This is a situation that worries me greatly. 

As a developer, I agree 100% with Jesse: I never asked for this information, I have no need for it, and I simply do not want to be a custodian of such information. 

As a consumer, this is distressing on many levels:

1). There is no fair warning that this information will be transferred to a merchant with each transaction.
2). Trusting my personal information to Google, Inc. is one thing. But with this system, users are unknowingly having to trust their information to a third party. There’s no way to know what security measures that third party might have in place. As an example, if the email address used by that person/company to receive such transactional receipts has a weak password and is hacked, the hacker would potentially have access to the personal information of everyone who has purchased that item.
3). In the case of Android applications, the proprietor has gained my personal information without without requesting the appropriate permissions via the app. 

There would (rightly) be a massive outcry if credit card companies provided such information to a corner store each time a customer bought a loaf of bread. What makes buying items from Google Play any different?

Frankly, this situation makes me think twice about what items I purchase on the Play Store, and as both a consumer and developer I implore Google to rectify this situation immediately. 
Hey +Google Play! Each time somebody buys my Android app, you tell me their name, email address and postal code. They don't know that they're giving me this information, and I don't want to have it.

(Free apps don't have this problem.)
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