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An Update On Tweet Lanes Development

As many reading this will be aware, Twitter have begun enforcing limits on 3rd party clients like Tweet Lanes, capping them at 100,000 user tokens. I have reached out to Twitter to see whether there might be some way I could be issued with more tokens, but I have been informed that Tweet Lanes will not be granted an exemption past this 100,000 limit.

So it saddens me greatly to announce that going forward, I won't be actively developing Tweet Lanes as I have to this point. The cold hard reality is that with this immovable, 100,000 user ceiling, my plans for growing and eventually monetizing the app are no longer feasible.

This will likely be disappointing news for many of you, but given I spent a good chunk of my spare time for 10+ months working on this app, believe me when I say this decision pains me more than it does anyone else.

I'm disappointed that the app is not feature complete, that I won't be able to implement my planned premium features, and that I won't be able to demonstrate some of the cool UX ideas I had (especially in the tablet space). Also, I continue to feel strongly that Twitter users are under-served on Android, and I regret that I won't be able to give my all to try and change that situation.

For what it's worth, I have given serious consideration to creating and selling a new 'Tweet Lanes Pro' application. If I ever reached the 100k user limit for such an application, that would clearly be well worth my time, and I could do whatever I saw fit in creating that app with regards to Twitter's requirements. I am however, very hesitant about pursuing this course of action, as it seems like a bit of a slap in the face to the people who helped me promote the app via 'free for life', even if this circumstance was brought about by factors outside of my control.

But it's by no means all doom and gloom. I haven't achieved all my previously stated goals (, but developing Tweet Lanes has still been a tremendously enjoyable and positive experience for me on a great many levels. 

Going forward, I will still use Tweet Lanes as my daily driver, and I do plan to fix bugs and add new features as time permits. Also, if/when I finish the port, I will absolutely update Tweet Lanes with any new features. If some circumstance arises where Twitter's API restrictions are relaxed, it is highly likely I will resume active development. 

Finally, I would like to thank each and every person who has used Tweet Lanes, and especially those who have graciously donated to support the app, and spent their time providing me feedback and encouragement. Without sounding soppy, that alone has been reward enough to make this experience worthwhile for me. I hope to continue to hear from you all going forward as I work on future projects.
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Bullshit.. Cause all the other third party apps are being developed 
Jose Rios
Chris, android could use an awesome podcasting app...with a holo ui and playback speed adjustment... Maybe after you're done with the launcher? Just saying....
+Chris Lacy A lot of people have noticed the strict limits Twiiter has placed on third party developers. It would be in everyone's best interest to NOT use the official twitter app until they realize what they are doing. Its frustrating to see an awesome dev be held down by a major corporation...especially when both parties could go exist. 
--- This is also likely what happened to "Carbon" for Android. Shot down just before release. What a shame. 

  I will say here now though, that I do like  the native app best. 
Out of curiosity, do you know how many tokens have been used so far?  Thanks for the hard work by the way, good luck on future projects - I look forward to them. 
Are you serious.. This dude just abandoned the app... Tell ne then how boid plume tweedle tweetline TweetCaster ubersocial etc etc keep on developing.. And not just bullshit developing 
Native Twitter app for Android sucks, old design and unfriendly. Tweet Lanes rocks, great design, also on my GTab 10.1. Go Chris!
Unfortunately Twitter is killing the ecosystem who helped it became what nowadays is.
+Chris Lacy thanks so much for developing such a great app. Your app just does twitter better on android. We need more devoted devs and people like you who care and deliver outstanding work for the android platform. 
+Chris Lacy Thank you for a real good twitter client. I see a large migration of Android dev community moving to G+. I was hanging to twitter with Tweet Lanes and Flipboard. I think the time has come to sign off twitter and depend on G+ going forward. Wonder when G+ will open up their APIs, I have some ideas around G+ myself
I would gladly pay even though I'm free for life. Tweet Lanes is still the best twitter client out right now. I can't wait for Action Launcher and any projects you do moving forward. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday twitter will stop being dicks and you can move forward with Tweet Lanes. Thank you +Chris Lacy 
+Andrew Horan How is this BS? Twitter's efforts to strangle third party apps are well documented. Twitter wants to push everything to their app so they can control revenue streams. The "You can develop, but we are capping your user base" technique is a way for them to play both sides of the fence. Completely crushing third party development would be a PR nightmare for Twitter, so they use caps to discourage developers, thus limiting your choices as a consumer. Sad to see an active developer like Chris forced out of the market by ridiculous restrictions.
+Drew Sanders... Tell me then how is every other third party twitter app developing and trucking along... He abandoned it to do his launcher which is a bullshit lie anyway.. If all the other Twitter apps can develop so can his.. 
Can someone please give me the URL of this post? Annoyingly I can't share this post to Twitter easily via mobile. Thanks.
Ill give ya a url...
+Andrew Horan Who cares? Did you pay for it? You're acting like he owes you something personally. Use one of the other apps you mentioned if you don't like it. 
Sucks, I liked TweetLanes. The official Twitter app is better anyway tho
+Andrew Horan Not that it will change your mind, but Twitter handles each Dev separately, and their are clients that will never see the 100K mark, so for them its not an issue. Chris clearly had larger plans than that, therefore that matters to him.
+Chris Lacy thanks for your time developing it, it is by far my favorite client and the only one that I use despite having paid for 3 other clients. I think you should reconsider to try a "Tweet Lanes Pro" paid app, I would easily pay for it.
As someone else mentioned, Android is in desperate need of a great podcasting app! Tweet Lanes had great potential and I've thoroughly enjoyed using it. Looking forward to your next app.
+Chris Lacy thanks for the update. Definitely makes sense, though I am also sorry to hear it. You have put in a lot of time on it and your potential for monetary compensation is limited. Despite the holes, TweetLanes is still a great app and I will continue to use it. It definitely has the potential to blow past the 100,000 mark.

Please don't pay attention to those who are complaining here. I think I'm more disappointed in those comments, really...

Have you considered opening up the source for it? I remember you asked about open-source projects that made money a while back. Might be a good compromise to allow you to spend less time on it, while possibly still allowing development. I understand if you don't want to do that, though. It would make it harder should Twitter recognize their mistakes and make it to where you could refocus on it. Additionally, I'm sure you use pieces of code elsewhere too, which you might not want to share. I'm a coder in my day job and have wanted to play around with Android development on my own. I know I'd love to help out, for the experience, learning, and helping to improve an app I use a lot.
Aww man :( I love Tweet Lanes. This sux :(
As a user of tweet lanes for a while makes me kind of sad to see development stop but I can understand why +Chris Lacy has his reasons, even though as someone else pointed out other clients have kept on going, it still must be frustrating for the Dev.

Shame there isn't a way to trick the twitter limit e.g have more than one app under different names e.g Tweet Lanes / TweetLanes / TweetLanesCL and so on...I know it might confuse some but it would be a way to trick the system, each app is identical... Just the wording is tweaked every 100k for new users.

Unless twitter have something to prevent this.
Chris Lacy
Thanks for all the kind messages of support. They are much appreciated :)
Roy Ferry
+Andrew Horan Seriously dude, what's causing all this anger towards Chris? The new Twitter APIs do set a hard, insurmountable ceiling in the 3rd party app world. The other Twitter apps may be working onwards still, but come March 2013 (correct me if I'm wrong on the date) all apps will either have to abide by the same 100k token limit or lose their API privileges.  Either way, it would not make sense to continue to pour hours of work in to an app if the end goal is now unrealistic. In the end, this was an app that he was working on in his free time and put out for free. If you feel that for some reason you are entitled to something, please, feel free to let us know instead of bashing Chris.
+Andrew Horan Honestly though does it really matter? He has NO obligation to keep the app going if he doesn't feel like it, he wasn't monetizing off of it anyway. He's not taking anything away from his users at all. Making an app, especially when it's as smooth as his, is bloody difficult. I'm glad it at least had a chance to shine. Sad to see that Twitter's starting to scare away developers.
+Andrew Horan You forget, or don't know, that Chris is pretty much on his own. He does not have time to diversify his apps, wasting time on one that is artificially restricted. You should hate on twitter, not Chris. +Chris Lacy I can't wait to see your new projects. You are a great dev who should be hired by twitter or Google / Android. 
+Chris Lacy I figured that was probably the case. That's a tough decision. I love open-source software, but as someone who writes code for a living, I understand not wanting just to give out your code.
+Sam Pullen they would catch on pretty fast, it's not like they have that many clients out there.
+Sam Pullen I've considered that. But I suspect an easy response by Twitter would be to invalidate all the tokens by all the variants of the app. But it's not really a feasible solution anyway.
+James Loiacono Just wait til March and you will see how many others will follow suit. No need to pour more hours into an app that has little chance for a future with Twitter's new API changes.
I'd like to say thanks for all the work you have done to this point. I am a very light twitter user and the app as it stands is perfect for my uses and I never have any issues. I love the UI and the way it works. If you came out with a paid version, I'd absolutely buy it just to support your work.  If I had loads of money, I'd bank roll you your development of it anyways, but sadly, that's not possible heh.

Whatever it is that you dedicate your time and development to, I'm sure it will be great and I'll be looking forward to seeing what it is.
+Chris Lacy I suspected as much, such a huge shame.

Let's hope twitter see the light and you can once again keep development going one day :-) 
+Keith Fick look at the developer of boid tweedle tweetline.. My point is ppl like this who start apps then abandoned them quickly after starting them makes it hard for ppl who want to become a dev... 
All he is doing is abandoning tweet lanes to just do his soo called launcher.. It ashame 
+Andrew Horan How does one developers actions affect another? I could very easily go start an app right now, and Chris' actions would have not 1 effect on me. 
Sorry to hear this. Ignore the idiots who don't understand what is going on. I love Tweet Lanes, but Twitter has just started cracking down and there isn't anything you can do. :-( Good luck with your other projects. 
Man, I used TweetLanes religiously. Sad to see the development taking a backseat for the time being, but I fully understand Chris. For what it's worth, I would not hesitate at all to paying for a "Pro" edition if you so decide to do so. It's that good of an app.
+Chris Lacy Disappointing but understandable. I will continue to use it as a daily client, though!

Really looking forward to Action Launcher. Keep up the good work!
Also it's worth mentioning that when Twitter instituted the policy, they had a clause that allowed clients that already had more than 100k users to have a higher limit on the number of API tokens they could get. So clients that have been around for a while were fine but clients that hadn't become popular got screwed (eg. Tweet Lanes). Anyway, it's pretty clear that Twitter is trying to kill off third party clients so no point wasting time writing one if you don't already have a solid business model in place.
+Andrew Horan please read my posts, Twitter is clearly trying to kill off third party clients so it's completely understandable for Chris to stop.
David C
+Andrew Horan One reason that other apps are still trucking along is that when Twitter announced the cap in their API current apps were given a special cap of double their current user base.  So an app like Tweetcaster with it's huge install base could not only keep it's multimillion users but is allowed to get double that until their cap.  Newer apps do not get this benefit.  These 3rd party clients that have been around for a while have got a nice buffer for their client that TweetLanes does not have.
Time to start developing that client again... I know I'd probably start using it more (at least checking it once a week) if there was a viable client to use.
Just get notifications working and don't worry about the rest... 
+Andrew Horan you're fucking clueless. Thanks +Chris Lacy for tweetlanes, i was looking forward to what it might become. Twitter is really screwing a lot of developers on different platforms. I can't even try out tweetro on Windows 8 because of their stood 100k user limit.
Still gonna be my daily driver combined with Falcon Widget. Thanks for the time you did put in it and if you ever do decide to sell it I will be first in line regardless of free for life.
Thanks for your time on this app. This is my daily driver right now and I totally love it. I will still use it even though Twitter choked it out of you.

I understand why you're quitting, it's pointless to continue. I don't know how other developers still continue to develop their twitter apps knowing its a dead end. 
+Chris Lacy Such a shame, it was shaping up to be a great app and I was really interested to see where it was heading, especially as you said when it comes to tablets. I'm looking forward to trying out Action Launcher and any other projects you work on on the future.

As some people have already said I'd love to see Tweet Lanes go open source; as an aspiring Android developer it would be great to see how someone like you goes about it. But obviously that's a big decision for you and its understandable if it doesn't happen.

Keep up the great work!
Don't and never cared about notifications. Love the UI of Tweet Lanes and rarely run into any bugs or issues, so I'll happily keep using it.

After the last update you said you'd swap the short press/long press options, and that's the only thing I was waiting for.

Really, Twitter is a big company motivated by dollars. No one can blame a dev working on his own, out of his own time, for stopping work on the project. Thanks for the work you put in already, and I'm looking forward to Action Launcher.
Ubermedia owns Echofon, ubersocial and twidroid. I wonder if each sperate app by the same developer is given 100000 tokens or is it split between the 3?
Free for Life user here, would gladly pay for a pro version, and I'm pretty sure others would too. 
So disappointing. +Chris Lacy thank you for TweetLanes and your hard work put into it. It was always exciting testing the prereleases for you and using TL as my main Twitter client. I'm still going to use it day in and day out.

Keep up the good work and motivation on developing. You've got a knack for it.

And as others have said, if you were to release a paid version of TL, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, regardless of free for life. 
Wish you luck for the future projects and the action launcher of course.. Tweet Lanes is amazing and I am looking forward for more to come.. 
TweetLanes is my favourite twitter app. Thanks for always implementing the feedback we had. Is there a way we can donate anyway? I feel like I owe you a good chunk of change.
I'm disappointed by this, too, and an irritated by Twitter's handling of this. It's extraordinary to me that 1. They have a piss-poor first party app, but rather than improve it in any substantial way, they 2. Prevent anyone else from developing a competing client. I'm thinking I'm just gonna stick to Google+. 
Is it time to ditch Twitter yet? Pick a new platform (, Heello, or something) and I'm sure some of us would follow.
This is really sad news. First it was Tweetro (the Win8 client that was pulled earlier this wee), and now this. It's like Twitter has something against the apps I personally use. 

Anyways, I'm going to continue to use Tweet Lanes as my Twitter client on Android as long as I can. And am looking forward to your other apps. 
Sorry to hear it man, I really enjoyed the new places you took the UI and functionality.
I sorry to hear that, the limitation just limits Twitter on there user base. After using Tweet Lanes I will not use another client. Also if want to do free for life, just make the paid one donate, no extra features just for supporting you as a developer. I hope all works out, for the mean time I will enjoy Tweet Lanes and looking forward to your new launcher.
You should release a "new" version every 100k.. Its the way of the internet man. Don't give up yet, just gotta be more of a slippery bastard. (Like them!)
"Good bye and thank you for the fish!" Looking fwd to what you start next. Do not dispair over TL, as you are walking away with something far more precious: name of a recognized developer. Good luck with whatever you start next! 
I can't say that I blame you. People are going to be upset because you made a great Twitter app. It's just unfortunate that Twitter is strangling developers like this. Good luck with your future projects.
I appreciate your hard work. Any chance on open sourcing it? As a developer I'd love to work on it.
Hi Chris, so sorry to see that you have to stop. Though being 'free for life' , I was willing to pay you if by that development could go on. Anyway, thank you very much for letting me in on your trip to the best twitter app. 
its really unfortunate twitter is placing these limits on developers. Anyways, i really enjoy Tweet Lanes, Chris, hope you will get the chance to expand on it, soon.
A real shame, but I totally understand your decision. I've been using Tweet Lanes since it first came out and haven't looked back. Put me down as another user who would gladly pay for a pro version. Ignore the trolls; they're clearly people who have no idea what is involved in running a business or maintaining an app. 
Mate add me to the "would shell-out despite free-for-life" queue.
"I won't be able to implement my planned premium features, and that I won't be able to demonstrate some of the cool UX ideas I had (especially in the tablet space)" Argh! Such a tease ... I'm dying for a good tablet twitter client. I use tweetlanes both on my tablet and nexus. I would pay for premium in a heartbeat. Literally the best twitter app. Haven't been this happy with one since my blackberry days using uberberry.
+Chris Lacy I think you are right to stop developing Tweet Lanes. My only problem is that every other Twitter App on Android is IMO terrible. So I'll more than likely continue using Tweet Lanes as my daily driver.

Now quit dicking around and finish Action Launcher ;-)
I promised myself that, I'd get to the end of the comments then type "I am willing, and able to pay". So, there you go, +Chris Lacy . Forget the 'free for life' that I signed up for. TL could be a good earner for you :-) And I see I'm not the only one ^^^
Damn, this was the most intuitive twitter app I've used.
I hate seeing all of your effort going to waste. It's like they don't want 3rd party applications to succeed, which really lowers my opinion of Twitter. Like others have said, I'd still be willing to pay.
ugh trolls.... (smh)

+Chris Lacy you did a hell of a job with tweet lanes. I believe it rivaled (old) tweetdeck and the official client. Hell, your app alone would be a hell of a resume to Twitter Inc!
+Chris Lacy While I'm not surprised, I'm still sorry to hear this. I'd like to thank you for all of your hard work. Also, please sign me up for Tweet Lanes Pro if you do it (especially if it has improved tablet support),
Tweet Lanes Pro with username auto completion and notifications? Just "shut up and take my money", it's definitely worth it :)
+Chris Lacy for what it's worth Tweet Lanes is still the best client out there. I look forward to your other projects and I'm sure they'll be as awesome as Tweet Lanes. 
Android need Twitter Clients. Paid GOOD twitter clients. If Tweet Lanes has enough features, and it need to be paid, go for it.
So sad. TweetLanes was becoming my de-facto Twitter client. I still miss a couple of features. But it is much better than many other clients out there. Anyway, thanks for your hard work.

Btw, we could all boicot Twitter and see if they reconsider such new policies they have introduced. In the end, I guess that Twitter wouldn't like to lose users.
I'd happily pay for a pro version, especially if it had an improved tablet ui. (Free for life user)
Add me to the "I'd pay for a Pro with notifications" list. I've been using Tweet Lanes on my One X and my tablet since the early days and it's by far my favourite Android twitter client, so I'm sad to see development forced to stop. Good luck with your next move - I won't be trying your client, but I'll keep an eye out for other new projects.
A real shame that the 100k limit is being implemented, tweet lanes is a solid app, and twitter is woefully behind on android
It's a shame this is the thanks you get for all the great work you've done
Man, this really sucks. This has been my favorite Twitter app ever and Twitter is strangling it. :(
Very sad news but understandable.
If you could release a version with configurable API address we could use TL for / as they have a compatible API and we need an alternative to Twitter 
Free for life, but definitely willing to pay for "after life" 
Understandable, but still sad news. I, like many others would pay for this in an instant. Tweetlanes pro please! Looking forward to seeing your launcher; you've got Nova to beat imho. 
only twitter client i use , on my nexus 7 and gnex . it is a shame that twitter restricting developers instead of helping them , thanks for all the hard work :)
+Chris Lacy Even though I am sadenned by these news, I'm with ya bro :-) Just keep making good apps. There's no point in keeping a dead dog.
+Chris Lacy I think I was the second person who downloaded tweet lanes, I would gladly pay you right now.
Thanks for all the work, Chris.  It was a great app that showed plenty of promise.  Sad to see it go, killed by Twitter.

Look on the bright side, though.  Twitter is being killed by Google+ anyway.  Let's hope that, one day, Google opens up their Google+ API.
I think people should stop using official twitter app until they remove this cap and Also make a hashtag about it that goes trending in twitter.
Sad to hear this. Twitter is really alienating 3rd party developers pretty hard. Also read about Tweetro getting the same shitty treatment even though Twitters own client is not even available on Windows 8 app store. Twitter really needs to change this silly capping rule or it will only upset it's user base. Perhaps Google+ or is the future? 
I might just quit twitter. No more interest - the folks there suck so much. New rules, meh.
I'd pay for premium, as well. But I have a feeling that, unless twitter changes, I'll eventually stop using it. Either I or people I talk to will be shut out, because who wants to use the official client?
How about allowing users to login to twitter dev console, sign up and input their own api keys in the app?
Would also love to pay. Do some tablet optimizations notifications and you have by far the best APP out there. Thanks for the great work!
+Israel Lai nice shot at a low blow, but the only reason lots of iPhone users might is because a lot of them are your average everyday users and don't even know what a third-party twitter client is. iOS has some fantastic clients, but my friends on iPhones are likely to share my sentiment if the cap starts to affect them. 
Like many others have stated, many big players still developing for android. Most recently Echofon. You're perfectly able to create a paid app as Echofon has and monetize the app. I can't really say I believe your argument on this one.I'll be removing the app from my devices and using other premium application that are still being actively developed. Honestly makes me hesitant of paying for your future developed apps after so much promise went into TweetLanes. I don't quite understand, but still respect your desires. Thanks anyway Chris.
+Brian Mayes apples and oranges. Not likely that an artificial constraint will ever limit the Action Launcher install base. 
+Brian Warshaw That wasn't quite my point, as I don't believe the constraints of twitters policy's is the ONLY reasoning of TweetLanes dismissal of further development.
(Also, +Brian Warshaw I hope I'm not coming off as bitter. Its his application and he's able to do what he sees fit. Coming from iOS using TweetBot you could only imagine my general frustration with 3rd party clients for Android)
Thanks Chris. Tweet lanes is the best client on android. Thanks for all your time. 
I'd buy it man. Tweet Lanes is my daily driver as well. Nothing else compares to it, at least for me. I will continue to use it.
+Andrew Horan please go read the Twitter API updates for v1.1 ( and try to understand the 100K user token limit as it applies solely to Tweet Lanes without comparing it to legacy Twitter clients that have been out there for a much longer time and may subsequently be allowed to reach a 200K ceiling before being limited by Twitter. The endpoint of all of this is that TWITTER is trying to drive more user traffic to the native Twitter application by limiting what 3rd party developers can accomplish with their own applications. It would be helpful to do this before making baseless claims about +Chris Lacy.
Tweet Lanes is the best. I don't really understand this cut off bull but I love Tweet Lanes. I would be lost without it.
+Brian Mayes what you're missing is that Tweetlanes is in a unique situation because his app was introduced at a time when his audience didn't put him above the 100,000 cap that allows some developers to be exempt. Twitter allows some apps with large audiences to gain 2X as their current base, so an app like Echofon - which has millions of people - can continue to invest because they have a lot more room for growth.

The same goes for Plume, Tweetcaster, and all the other apps with well over 100,000 tokens. TL sadly has already reached the peak of what Twitter will allow, something these other apps won't have to deal with for a long time.
This is sad news but thank you for an amazing app to use Twitter. It will remain my go to app as it still works wonderfully for my uses. I wish you well on whatever future ventures beyond the launcher you choose to take. Cheers!
Sorry to see this as tweet lanes is by far the best Twitter client I've used and I've tried a lot of them!
+Andrew Horan its not 'bullshit'. The apps you mentioned are grandfathered in to to twitters old rules. TweetLanes is new so it is being capped. Boid will also hit this cap eventually. 
Sad to see TweetLanes go. Was really hoping to see it flourish.
It is sad that twitter has taken these drastic rules on its service. in the end the nobody will benefit from this. I"ll keep using Tweetlanes as my  main driver nonetheless. Good luck in your new ventures +Chris Lacy 
Too bad. The best Twitter app out there, this might be the reason to leave twitter once for all and just focus on G+
Damn shame +Chris Lacy, you and others are being treated this way by Twitter. Good luck with the other ventures
I would gladly support a paid version as well. 
It's been said many times already, but I'm also a Free for Life user who would gladly pay to support Tweet Lanes. Best client out there, imo! 
Sigh.  Twitter continues to crush the backs of the very same developers who help made their platform popular. Disgusting.
Sad :( its by far the best Twitter client ! the official one sucks...
+Andrew Kameka if he were to release a "pro" version (read: not a key) would he not be able to start over again on his 100k limit? Seems 100,000 tokens at 3-5 bucks a piece would make some nice spare change! Lol
I paid money for Tweetbot for OS X which faced the same issue, I would gladly do the same with Tweet Lane. If Twitter insists on monetizing third-party-devs... 
+Chris Lacy you could always open source the app and let the community help you keep the development going and make it the best twitter client by far. 
I don't really understand the ins and outs, I know Twitter are behaving like jealous ex's, but I'd HAPPILY pay for a Pro version of Tweet Lanes - which is incidentally, for me, the best, most reliable and smoothest Twitter experience on Android. And Mr Lacy is one of the best devs around. And a true Gent.
That's sad news. The UI and overall design of TweetLanes is so much better than every other Android-based client I've used to access Twitter, that I feel really sad to hear this sort of news.

I'd happily pay for a 'Tweet Lanes Pro' version. I'm running the paid version of several apps on my phone already (e.g. MX Player and BeyondPod). When an application is awesome, there's nothing wrong with paying for it. The 'free for life' version of TweetLanes was already awesome enough, that I wouldn't mind at all to pay for a Pro version.
Very sorry to hear this. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. 
I will gladly pay for a 'pro' version, even though i am 'free 4 life' user! :)
Thank you +Chris Lacy for your efforts, you've made twitter a better experience for many. 
Twitter... Killing it self by ruining our third-party apps one at a time :-( 
Twitter... Killing it self by ruining our third-party apps one at a time :-( 
This sucks, as I just found out about Tweet Lanes and think it is far superior to the stock twitter Android client.
I've loved TweetLanes since its release, and more with each update. But two things:

1) Don't attack +Chris Lacy because there's absolutely nothing for him to gain from this anymore since Twitter set caps.

2) Don't attack Twitter because the 3rd party app world is way way way too convoluted. Too many apps, API is getting blown out of this world by so many users(many spam, many having 10 accounts), and so much manual refreshing, pulling pulling pulling and Fail Whale after Fail Whale.

I hate to see it go, but I understand why it has to.
I feel like Twitter could get some monetization AND keep a vibrant third-party ecosystem if they put developers in user tiers and charged for tokens. As many have said, I would gladly pay. 
I think they WILL charge for it, they've said. Can't remember for sure, though.
+Jeremy DeBose the problem, though, is that they're currently flat-out denying token increases. Search around for the story of the Win 8 client Tweetro. 
Sorry to hear this +Chris Lacy but I understand completely.  I look forward to your port!
+Chris Lacy Man, I will gladly pay for this app!  I think anyone who likes this app, and judging by the responses, both good and bad, a lot of people do, Chris.  Put a paid one out, bro!  We'll pay and we'll keep you going! Seriously bro, let's keep this app going!  It rocks, and the way you have developed it is top notch!

I know a lot of people on here said bad things to you, but honestly, they are probably, and very most likely angry.  Not at you, bro, just at the situation and they don't know who else to take it out on.  

Seriously, what can we do to help keep this app going?
+Teo Rains I'm quite encouraged by all the positive responses and the people saying they would buy a Tweet Lanes Pro version. I'm going to focus on getting Action Launcher out first, but I will definitely give this idea plenty of thought going forward. 
Sounds good, bro! Thank you for your hard work on Tweet Lanes! Can't wait for Action Launcher!
Its such a great app. Let's hope twitter reconsiders the 100.000 users rule. Thanks to Chris. 
FYI I have given a lot of thought to open sourcing Tweet Lanes. I don't currently plan to do so, but it's something I haven't ruled out. My thought process behind this decision is somewhat complicated, and beyond the scope of this thread.
I like the Pro idea where people can pay a small amount to use the app and where you can get something back for your work!
Damn. I understand, but hope that twitter change their minds on this, or you decide to do a little anyway. Just want Delete Tweet.. Will buy pro version in a heartbeat 
Hi +Chris Lacy Saddening to read this post, I'd be happy to purchase the app despite the original free for life that I signed up for :) 
Hopefully Twitter actually realise that their app sucks and let developers make app with full Twitter control :-) 
+Chris Lacy I just starting using Twitter about a month ago (I'm late I know). I instantly knew Twitter for Android wasn't going to work for me, and found Tweet Lanes to be The Best alternative. Thanks a lot! I'll look forward to (purchase) your future android projects.
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