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Today's #AndroidDev #Protip on text appearance and theme attributes is by +Katherine Kuan, the newest member of Android Developer Relations (welcome, Katherine!)

When choosing font sizes for your app, using too many different sizes can be visually distracting and confuse the user as to what information is important. To be consistent with other apps on the platform, you can use the standard set of type sizes provided by the framework: small, medium, or large.

To use a standard text size (and color), instead of setting the TextView's android:textSize directly, set the android:textAppearance to a predefined theme attribute [1] such as android:textAppearanceLarge:

    android:textAppearance="?android:textAppearanceLarge" />

As of API 19 (KitKat):
?android:textAppearanceSmall is currently 14sp
?android:textAppearanceMedium is currently 18sp
?android:textAppearanceLarge is currently 22sp

These default sizes and concepts are also documented in the "Typographic scale" section of the Android Design guide [2].

Note that setting the text appearance will also affect the default values for text color attributes such as android:textColor and android:textColorHint. You can always override the default values by providing those attributes directly on the TextView element:


Also note that you don't necessarily have to use the system default appearances. You can create your own set of type sizes and colors that fits your desired visual design. For information on creating your own theme attributes, see the #Protip we posted on the topic back in October [3].

Lastly, if you want to check out the definition of these standard text appearances in the framework code, look for "textAppearanceLarge" in the Theme.Holo (or Theme.Holo.Light) definition in themes.xml [4]. The attribute values will be style resources (such as TextAppearance.Holo.Large), for which you can find definitions  in styles.xml [5]. In the example above, note that TextAppearance.Holo.Large inherits from TextAppearance.Large, which in turn inherits from the standard TextAppearance style.

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Chris Kunzler

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Chris Kunzler

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Chris Kunzler

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Chris Kunzler

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Can you say #imwithher after Hillary Clinton's role in the #honduras coup?

#hondurascoup #honduranlivesmatter
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Chris Kunzler

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Morrissey's thoughts on the the Orlando massacre
13 June 2016. Hate-rosexuality. Although the gunman who massacred 49 people at an Orlando gay club is said to have been 'repulsed' by homosexuality, he nonetheless left behind a slew of self-adoring 'selfies'; a handsome man gazing enchantedly at his own face. It is therefore acceptable for him ...
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I have been telling people this for years.
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Hail Hydra

Made by anonymous less than an hour ago. Created with the Imgflip Meme Generator. Show embed codes. IMAGE DESCRIPTION: HAIL HYDRA. hotkeys: D = random, W = like, S = dislike, A = back. Imgflip Pro Video to GIF Maker Images to GIF Maker Meme Generator Blank Meme Templates Pie Chart Maker ...
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Best police box I've been to. Don't be fooled by its appearance, because it looks a lot smaller on the outside than it really is.
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Dr. Karaganis is the best pediatrician I've had the pleasure to take the kids to. She's professional, intelligent, and has gone out of her way to make the office environment warm and comfortable for the kids. I recommend her to all my friends with kids.
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They are destroying america.
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Terribly unprofessional. My experience dealing with their therapist Bridget Chu-Hackett is that they lack professionalism. She wouldn't return phone calls or even answer simple questions, even after weeks of effort. They wanted documents to show I had a right the the information, I provided it. However it took talking to the Director to get the file. Even after that I couldn't get a simple yes or no question answered from chu-hackett. I gave it two stars rather than one because the director was helpful and I have heard some say good things about them so I'm wondering how much of the problem is just the one therapist rather than the institution.
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