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Chris Koppenhofer

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Hokey Pokey! (11/20/2015)

A team together can do so much more. 
We put our whole self in and took our whole self out.  Then we do the hokey pokey and we turn ourselves around.  That’s what it’s all about!  We had a field plan in place to help the global score for Abaddon.  We had the lanes all clear and were ready to throw.  We couldn’t.  Local RES beat us to it with a beautiful BAF of their own.  They beat us by less than 2 minutes.  We had put our whole self in, now had to take our whole self out….

But Hokey Pokey is all about turning yourself around.  So we did just that.  One week later.  This field was going to happen.  We had people over-dedicated to the cause (@jalina) who drove so many hours to transfer keys, stayed in a weird motel because it was so late, then went back out to kill an anchor not far from where she was just a day before.  We had people driving 2 hours to an anchor only to be turned away from bad timing.  Then they turned themselves around, went back a week later.  That’s what the Hokey Pokey is all about.

In the end, we wound up with 7 agents getting onyx illuminator badges and 1 agent getting platinum.  One agent hit L16.  Unfortunately, only 8 of the 19 layers made it to checkpoint.  But in the end, all 19 layers went up.  Players were in shock as the fields continued to go down and the MU was captured.  For many of these agents, the largest control field they had thrown was under 50,000 MU.  These fields were coming in over 2,000,000 MU each layer.  It was bigger than anything they had worked on.

These fields came as a result of watching link lanes for months.  Things are never chosen lightly.  From start to finish, it may have taken over an hour to get all the fields up, this was a culmination of weeks of research, days of planning, hours of watching, and minutes of execution.  So many things could have gone wrong.  We had insurance plans in place, but fortunately, they were not needed.  

Congrats to the throwers and new onyx Illuminators:
● @ozpoppyfield
● @moremac2007
● @BigWhi
● @StealthRanger
● @singularitysky
● @doomstorm
● @hollyjerk
And platinum Illuminator
● @187Wild

Of course, throwing may give you a shiny badge and all the MU, but these links cannot happen without the dedicated few that clear the way.  This group sacrifice time and fuel to let others get the praise.  These are the unheralded heroes of any operation.  Thank you lane cleaners:
● @dressagequeen
● @bennerdoof
● @erinwentcrazy
● @Eanne
● @samerica
● @mercviper
● @enchantedlilly
● @dorgar
● @arbelga
● @fingers81
● @3chorang3r
● @buzzfuddle
● @BiosError
This group plus a few lucky breaks along the way allowed everything to go smoothly.  This made a relatively stress-free field for the operators
● @hippiemomma
● @koopapotamus

In the end, all 19 layers were thrown.  Fields ranged in size from 2,032,845 MU up to 2,043,343 MU.  Great work by the entire crew.  Now shake it all about.

Now turn yourself around….again! (11/24/2015)
Always send extra keys just in case something goes wrong.  But what happens when nothing goes wrong?  You wind up with a lot of extra keys sitting at the anchor portals.  So let’s put a call out and see if we can get a few more people up to onyx illuminator.  Not a problem.  Agents on board and making plans for the evening.

A quick scan of the lanes found a total of 8 blockers.  It was almost clear once again!  So this time, we lined up a few new agents to clear the way, new agents to throw, and new eyes in the sky to keep tabs on the progress.  Same field, new agents, new op, right?

Congrats to the second set of throwers and new onyx illuminators:
● @piman3141
● @Eanne
● @gjaime

Again, this isn’t possible without the cleaning crew.  This team of pinpoint precision really stepped up and executed a beautiful coordinated attack to clear the lanes.
● @arbegla
● @peacefrog77
● @doomstorm
● @dressagequeen
● @diatomiccrane69
● @dragonfly1983
● @artiktundra
● @dirtysoulpatch
● @senryl

And the special shoutout to @zinniz that got to play a new kind of brain game.  It wasn’t a plan a field, farm the keys, move the keys kind of field.  This re-throw was more of a here’s what we have and see what you can do kind of puzzle.  In the end, 13 more fields went up.  12 made it to checkpoint.  That was really making the most out of leftovers.

And that’s what it’s all about!
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Show me your groups big boy
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Sending some froggy support from St. Louis, MO, USA.
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wahoo go the kermits!  Thanks for your support :)
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Chris Koppenhofer

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Better than it was on the surface. 
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Heh. On. 
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Chris Koppenhofer

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Look out, we have a gusher here. 
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Chris Koppenhofer

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It's about darn time. I think I owe +Mary Koppenhofer​ a date or two. 
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Gratz Koop!!!  Take her someplace nice now.
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Chris Koppenhofer

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This is our unofficial Ingress First Saturday event. Check-in will be performed prior to the 12pm start.
12pm - begin AP gain!
2pm - check-out complete.

In order to have your stats count, you must complete (or be in line for check-out) prior to 2pm. After all scores are tallied, we will gather at Edison's for a post-game set of games.

All are welcome to attend. I will be accepting donations for a local food pantry. If enough is collected, I'll split it between multiple. 

There will be Darsana badge codes for the top performers. 
IngressFS St. Louis Metro East
Sat, December 6, 2014, 1:00 PM EST

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It was fun and I got to finally meet Faction members face to face. It was a Huge outcome of 7 enlightened lol.. No resistance showed... We were all top performers and finished the mission. I would like to have had lunch with you guys but since I was already in the area and to save gas I knocked out 3 more missions near by and left to stock up for the market...
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Chris Koppenhofer

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This is a ingress journey. After months of picking away at the monumental total, the finish line was in sight today. I spent my lunch break indiscriminately firing bursters at anything that looked blue. When I got back to my office, I saw I was only 6 resonators short of my total. I'd have my chance after work.

It was my lucky day. I went to my gold league right after work, no time to play. When I roll in, I see 5 blue portals waiting for me. I must apologize to +Joe Philley​ for wiping his resonators off the map in our area, but it really was for a worthy cause. 
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+Chris Koppenhofer​ lol i was messing with you. 
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Chris Koppenhofer

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It has now been 2 full years since I was first invited to play ingress. Excitement became a hobby. A hobby became a passion. A passion became an addiction.

The drive. The goals. The people. As I celebrate I'm Ingressversary, it is the people that I have met along the way. Those people fueled an exciting concept into something so much more. It may be a game to some. To others, it can change a life.

Tonight, I raise a glass to every agent in each faction. May your scanner never define you but may you define your scanner. 
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Many happy returns! Looking forward to seeing where I'm at at my first anniversary
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Chris Koppenhofer

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YourNakedMom - don't ask for pics...
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Chris Koppenhofer

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Second round of the liquid xm capture. Man, these are getting better and better. 
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That's how I get enlightened.
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Chris Koppenhofer

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Agent: Jennatalia
I mean, if you have the last name of Talia, you have to watch what you name your kids, #amiright?
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Chris Koppenhofer

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