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EDIT: maybe we were too quick to judge, we'll see. Seems this guy actually replied to a COMM message and is prepared to defend his actions. If it turns out he's a real person who could've plausibly been there, that changes everything…
I breathlessly await further details.

Maybe I'm a little biased, but it seems obvious that ranger458 is flagrantly cheating. This guy should be shut down ASAP.
What a shame that it's so easy for an unscrupulous player to negate this kind of hard work and dedication without any real consequences.

The wheels of +NIA Ops justice turn slowly… sometimes very slowly. Wish I could say they grind fine.
It's a song we've all sung many times before, but don't ever give up.

#ActualGameFootage #SpoofGress
Richard Ward Montague Memorial Plaque is a portal located on the side of the North Sister in the Cascade Mountain chain.  It is, in a nutshell, spoofer-bait.  The nearest trailhead is on Hwy 242, which closes November 1st via snowgates.  The trail itself is a 12 mile loop.  It is approachable, somewhat, from the Pacific Crest Trail, but that 12 miles becomes significantly longer.  And the nearest trailhead there, is at the summit of HWY 242, long since snowed in.  This year, that portal was vital in a 24 cycle run of the tables by the local Enlightenment of NR14-Sierra-0.  And currently for the year, that score is 37-6, even though the toads are outnumbered by more than 2-1 in active agents.  Tactics, they are amazing.  By controlling this anchor, ENL is able to prevent the largest population center in their sector from being easily fielded.  Surprisingly, only one RES member hiked to that portal this summer.  (Serious props, Allotropa.)  Forseeing another hard-fought winter, ENL agents made repeated hikes to the portal this fall, to stock up on keys.  Expecting to have to make a last-moment hike up there at any moment, I was pleasantly surprised when the snows came, burying the trail, and leaving team green in control, and set for another war of attrition this winter.

And then that portal was taken by a spoofer, under the account ranger458.  Reports were filed, but as of today, the account is still active and still spoofing.  Personally, as the time of captures of Richard Ward and some zero-coverage portals in the area are about lunch break, and how important the anchor was to ENL defense, I suspect a local RES member.  Which is disheartening to myself, and I suspect to their members also.  They've been doing well, the last few cycles, and no one wants an asterisk next to a winning season.

I mention this, because yesterday, I about killed myself taking back Richard Ward Montague Memorial Plaque.  Even worse than the ill-advised ocean kayaking trip.  (Hybrid kayaks are a lie.)  9 hours of hiking, through snow ranging from ankle deep to waist deep.  Over 16 miles total, an elevation change of 4500 to 6400 ft. 34,000 steps.  And that was simply the trail portion.  The closed highway itself is another 15 miles to be traversed.  I started at 9 in the morning, and did get off that mountain until 9 at night.

At lunch today, ranger458 spoofed the portal again.

I have never been so close to quitting ingress since I began playing.  I cannot recall so much time and effort being nullified with such little effort.  I knew the possibility when I hiked back up there, so don't feel too sorry for me.  But I just hoped it would stand, because of the implications towards the local player base.

On a brighter note, here's some pictures of the various hikes.  I wish my phone had been able to do justice of hiking back down under the moonlight on the snow.

#ingress #spoofers #thisiswhypokemongowillsuck  
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+Benjamin Roche​ as Joe Friday always said, "Just the facts, please"
(In regards to subjective statements in general, not your comment)
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This is an open letter to the community:

I love ingress, and playing fair. Yeah it sounds cheesy, but most of you probably feel the same way.
What is this nonsense? It's repugnant. Is it cheating, though? I don't know. What do you think? 

This is not specific to any one country or faction. Search for your own agent name; I'll bet you're on their list already.
Check it out if you dare. Raise your voice if you care.
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It's great, I use it all the time!
I don't really care. No big deal.
It's cheating &/or unethical. Kill it!
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+Chris Koch thank you!! I will go try that out :-) 
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Chris Koch (jazzjunkie)

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I got a shiny! No mouthpiece yet, so my housemates' ears are safe for now…
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I miss playing 😓
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Hi, me again with an obscure little bug report! 
It's somewhat trivial, but here are the steps to reproduce:

1) Open a group, any group.
2) Switch to another application - one that is capable of sharing pictures to groupme. For example, Google Photos.
3) Share a picture to GroupMe. It can be in any group (even the same group as step #1).
4) Add some text to the pic, and post. The text must include at least one emoji.
5) Tap either the upper-left back button or your system's back button.
6) When you return to the group from step #1, any and all emoji from step #4 will appear in this group's text input box.

And that's it. Emojis popping up where they don't belong when you share pics from other apps to groupme.
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Thanks for the report, +Chris Koch! We'll take a look into this!
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Chris Koch (jazzjunkie)

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"At approximately nine o’ clock at night on January 26, 1700, a magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck the Pacific Northwest, causing sudden land subsidence, drowning coastal forests, and, out in the ocean, lifting up a wave half the length of a continent."
This article quotes the chances of another similar event (between 8.7 and 9.2 in magnitude) in the next 50 years as 10% (Average recurrence interval of 240 years)

A sobering thought. FEMA projects a death toll in the tens of thousands.
 Everything west of I-5 is expected to be "toast"
The next full-margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent. Credit Illustration by Christoph Niemann; Map by Ziggymaj / Getty
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Life needs a little excitement
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I'm sorry Niantic, for I have sinned.
Just submitted a second invalid report without waiting for the first one to be processed. Sincere apologies; in the future I will be more patient.

It's only been eleven months. Really quite reasonable, actually!
I beg and pray to Jarvis that I may be forgiven for being so brash.
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Jon L
Submit 50 more just to be sure. :)
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Chris Koch (jazzjunkie)

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Gotta take those celebrity selfies!

Shout outs to +Joe Philley​​, +Klue S.​​, +Megan Perry​​, +Annie Schuster​​, +Craig Greenwald​, +Kyle Bender​​, and +November Lima
#PersepolisPDX #Ingress
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Chris Koch (jazzjunkie)

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The last line should be amended to say:
I am an Ingress player who eats donuts
Social media explained... with donuts. (via @douglaswray
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Should have included YELP to rate the donuts.
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Adding meme text to cropped images:
I can download an image from a group's gallery and meme, which works fine.
However, if I crop it first (so far I've tried three different apps) then after adding text it fails to share. It displays "Sorry, this type of image is not supported at this time"

This is true even if I crop, share to a group without memeing, and download it again. It still says it's not supported.

Build 541142, galaxy S6, Android 5.1.1
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Thanks for reporting this. We have seen this behavior and are looking into it. 
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The new meme interface has some glitches; using the stock Android keyboard's swipe function leads to overlapping text as seen in the first photo.
Switching from "Top" to "Bottom" crashes the app.

Verizon galaxy S6, Android 5.0.2
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Thanks for the feedback. The meme stuff was reworked a lot in this beta and is still be actively developed. Stay tuned for more updates. 
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Can't tell if this has been reported or not, but since build 535217 (if not earlier), none of the standard Unicode emoticons or dingbats actually appear in my emoji selection window any more.
They still display fine when other members use them, and may still be typed using the Android keyboard menus. But the emoji pane is totally blank.

Galaxy S6, Android 5.0.2
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They were displaying Samsung-style before.

Now it uses the new style most of the time, and the old style whenever I'm editing a group name or nickname with emoji in them.
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Chris Koch (jazzjunkie)

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This will always be relevant.
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