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I'm of the opinion that today's most popular mobile web browsers largely fail to address the needs, constraints and realities of a modern mobile user. For my money, to this point mobile browsers are derivatives of their desktop apps, and we have yet to see a mobile web browser designed solely and specifically with mobile devices in mind.

Let me highlight a few common examples of where I feel current mobile devices offer a sub-par experience.

Consider the common case where you’re using Google Now or Twitter and you see 2 or more links you’d like to load. On a desktop you might middle click both links and open each in a new tab, but this isn’t possible on a mobile device. Instead you have to click one of the links, wait for a browser app to load, wait for the page to load, read it, rely on not getting distracted by a notification or another app, go back to the app, click the 2nd link, and repeat.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

How about when you want to view an Instagram link in Twitter? Currently after clicking the link, you are transferred to your default browser, wait for the link to resolve and redirect, and then finally the Instagram app loads. I increasingly find myself not even bothering to click on Instagram links so as to spare myself this cumbersome process.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

How about the increasingly common use case where you come across a link you know you don’t have time to read now, but want to quickly add it to Pocket to read later? Currently you have to load the link in a default browser, click into a menu, click share and then select Add to Pocket. You already know you don’t have time for this link right now, so having to switch apps and spend ~5+ seconds to defer reading an article for later is a waste of time. 

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

Often times content on a web page would be better handled by an app. A classic example here is YouTube videos. For whatever reason, I find playing embedded YouTube videos in a browser finicky, and loading the videos in the YouTube app more difficult than it needs to be.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

Last but not least, I feel very strongly that absolutely any time spent staring at my screen waiting for a link to redirect and a web page to load is precious seconds of my session that could be better spent doing something more productive with my device. Content needs to load, and this loading does take time. But there’s no reason the entire screen of my mobile device should be occupied by while said content is loading.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.

My next app is called Link Bubble, and my goal with it was to create a mobile browser designed specifically with mobile devices and their constraints in mind. I’m thrilled with how the app has turned out. In fact, I’ll go further than that and say I’m more proud of Link Bubble than anything I’ve done in my career. It has changed not just the way I browse, but interact with my mobile devices.

Link Bubble will be available exclusively on Google Play tomorrow.
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I couldn't agree more, but I didn't realise this until you wrote your post. The sign of an app that needs to exist. 
Tomorrow can't come soon enough!
Most browsers have tabs you know? You could just open the first link, go straight back to the app with the links before it has even finished loading and open the second.
But most use cases you make out are cumbersome at best (especially with YouTube failing to directly open a link to a YouTube clip from a channel I'm subscribed to and get uploader emails from. Or even their own short link!)
+Rhys Thomas I do think Link Bubble will set of a few "this is so obvious, why hasn't anyone picked up on this before!" reactions.
so it's a combination of Chrome and Unshorten in the same package? Sign me up!

I hope it includes a "force desktop mode" settings, though...
So is it going to be its own browser or some sort of handler middle man ninja app? 
ActionLauncher made me change my launcher app after a long time, Chrome is the big guy on all my devices, let's see if you can do the trick again!
Looking forward to seeing how you've tackled these issues +Chris Lacy! We've accepted these quirks for far too long, and it's about time someone did something about it. 
+Alexander Leonhartsberger Funny you should say that, but I cut that point at the last minute because I was worried people might be sick of me ragging on the Back button:

Pressing the Back button while using a browser is a control flow that I find very frustrating. Sometimes it takes me back to another tab, while other times I go back to another app. It’s very difficult to accurately predict what pressing the back button in a browser will do ahead of time.

I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.
Sounds interesting. I sense a play store purchase coming over the horizon ;-) 
Back button is an issue across Android. YouTube and Play Store apps are prime examples. You click a link in G+ to go to the Play Store, then tap Back, and end up going back through the Play Store screens you were viewing earlier, rather than back to G+. Insanely frustrating.

As a side note, if this comes off as successfully as it likely will, we might soon be adding Chrome to the "useless bloatware" pile. 
I have been waiting for so long for this. I can't wait.
Obviously, really good luck with it +Chris Lacy. I'll be looking forward to it. I'm sure you've knocked it out of the park. Again.
+Chris Lacy
Will I be able to access my Google bookmarks via your new app? That's the only thing that keeps me using Chrome on mobile.
Definitely excited for this one, damn you keep things quiet.
I think part of the problem is the browser and part is the OS itself, relying too much on the browser to do all the work.

When I saw the name "Link Bubble" I was thinking more about a "middleman" between clicking the link and passing it to the browser, but you specifically mentioned creating a browser. I have to say it will be difficult pulling myself away from Chrome's syncing features to give it a try!
I think its gonna be like action launcher.

A great idea, poorly executed.
Launcher Pro is an amazing application, I wasn't able to adjust to it after using Nova, but I'm sure this will be different! 
The twitter portion would be fine if the official app didn't mask all of the links within to be links. How would you inform the phone which was an instagram link or a youtube video?
this is so "amazing" to read some comments, do you know how lambo started? the dude bought a ferrari and said, well it's great but i can do it better. now i don't like lambos or ferraris, but you get the point. yes, chrome is great, no doubt, but there are a lot of flaws. i hate clicking app links and waiting for the browser to resolve the bs,+Chris Lacy went ahead and just created a browser. show some support. share some healthy critical remarks, if you just complain about the execution then go execute it yourself.
so +Chris Lacy we talkin' tomorrow in which timezone dude? you have to clarify! in germany it is tomorrow already :D
+Mark Leznik in Australia it's tomorrow already also. Link Bubble will be out around lunchtime PST. Less than 24 hours from now.
All I can say is from experience with action launcher I know this will be awesome! 
+Jonty Gamao Action Launcher has been quiet because I've been working like a madman getting Link Bubble finished. Action Launcher updates are planned to resume soonish after Link Bubble ships.
Great stuff +Chris Lacy! Your general approach to building apps that focus on usability (as opposed to the "kitchen sink" approach) along with clever delivery makes me excited to give this a whirl. Best of luck with the launch! 
Will be buying this as soon as it comes out. Sounds great.
Everyone I'd focusing on mobile first. The last version of bootstrap defaulted to mobile because that's the bare minimum that should be loaded. That's a really good strategy. If it isn't the case already then it will be in short order, that more page views will happen on mobile devices than desktop. The whole concept of viewport and the lack of a hover state had redefined what the user experience should be on a computing platform. We need to rethink the model of an interactive windows on a 2D surface as the universal interface.

Remember when tabs on a browser were a new idea? The thought of a window interface without tabs seems absurd now. We can and should do better. What if we were to use the mind map model of user interaction, instead. Where every action can lead to another action spread out across a massive palette? Seems like a more 3D vie if our workspace is the natural evolution. Whoever gets that right first will dominate the mobile landscape.
+Josh Hicks did you edit your comment or did I misread? If I misread I apologize, I thought you said it was poorly executed
Yes I was skimming and misread Josh's comment. Never saw Nikos lol

Edited :)
I don't have a clue how this thing will work, but I can't stop refreshing the page hoping it will just say "posted 24 hours ago..."
I think we're off to a bad start with the name.. 
If this is half as good as Action Launcher, it'll be amazing.
Sounds great and I can't wait to try it out I love action. Launcher
I'm going to have to stop you at middle click...
Loading 2 links from an App into Chrome is usually not a big deal because you can use the Recent Apps button to go back to the app immediately and click the 2nd link. Sometimes Chrome will reuse the tab though!

But going from Chrome to an app is different. Suppose I click a link to watch a youtube video and then want to use Chrome to research something in the video. I press the Recent Apps button and see that even though I'm using Youtube, Android says I'm still in Chrome. I can go to the Launcher (Action Launcher of course!) and open Chrome but now I have no way back to the youtube video.

"Often times content on a web page would be better handled by an app." True, but the browser gives you a History and lets you select text and zoom.

Can't wait to see what you've done.
[Hype intensifies]
I doubt you'll move me from Firefox, but we'll see :)

For the redirect part, I agree, it's one of the most annoying this ever. To "fix" this I use Crappalinks, which is an xposed module that rewrite/resolve short URLs so that they open in the native application, and not the browser. Not exactly for your average user, but it works well.
Interesting. I'll give it a try and let you know what I think.
More intuitive/natural tab switching needed also. Solve that one and I'll leave chrome and it's great sync and auto fill behind. 
+Chris Lacy tablet layout?

Action in launcher is so great, this will be an instant blind buy for me. Keep up the good work! 
Will yours allow the syncing of browser searches and history and passwords, seamlessly?
Will it available for ios - even if jailbreak is requirement?
This is a great marketing pitch. I am going to download it and I really wish you the best in this. Sounds well thought out and hopefully will be well executed.
Now I'll just have to rememeber to go downlaod this tomorrow 
Sounds really helpful and solves a problem that actually exists.
Super excited for this! I agree with everything you said and it's been one of the most annoying parts of using a phone to navigate links -- they re-direct you one to another taking precious time. In one case, someone shared a Youtube link on twitter and it re-directed me to the Chrome Browser before asking me if I want to open it on the Youtube app. Took about two seconds. Same when I use Pocket (i.e. I have to open the article in Chrome THEN go to share THEN click Pocket. There should be a quick button that allows me to save articles easily and quickly).

I've loved two of your apps before (Tweet Lanes and Action Launcher) and would have stuck with both if not for the twitter thing not working (I am using AL as my primary launcher on both my phone and tablet though). If this ever becomes a paid app, I'll buy it just to support you :)

Thanks Chris!
+Chris Lacy it's 40 past midnight.  This is tomorrow already where is the link??  ;-) just kidding!! 
Can't believe I guessed correctly last week! 
Eric B
Cool beans! 
Too bad that Chrome sync across multiple devices is too strong to pull me to any other browser. Definitely will prove useful to others though.
I consistently accumulate 20+ tabs in Chrome and I think its the back button's fault. Excited to see if this fixes my tab hoarding.
A laudable goal; very curious to the execution! Sounds like I won't be buying a coffee tomorrow ;)
First App after +Chris Lacy has moved from full time job to full time Android app developer. Wish you all the best for this . oh yeah, the teaser makes me tell "Can't wait for tomorrow" :) 
Awesome! I'm looking forward to it! (Oh btw, did you put action launcher on amazon already?)
+Ian Lake I think you might be making assumptions about what Link Bubble is and isn't ;)
whoa! I'm sure it was worth the wait!
now I see why ALP was dormant for a long while...
+Doron G Rotem considering Apple added a grand total of folders, multiple pages and integrated search in iOS's first 6 years, I think it's a little harsh to label Action Launcher as being 'dormant'...
+Chris Lacy I did not mean anything by it, only that we were used to much more frequent updates :)

you did one hell of a job on ALP, so much so that even if you decided to leave it all together I'd still be using it until I had to leave the Android platform. 

and don't even get me started on what I think about Apple and iOS... :)

no hard feelings,  I hope :)
+Chris Lacy Maybe I didn't understand your first point correctly, but if you are using Chrome and want to open 2 links you can long press on the link and select open in new tab. That way it will load in a new tab while you are still browsing the same page without leaving it. And then you can do the same for the other link you wanna open.

As far as the other points you mentioned, you are 100% right and I'm looking forward to trying your new app. 
Is this a type of a "floating" app, that will integrate with any browser?
+Ryan Ibrahim Open Google Now, try it, read Chris post again and you will understand. 
This sounds interesting. All of your scenarios are ones that I have encountered the have caused me frustration and if you can solve them then I will give you money :)
+Ryan Ibrahim my first point references loading links from Twitter and Google Now, not Chrome. Big difference.
Looking forward to trying this out. 
+Chris Lacy My mistake. Thanks for the clarification. Do let us know once it drops in the play store. 
+Chris Lacy hahaha just went to the website for linkbubble - you smart bastard!
"Soon." and "Designed and written by @chrismlacy" is not centered, so it doesn't look good.

.... yeah, we are waiting and diging for everything ....
It's tommorow but we still have some time to wait..:)
Yes I hate all that stuff +Chris Lacy mentioned, apps should be handled better IMO.  I'll definitely be checking out this app!
It's not laggy on any of my devices...
I am waiting, let's do this. I agree with u all the way.
Looking forward to seeing this!
Nice "speech writing" with the repeating "I think this is a bad user experience, and can be handled better on a mobile device.".  :)  Looking forward to learning more about the app once released.  I'm totally impressed with Action Launcher, so I'm sure I will be with linkbubble.
Nice! Been supporting your apps since Tweetlanes! Excited for this new app +Chris Lacy!
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I share your pain. I will try your browser out tomorrow (if it's available in the UK that is).
totally agree with the everything esp with the Pocket bit! annoys the heck out of me. 
question of the day: is it tomorrow yet????
12 PST should be in 3h , am I right?
So, here in Portugal the middle of the day is already gone... Any news about an ETA +Chris Lacy?
Chris posted 15h ago "Link Bubble will be out around lunchtime PST. Less than 24 hours from now."
+Luís Pinto Chris is in Australia so if it's midday for you in Portugal, what time do you think it is for him? I'd imagine it might be a while yet unless he suffers from insomnia! 
It's been 6 minutes and still nothing. 
It's way past 'tomorrow' already.
+Chris Lacy questions!

1. What rendering engine will this use? Will it be based on the latest Blink code, or webview, or something else?

UI and UX is very, very important but performance and reliability also ties in there. I've come to love the stability of Chrome Beta. It's very, very fast now and very responsive with minimal touch latency, especially if you turn off the 300ms delay on touch events on desktop sites.

2. How do you plan on tackling the hover-menus so often seen on websites today? There's no way to open them properly unless you hook up a mouse!
Eric C
Or... you can "Open in New Tab", and let it load I background. Anyway, are you saying that slow sites aren't an issue on desktop?
I'm assuming when he meant "tomorrow" he meant from the perspective of Australia. When he posted this, it was the 11th, and now it's the 12th, 3:40 AM. Give it some time.
Where is it? Give it to me!!! Damn Aussie in your Aussie timezone 😀
Hold your breaths..... And go grab your copy. LinkBubble now live on Play Store :D
I've always wanted to do it once.... No body curses Plz, it's an innocent prank :P
so i guess that´s the answer to all the "hey, +Chris Lacy is actionlauncher dead or what?" questions :D
it really sounds promising, i cant wait!
Hmm, very interesting! If  #linkbubble  really can solve all these tiny annoyances we've put up with for so long we've accepted them as "just the way it is" then it's gonna be a game changer. Can't wait to try it out!
+Maximilian Ertl How does this answer that question? Don't always need to update something that just works. Most of the updates/releases to Action Launcher have been pretty substantial and took some time to release. 
Give more minutes then I one star it. evil laugh
+David Ratcliffe +Jason Downing I know that its fully functional! There has just not been any update from Chris, and I guess the reason for it is because he's been working on just another way of bringing some revolutionary new things to android :D 
Chrome on my Phone will background load links that I open in a new tab.  I just long press the link and click Open in new Tab.
This is far different then chrome I think. 
I'm constantly refreshing, waiting for the release.
Can't wait to give it a try!

P.S. Have you been hired by Google yet, or are you still holding out for a better offer? ;-)
where oh where could it be
Maybe when two hundred comments are posted a prize is unlocked? 
Edit:Looks like no gold. 
+Patric Kurth let's give him time. So many things could be stalling this that are out of +Chris Lacy 's control. Let's all just calm down. 
+Kyle Steven Calm? CALM?! YOU EXPECT ME TO BE CALM?! okay.
If I were him, I'd pulling an Flappy Bird on all your asses and be like 'just kidding!'
That game is either going to blow up more than ever before or fail. My bet is on the first one. 
So, is there any time zone left where there wasn't lunchtime already?
Where does it say he was releasing it at 12 PST? I think you guys are just making s--t up.
+Markus Birth I must have missed that tweet. Luckily it's still technically lunchtime, so any moment now...
Am I detecting a failure to launch? What I'm suffering from is only cured by more +Chris Lacy
Tomorrow is only a day away. Take your time, Chris. We'll be here. 
Is browser under a different name as I have been checking the Play store every 30 minutes today for "Link Bubble".

This browser is needed in existence +Chris Lacy 
Should I update to iOS 7.1 now, or wait until after I install this? 
+brain wash Do you not read? This is going to be the second time I will need to explain something to you. This is for Android. Please read the post you're commenting on.
Alright, I've been trying to keep my cool here but come on! 😵
+brain wash you do realize no one is complaining about the app, we're simply inquiring about the release since we were told it would be available today. Your "jokes" are lame and make you look extremely ignorant especially when you can't tell the difference between complaining and inquiring and telling people the app is set for release tomorrow when this post is a day old and tomorrow would actually be today. 
hopefully Action Launcher updates start rolling in...
Oh man, is this ever one of the most anticipated app releases I've seen. 
+Jon Vales thanks for stopping by. The app hasn't been released yet, but it should be tomorrow any minute now. The hard working dev is either putting his finishing touches on it, or is comparing yachts with +Koushik Dutta or +Koushik Dutta. 
+David Johnson I made this post before Chris explained that the app wouldn't be released yet, and the last he has said had been that it would be released tomorrow. Meaning yesterday, but when I made the post it was today. There is only one Koush, but when I did + Koush, G+ helpfully suggested 2. He had in the past mentioned having a personal G+ profile and a work one, and having google grumble about that. Sorry for any anguish my posts have caused you. I didn't mean to have fun on a social media platform. It's a good thing you're here to monitor the situation. 
I can't wait to check this out! 
Would love a mobile browser that can behave like a desktop browser when using mouse and keyboard. That would be a better post-pc experience for me. I get the feeling Google reserves this behavior for Chromium on purpose.
Wow what a load of crap lol.
Good advertising though.
Greg Lu
Just here to say that the idea is great and hopes that you will have some return on that from Google or another third party. It's like "Toucher" from GO Launcher EX or Sidebar from Mohammad Adib, great idea too.

Cheers from Belgium ! :-)
Chris I have just bought link bubble, love the concept but it is a little rough around edges. 2 questions. Do you have a support email address? Will you be able to improve on the lagging in LA.

Thx. Mike McGee 
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