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Added photos to Kranky Geek WebRTC Bangalore .

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GetUserMedia is serious business and not just for photo booths. Here's how +Chris Koehncke decided to build and where the bigger picture of WebRTC may lie:

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Fantastic +WebRTC talks from +Justin Uberti,  +Feross Aboukhadijeh and John Hiesey. 

Thanks again to +Chris Koehncke, +Twilio and everyone who made this happen. Brilliant event.

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A few of us on the Chrome team are helping with the organization of an informal WebRTC meetup in SF. Read below from +Chris Koehncke and +Tsahi Levent-Levi and sign up at

WebRTC is enables web browsers to support Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs allowing for P2P voice, video and data communication. Interested? Then please read on:

We are organizing a a free half-day event on Friday, June 27th starting at 11 a.m.  To attend, you must register via the event website ( No onsite signups for this one.

What will you learn? has the full details, but in short, we’ve got a great mix of speakers from Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and other folks we’ve found to educate, inform and inspire you.

We have practical speakers to provide basic and intermediate technical education on the interworking of WebRTC. We've also got speakers who've implemented WebRTC into their apps and will give you some core understanding of all their considerations. Finally, we've got speakers to inspire you with ideas about the possibilities for WebRTC as the web experience changes.

WebRTC is moving to mobile and we’ll be discussing mobile as well.

Where is the event?
The event will be held at Google’s 6th floor auditorium at their San Francisco offices 345 Spear Street starting at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, June 27th.

How much does the event cost?
This is a FREE event with lunch and snacks provided. 

How do I register?
While this is a free event (the primary event sponsor is Google with additional support from Tokbox and Atlassian) you must register in advance via the event website at

Note: Event registration will close 2 days prior to the event date. We anticipate a sold out crowd but will be accepting names on the wait list, so register today!

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Does Twilio have the right stuff? Or is there a bigger opportunity for the Amazon of Communications? WebRTC is kick starting this to a new level.

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The IETF is meeting in London this week and plenty of WebRTC'ers are there. A big question is how to make WebRTC work in an adverse network situation. What are the options?

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Today's mobile networks are fairly restrictive on what you can do via the IP data network. Ports block. Network caching, hurting more than helping. WebRTC's P2P design is gonna require mobile to change

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WebRTC isn't widely known with only 25% of Stanford CS students seemingly aware. How can the industry further promote WebRTC?
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