in and give the app a try for yourself :)

Play Store:
Full release notes:
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I really like this changes. Before this I only use Action Launcher on my Nexus 7, but this updates makes me try on my Moto X ;). Nice work +Chris Lacy
Just a quick question as I don't have the time to watch the video, what is the difference between the new free and pro versions?
+Oliver Field pro is just a unlock for features that aren't available in the free version
Just bought it now can't wait to try it out😉
+Yung Jru thanks... I assume that Chris hasn't implemented pro features yet....
Dude, you are killing it.  Great work!  Updating now.
Seems the free version can't be searched for in the phone app (atleast not for me). I had it sent from the website though and after it failed to install (no idea why), it let me go directly to it's entry in the app store and install it.
I must have updated right as it got uploaded to the Play Store, and almost went into a miniature panic as my home button was no longer working. It was then that I read the description and saw Pro was just an upgrade key, but the free version wasn't showing up on either of my devices, but it worked going through the website. Needless to say, a warning beforehand would have been nice :-)
Nice! Grabbing my update now. Thanks for the updates!
I bought Action Launcher a while ago but 3rd party launchers just don't stick with me for some reason. May be time to go back and give it a try again...

Also love that Old Trafford is up on Maps in the video :) I hope they come out here on tour again this year. Would be good to see my brother and maybe get some free tickets :D.
Nice, congrats Chris, your app is pretty great!
I upgraded from beta to 2.0 and it messed up most of my configuration! 😧
I love your demo videos.
Some troubles moving from latest beta to the official new release.
After the update a prompt asked me to choose the home launcher and action launcher was not in the list. Then I understood that action launcher pro became just an activator, I opened it and I downloaded action launcher from play store.
Then I choosed Action Launcher as a default launcher, I was asked to import settings: I choosed to import from Action Launcher pro but most settings are missing... widgets (with heavy customization) are missing, cover folder are all resetted to standard folders, icon theming has to be applied again, screen margins are back to default. And icon scaling is limited to 130%. I previously used 160% on a 7x5 layout: this is a major issue for me since I'm using a carefully crafted home screen layout that I cannot recreate anymore.
Moved back to beta 23 while looking for best practices to move to official v2 (and hoping bigger icon scaling will be restored)
+Crístian Deives if you had saved a backup (through Settings->Backup) then try restoring that.

+Chris Lacy I agree with +Josh Hicks, upgrading was a little bumpy for me. I updated ALP and was surprised when I couldn't set it as my home screen (I've been running GEL recently as ALP was aggravating a reboot issue with the 4.4 ROM I'm using). So I launched it from the tray, "Oh, okay, I have to install the free version and ALP is just a key now, gotcha." Installed and it asked to import a setup, so I tried import from ALP. First time it didn't load anything. Blank homescreens. So I tried again. It imported stuff, but all my covers were just folders and for some reason my dock had 6 instead of 5 apps. Finally I restored from a backup I had made in the beta and that got everything (except widgets, of course).
Related, this explains the package name in the teaser +Chris Lacy posted earlier. Since I can't find that post now, I assume he removed it after realizing it gave away too much info. :-)
New to this launcher so forgive my noob questions, how do I make the dock icon bigger? Its a lilltle bit strange coming from nova launcher😱😧
Thanks +Chris Lacy I just tried the free version and love it, I am downloading the pro version right now :) (I bought it)
Holo Light Quickdrawer for win...very nice! Hoping it comes to the Quickpage :-) 
+Jonathan Berry I hadn't saved a backup, how would I know an upgrade would break my settings? but everything's alright now, I recreated it all ☺
+Ian Lake good to hear someone likes them, as they are a time consuming pain in the ass to make!
In 2.0 the quickpage is missing the 'Halo light (beta)' option which was already available in the latest Beta ... 
Is it possibile to use a less taller area for 1 swipe? It ends right on the send button of WhatsApp (and I guess other messaging app) using Swype keyboard.

Right, couldn't find it (well, actually, couldn't understand the bottom offset parameter).
Is light background in quick page returning? I loved that. 
The best launcher just keep getting better and better. It's interesting seeing it's evolution. Amazing! Keep it up +Chris Lacy
Ouch!  No other launcher installed, so when I hit home key the phone crashed and won't boot!  Fortunately I had just done a full backup in recovery, restoring now.  Guess I'll be okay if I grab the free version and/or stop the update.
Yep that would be a good idea. Note 2 asks for default launcher on every boot if it has choices though. 
+Florian Fietz +Martin Reinders +Trevor Hicken  I removed Holo Light from the Quickpage. I got too many (valid) requests wanting things like dark text to display when using the light Quickpage. I didn't have time to make those changes, so I saved myself the support headaches and yanked the feature until it's ready.
+Matthew Cutting that's still on my list, but I couldn't justify holding up the public 2.0 release to fix it.
+Robert Cobourn that issue should be fixed now that the Google Licensing checks occur in the Pro key rather than the launcher app itself.
+Matthew Cutting I'll probably keep using the Pro app for betas going forward. But I've not decided on this, as I need to sleep for about 8 days before thinking about it :)
just purchased the action launcher pro 2...the launcher is great but single handed swiping action for shutter, cover actions are hit or miss..i have to use double tap for cover action as the swiping is not reliable..specially the icons near the edge...
+Matthew Cutting I was going to buy it today but I need to look into whether to get the PS3 or 360 version... Also, a small part of me is considering waiting for the next gen release in March.
+Chris Lacy Gesture Idea: While on home screen, swiping down opens notifications. Perhaps you could add swiping down with two fingers to open the quick toggles panel.
+Chris Lacy  Idea: besides the swype up/down, swype right/left to open a second widget. 1 icon (click to open, swype up to open folder, swype right to open widget)
+Jorge Acosta Gosh that's not really going to work because that swipe motion is used to open the Quickdrawer/Quickpage/change home screen.
Been a happy customer for a while and on the beta channel. Strong update. I hope this move gets you more customers. The only thing I want from Action Launcher is the use of Roboto Condensed on Kit Kat. 
+Aaron Traas I actually thought adding Condensed support over the weekend, but I had to slap myself for even considering adding yet another thing rather than releasing the app. But I will likely add it soon.
+Chris Lacy totally understand. No rush or anything. 2.0 was a seriously great update.

I lasted exactly 2 days with the stock Google launcher on my Nexus 5 -- Google Now integration was seriously awesome, but not enough to give up the sheer efficiency of ActionLauncher.
+Aaron Traas I lasted one day. I'm lighting candles that Google will soon add the ability for 3rd party developers to integrate Now like that.
+Chris Lacy keeping my fingers crossed as well, but I somehow doubt it. They haven't even opened the launcher to other devices yet...
+Chris Lacy Please add grid and icon re-sizing for the Quickpage! Wonderful launcher regardless, someone finally topped Nova!
Loving the update so far! One question: running ALP on my Nexus 10 with CM11 I'm not seeing any option for transparent system bars. Am I missing something? 
Such an awesome launcher. Bought the pro version.
Please improve the speed of 1 swipe.
It will be perfect
Is there going to be any google experience-esque integration in the future such as the new google now in experience launcher?
Hey man! I just wanted to give my thoughts on action launcher. I have been an iPhone user since the 3G but have recently got a Nexus 5.

Proud an Aussie designed this launcher. The list view for apps makes so much more sense than an app drawer and I love the quick gestures.

2 things (right now) I wish quick launcher had: the ability to change the look of folders similar to the way nova handles it, and also perhaps if a cover icon only covers a folder that has 1 more app in it for a swipe to just launch that app rather than show both in a folder.

Keep up the awesome work. 
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