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"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts"
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts"

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Driving Seven Generations of Corvette in One Day

Everyone in America has a moment when the Corvette gets his attention in a kind of supernatural way.

Infinity Space Inc, Forex news

1. EURUSD has come back to 1.2700 in 1 working day.
2. CHFJPY struggles to stay over 115.00
3. CADJPY has been able to stay over 98.00 for  5 hours.
4. EURCAD has increased sharply from 1.4127 to 1.4176 in 2 hours

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New Photoshop plugin kicks design collaboration up a notch

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Another fake iWatch spotted.


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Something to look forward to on android devices.
Android #Simplelocker #ransomware encrypts SD card files :  A security firm says it has found the first confirmed case of ransomware that encrypts files held by Android devices.

Eset reports that the Trojan - called Simplelocker - targets SD cards slotted into tablets and handsets, electronically scrambling certain types of files on them before demanding cash to decrypt the data.

The message is in Russian, and payment is requested in Ukrainian currency.

One expert said the threat was noteworthy, but limited at this stage.

"File-encrypting malware has proved to be a lucrative criminal enterprise so it is unsurprising that Android has become a new target," said Dr Steven Murdoch, of the University of Cambridge's Computer Laboratory.

"Smartphone users should be very cautious of installing software from sources other than the operating system-provided application store, and should pressure their phone supplier to promptly provide security updates to defend against known vulnerabilities."

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So true... lol
Top 20 replies by programmers.. #ComputerWorld

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Backflip Off the Backboard DUNK! | Lords of Gravity
Check out this insane trick dunk from the LOG guys! For the full video, you can click HERE ===>


#Dunk   #AmazingDunk   #DunkContest   #Backflip   #Crazy   #Basketball   #LordsOfGravity  +The Whistle +Botond Dajka 
Animated Photo

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+Linda Liukas is writing a children's book to teach children the fundamentals of programming at an early age. Click the link below to help her get the funds she needs to make this awesome initiative mainstream ;D

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Not Rails stuff, but if you use Mac OS X and GitHub for your development, you most definitely want to check this out.
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